Top Ten Things That Should Happen In 2016


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41 Soviet Union Rises Again V 1 Comment
42 Vocaloid Concert In the Country You Live

No. This should not happen at all. - SelfDestruct

I really hope this could happen again.

43 Ban Bras

That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

I think some other person must had put this on here, because I don't remember adding this. It would be weird if this actually happened, no bras. - TopTenJackson

It was already tried for awhile from 1968-1975, which were pretty fun years.


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44 Obama Impeached

He won't be in office either way. There will be no need.

It would be his last year anyway

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45 Smartphones and Tablets Become Unpopular

Clash of Kings or what ever it is called should leave. All Clash of Clans related game should be banned... I HATE THEM

I hate clash of clans they should be decently popular not overrated - ikerevievs

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46 Spyro Remake Released

I don't know why I agree but I liked the Spyro games

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47 Earth Like Planet Is Discovered Under 100 Light Years Away

The future is out there! - higgsboson2142

48 Justin Bieber dies/retires

That is the best thing that can happen and this should really happen!

I would prefer Retire because he is a human being

I would be extremely happy when he dies! -GravityFallsAndWeBareBearsLover18

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49 Banish Justin Bieber to Antarctica

Don't even think Antarctica wants him

Why would we want to put him there? Space is a good place. Space.

I don't want polar bears migrating down!

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50 Anime Reboot of Powerpuff Girls

This would be awesome.

There is a reboot coming in 2016, but it is not anime sadly.

Ikerevievs, you have no taste in shows.

You know there's already PPG Z - BorisRule

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51 Porn Finally Ends

This should be in the Top 10 - ThePwoperMuser101

Should be in the top 1

Never happen


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52 Kesha Returns and Iggy Azalea Retires

I wish Kesha could come back. Kesha's music is fun. Iggy Azalea just plain sucks

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53 Traditional Marriage revival
54 Rae Sremmurd retire
55 Frozen 2 is Released

Oh my god, please no!

NO NO NO, the first one was annoying enough

Oh God... The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway...


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56 Fighting is Banned in the NHL V 1 Comment
57 Cancel Spongebob

No no no no no! Make it better instead

Kick the new writers and bring back the old writers, Then the show became better - GenoKenneth

No no no! Make it have new episodes instead

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58 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic gets cancelled

Yes, this would be paradise.

No more ponies awesome! - PrincessKiana

Yes it should happen

THEN they can FINALLY make G5

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59 Swifties vs Directioners Battle to the Death V 3 Comments
60 Hitler rises from the dead as a zombie and takes over the world.

How is this consider a good thing - Bubblepopqueen

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