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81 Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus both Mature
82 People Stop Thinking that Rock and Metal are both Satanic

I'm not really into Rock and Metal, but I find it really stupid how ignorant people say they're both satanic because they have screaming and loud noises. It's a stupid rumor that needs to die.

83 Being Shut Down

I want YouTube to become a Porn Site! Not this one!

Who the hell added this?! Funny how admin approved it, though.

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84 iPods Become Obsolete.

Seriously, Apple. You should start thinking differently.

iPhones and iPads are taking over everyone's lives. They need to be gone too.

85 New Coal Chamber album
86 My Little Pony FiM S5 released

It already happened - Neonco31

It did happen. Good

Don't ever do this!

87 Johnny Test and Uncle Grandpa Get Cancelled

These 2 are the worst! - Number18

88 Justin Bieber Gets Assassinated

We don't really need that, but if that happens, you can't deny that it's one of the greatest things that happened in the history of music.

Really? Stop killing people for things they sing - AnonymousChick

This would be great. No more singing from a bad singer - Mumbizz01

89 Attack on Titan gets cancelled

A attack on titan is awesome,

Live Action AOT get cancelled? I hope so

90 Nickelodeon Revives Ren and Stimpy
91 Breadwinners gets cancelled and The Tomorrow People comes back
92 Lizzie McGuire and That's So Raven air everyday on Disney Channel
93 Kanye West Becomes more Nicer

I agree! And why does Kanye loves Kanye so much?
He thinks he is so awesome! - Number18

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94 Industrial Rock gets Popular Again

That would be awesome.

95 Invader Zim comes back
96 St.Vincent (Aka. Annie Clark) wins a Grammy

I actually expected her to win a best record of the year, but unfortunately it didn't happen. Shame... - UniqueUniverse

I actually expected her to win a best record of the year, but unfortunately it didn't happen. Shame... - UniqueUniverse

97 Tupac Comes Back

We need Tupac in exchange for Nicki Minaj.

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98 Rush Hour 4
99 Banish Meghan Trainor To Antarctica

If that happens with the producers, directors and dancers, then she would make a new video that she is singing Cold above the earth, just being vanish by haters

I would love for that to happen, like we need more annoying people in the world

Meghan Trainor adds up to the overpopulation of the world.

100 World War 3

Don't ever do this - TheKirbyCreeper999

Were all dead

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