Top Ten Things You Do Not Want to Forget When Using a Public Toilet

Some of these I fear might happen to me in the future. Others have already happened to me. After you read this, you will not be able to stop laughing.

The Top Ten

1 To lock the door

Do you want anyone seeing you in a public bathroom? No, just saying.

2 To flush

Yes! You just don't know the horrors of going to a stall only to realize that it's full of excrement around the whole toilet bowl.

I'm not surprised a list like this was made... - Therandom

Only if it will actually flush. - Entranced98

You never flush LMAOLOLOL

3 To wash your hands afterwards
4 To put the seat down if you do not flush
5 To check if you are going into the right toilet

I’ve gone into boys’ bathrooms (ima girl) enough times to know that I need to triple check the sign. Single or double doesn’t work

6 To check if there is any toilet paper left
7 To pull down your pants before you sit down

But what if you're using the urinal... - Therandom

8 To make sure there is nobody else on the toilet before you sit down
9 To wipe
10 That you are at a "public" toilet

The Contenders

11 To bring tissues in case there's no toilet paper
12 Triple check that you are not about to enter the opposite gender’s toilet

I have entered so many boys’ bathrooms (imma girl) before. Obviously by accident but stilll.

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