Top Ten Things That Should Happen In 2015


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21 Release a New Verizon Cellphone
22 Jim Morrison Comes Back to Life

My dad pretty much grew up with his music and I grew up listening to his music too so it would be pretty cool. I love Doors. - ShyChick

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23 Earth Aligns With Venus and Jupiter

What about all planets getting aligned?

If you looked in the sky over the summer, you would have seen how amazing this looked. - RockFashionista

24 Regular Show To Create A Movie

Actually, there's a Regular Show movie already out on DVD!

Regular Show is my favorite show. And I want them to have a movie. - EpicJake

I love regular show and I want them to make a good movie - JandS3000

It's already making a movie

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25 USA and Cuba settle things out (in the good way) V 1 Comment
26 Ebola Cured

It would be cured. There's already a cure for Ebola!

27 Call of Duty Ends

What's so bad with Call of Duty? I don't play it, but it's pretty good!

28 EU Phone Roaming Charges Abolished
29 Lil Wayne Retires

It said that he is going to retire so let's all hope that he does.

It said that he's going to retire so let's all hope he does.

30 Jackie Evancho gets arrested
31 One Piece gets cancelled V 1 Comment
32 Release a New SpongeBob Mod In Minecraft
33 Linkin Park Collaborates With Eminem

My most favorite artists in the world working together... A dream come true. - ShyChick

I would love to see this and would pay to see it live

THIS WOULD be awesome. nu metal would be back

This actually night happen in the future

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34 People Ride Hover boards
35 Barney Banned Worldwide

I don't think Barney sucks; I just make fun of it.

36 Gravity Falls Movie

Excellent idea! I hope this is how they end the series with. A big epic movie finale! Awesome!

And this is why I love this fandom.

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37 ISIS gets nuked

The world would be much better off without them.

That would be interesting to see.

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38 Fangirling Is Made a Sin

I can't stand fangirls. Kill them all!

Well, we are all sinners anyways so... - AnonymousChick

Wow! I'm definitely going to hell. - happyhappyjoyjoy

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39 Ban Bras

I think that would never happen... but that would be amazing!

I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. They can be uncomfortable, but they save my life. - RockFashionista

They're no fun! They're itchy and I really don't see a reason to wear the stupid things!

So women would be forced to get naked?

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40 Queen Elizabeth II Becomes Longest Reigning British Monarch
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