The Top Ten Things Sega Should Make In the Sonic Series


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1 Silver the Hedgehog Silver the Hedgehog

Now a silver game would be intresting since now this is the silver from sonic rivals and this could be a story aboute how silver could be a true hero for once and find out how to master chaos control. some enemies can return and a hero(marine) can return as well. this would be a game with amazing gameplay and could be some flying stages, running stages, and fighting bosses.. - HeartofaHero456

2 Sonic Chronicles Dark Brotherhood 2

This HAS to be done, Shade the Echidna is my absolute favourite female character in the Sonic universe, and obviously, she was in only one game, so this really needs a sequel...

OK so first off sonic chronicles is a good game the story never finfished and the game was good for an rpg. The only problem was that the music was so anoying that I raged 40 times. but all and all this is a good rpg game the gameplay is very fun and I like that amy isn't gosaping over sonic any more and A sequell to see what happend with eggman and how sonic got amy back. - HeartofaHero456

3 All Dreamcast Remake

Yes I mean all of the dream cast games with the same story and the same gameplay just in modern sonic style hd and graphis and without the glitches. This could be a ground breaking thing for sega to do even if the game is shadow the hedgehog. this would be very good even if for sega becuase people would love to see there favorite new sonic games in modern sonicHD - HeartofaHero456

4 Sonic Rush 3

So yeah sonic rush was an amazing 2d sonic game and So I don't see why people hate it its amazing and is relevent to the old classsic sonic even if this sonic game is still hated becuse of this dementional conterpart of sonic(blaze) I still love the game and it be really cool. - HeartofaHero456

5 Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Remake

So yeah someone is making an 06 project for sonic generations and I would love to see it when its done. But what if sega remade the game so that it was better grahgiced and has zero glitches in it. the game could have the same story and places but better stage disihgn and boss gameplay. - HeartofaHero456

6 Sonic Riders 3

Sonic free riders was not sonic riders 3 andany one who counts it as such is an idiot I perfer sonic riders over sonic all stars any day and the story for both games were awesome and the babaylon rouges could finally return in a game. Also we can see who els the babaylon roouges harritage is I bet this time its genies. - HeartofaHero456

7 Sonic and Mario Crossover

I know sonic and Mario both have been in the olympics together but what if they were in a game that was real story and it would be awesome to see the rivalry between sonic and Mario while they realize they have to work together. the gameplay would be fun as sonic has his speed sections and Mario has his platfroming sections in stages. - HeartofaHero456

8 Sonic Universe

I get that the archie comics are strict and want to keep the things they want to them selfs but the archie comics can have a game made for them. the gameplay would be like modern sonic but multiplayer with other charactors and lots of other action. even with sonic v.s scorge and a universe where sonic is the hero and silver is the hero like the real comic book acully is. - HeartofaHero456

9 New Sonic Anime

That would be a great idea. make the animations real fluid and dynamic

So yeah sonic x was an ok anime but skip chriss the human characteros and make a serious sonic anime with the whole cast of the sonic games from kuckles to silver. This would be pretty cool and if sega and cartoonnetwork make it work this could be a really fun thing to do. - HeartofaHero456

10 Rouge the Bat Rouge the Bat

Would love a Rouge game. It would be dark and badass like the Shadow game. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

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11 A Sonic Reboot

The modern sonic sereis is starting to get old so we need to see the future for sonic and the gang I think rebooting the sonic franchise is a great way to say thank you for so many years of fun and this is the best way to do with an ending sonic game and the best of sonic for decades to come. - HeartofaHero456

12 Shadow The Hedgehog Series

That's the most for a new sonic game! (shadow the hedgehog 2, shadow the hedgehog CD, shadow the hedgehog 3 & nazo) I don't know, the original shadow the hedgehog game was more beloved than sonic the hedgehog 2.

13 Cream's Paradise

It will be a brilliant idea and a great start for Cream as the main hero to have her own T.V. series even if it involves other sonic characters like her own mother Vanilla, Rouge, and more.

14 Sonic Self Defense Program

That would work. Even a whole variety of sonic characters to choose from.

15 Backstories
16 Knuckles The Echidna Series
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