Top Ten Things That Should Happen In 2016


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81 New Tool album comes out

And it only took ten years! - AngryByrd

82 Superman 64 on the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U V 1 Comment
83 Metal becomes more popular than pop and rap

Metal gonna make me got a headache, to be honest

V 2 Comments
84 Regular Show Movie Is Released

Already happened.

85 Evanescence releases fourth studio album V 1 Comment
86 Dora and Friends Get Canceled

Yeah that's gonna be good because they deserve to go to die.
If this show got cancelled which is torture for teenagers hate that show. Then both shows get taken off the air forever.

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87 Linkin Park goes back to the old style and releases a new album
88 More respect for rap
89 Donald Trump Gets Elected President

Unfortunately, you can't run a country on guts. You have to actually know what you're doing, and this guy's never even been a city councilman before. I don't care how many billions you've got, you don't get to start at the top. If he's got so much guts, why didn't he ever serve in the military? It's easy to send other people into war.

The world is doomed if that happens

Are you sure you want a guy that can't wash his hair? - PrincessKiana

I laugh at all these idiotic comments - bobbythebrony

V 5 Comments
90 The Psy Gangnam Style Dance Ends

It ended 2 years ago. - PrincessKiana

V 1 Comment
91 Mario and Sonic No Longer Fight and They Team Up
92 Kesha returns and Taylor Swift retires

This is cool, kesha makes fun and cool music, Taylor makes annoying and boring music.

Yeah, That has to happen, All Taylor writes to her songs is always break ups - GenoKenneth

93 Anti Gay Pill Is Created

No. Its just the way people are

94 Breadwinners gets Cancelled
95 Apple Watch 2 Released

It is supposed to be April 2016 when released.

96 Zelda Wii U/NX is Released
97 Iggy Azalea dies/retires
98 Earthbound Becomes Illegal

I should've known this would be on here...

99 Halo 6 Gets Released
100 The Real Teen Titans Comes Back V 1 Comment
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