Top Ten Things Wrong With the List "Reasons Adolf Hitler Is Better Than Justin Bieber"

This is easily one of the worst lists on TheTopTens. It's comparing a terrible singer to a madman.

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1 It compares a terrible singer to a madman

Justin Bieber sucks at singing, but he didn't kill anyone.

I find it weird that there are murderers, terrorists, and many other extremities, and many people choose to hate Justin Bieber above all of them.

Who would make such a list? - GamerBoy

Therandom, I understand why you made this list, but it really makes you sound like a sensitive little child. The description on the list even says "READ FIRST". - DCfnaf

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2 "Adolf Hitler has a cool name" has no relevance whatsoever

That reason was invalid, though. Well Hitler admitted failure. Which resulted to his suicide. That's one of the only reasons how Hitler could have been better in my opinion. Well, I didn't make that list as a Nazi sympathizer. Still, I regret making the list.

What the hell happened to all my items?! - Therandom

3 The list was stupid

The reasons were stupid, not the topic of the list.

4 The list basically stated that a madman is better than a terrible, but sane singer

Justin Bieber isn't sane. Hitler was sane. But Hitler doesn't necessarily have to be better according to the list.

5 Adolf Hitler killed over 6 million people, Justin Bieber only makes bad music

Jared (the name of the guy who made the list) regretted making it. - RiverClanRocks

I may come to the point of regretting the fact that I regret making the list.

Actually, Hitler only killed one person himself. it was someone who betrayed him in the earliest Nazi days.

6 Justin Bieber isn't evil

Evil is a subjective word. Its definition differs beween the morals of each person.

And are those morals not also subjective? And opinions as well? - Billyv

7 Justin Bieber doesn't hate Jews just because they're Jews

But Justin Bieber hates Asians just because they're Asians. Hypocrite much?

I like this one

8 At least he didn't actually commit genocide
9 Bieber is more handsome

Come on people, let's be real. This item is false. - Therandom

10 Justin Bieber is alive


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11 Adolf Hitler killed over 6 million people while Justin Bieber never killed anyone
12 Justin Bieber has never killed anyone

Except my soul.

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