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81 The Ability to Add Pictures to Our Profiles

This would really help in know who we are talking to so we don't offend then at all!

The Ability to see what the other user's look like & It's something that needs to be done if TheTopTens wants to Become something more then just Voting site then I'd advise they do so! - Curti2594

82 Top Tens Minigames V 1 Comment
83 Editing and Deleting Lists

I hate when I made grammatical errors on a list but can't fix them. Sometimes I pray for admin to fix them while looking over my lists, but they don't... - marshadow

I would like to delete and edit tons of my old list - CerealGuy

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84 More Blogs and Users
85 Profile Pictures to Show Up
86 A New Home Page V 1 Comment
87 Let The Community Be Involved In Change
88 More Pictures on the Front Page Area with the Moving Pictures
89 Friends
90 Instant Approval
91 A Rating On Lists Option
92 Items Should Go Up and Down More Easily After Voting
93 Drawing Pad
94 Find a Way to Prevent Flame Wars
95 Change Your Votes
96 E-mail Updates

They have it you sign up for it in settings. - Metal2003

97 A List of Pages On a List

This way you don't have to go through a page 1 by 1, you can just skip to one. - lukestheman4

98 You Can Take Back Your Vote

I hope we could do this! I accidentally voted for certain items on many lists!

I always accidentally vote things - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

99 Username Changing

Maybe nickname changing is better like in Twitter!

100 Incentives for "hot lists" submitted
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1. A Help Button at the Top
2. Uploading Pictures in Messages
3. Option In the Account Settings That Changes the Number of Shown Items on Lists
1. A Notification System
2. A TheTopTens App
3. A Point System
1. 1v1 Lists
2. A Chatroom
3. A Notification System

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