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101 Give More Attention To Starting Members V 1 Comment
102 Have A TopTenner Of The Month Award

And this doesn't mean top ten user of the month lists!

103 Button to Report People
104 Hall of Fame
105 More Comments Shown
106 Easier Achievements
107 Allow Sharing On More Platforms
108 Honorable Mentions

If we have dishonorable mentions, why not have honorable mentions? Like we can have any number of honorable mentions in a list.

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109 Ability to Edit Already Posted Lists
110 TheTopTens Mini Games

Mini games? - Fandom_Lover

This is on here twice 😂

111 A Button To Report Lists
112 The Allowing of Profanity

Don't. Profanity can be abused a lot. I don't want this site to become like Facebook!

Why do you care so much about profanity? The fact that this site is a relatively clean one makes me feel safer and happier. I use this site as an anxiety and depression coping mechanism. Allowing profanity would destroy that for me. - RockFashionista

I would like to be able to diss justin beiber properly on all websites, including this one. - beasthound

Profanity is just words, if you're going to be offended by words you might as well ban words. Censoring comments is wrong and just downright irritating. I could less of a damn if someone said f**** or s****** in all honesty. - BoredJeff02

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113 More Customizable Pages
114 The Ability to Delete Comments

You could do this in post comments.

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115 No More List Merges

To be fair, we only merge lists when someone enters a duplicate list. - Finch

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116 User of the Day
117 A Pause Button

Lol this would be to pause your activity. - MusicalPony

118 A Way to Message 3-4 People At Once

There should be a way to group message people. - Turkeyasylum

Like a group chat? This would be cool! - Minecraftcrazy530

119 No Spamming

We do our best to keep lists accurate and appropriate. We also verify whether items being added to lists are in keeping with the original intent of the list. That's why some items, while clever and humorous, may not get approved for a list. - Finch

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120 More TheTopTens Events
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