Top Ten Things We Should Say More Often


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1 Thank You

The two magic words; Please and thank you (thank you is two words but you know what I mean)
Everybody should use them - Ajkloth

With the way the world has become it seem that most people are just expecting of things with out any manners. Its nice too hear these two words to know you are apprciated

2 Please
3 I'm Sorry
4 I Love You

Love is the most powerful force in the world, carried by two closely bonded souls. It's magic and perfection fused into one strong feeling which allows whoever bears it to do the impossible. - keyson

5 Excuse Me

I usually mumble this whenever I need to get though when there's a person in my way. - funnyuser

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6 It's Okay

Everything is going to be all right - Glirkinsnoff

7 Bless You

No one says bless you when someone sneezes at my school anymore. It's nice to say it! - Glirkinsnoff

8 I Forgive You

Forgive people more often! - Glirkinsnoff

9 Don't Give Up

Keep trying! Give people encouragement! - Glirkinsnoff

10 God Bless You

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11 Don't Call Me Shirley
12 No Lady Bowant
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