Top 10 Things You Would Like to Do to Serena from Pokémon

What would you seriously do to Serena from Pokémon, she is an irritating annoying brat. A brat to her mother and her friends, only liking Ash, and no one else.

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1 Slap Her in the Face

This is very true ash is to dense to notice romance he's 10 and so are you so just stop serena just stop still funny when people tease her for it though

She needs to stop with being a rude ass person to her mother, she also need it to stop "falling in love" with Ash.

And I don't care if I get arrested for hitting a girl - Neonco31

I would love to do this.

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2 Trick Her Into Kissing Puffy Fluffy from SpongeBob SquarePants

Check out my list on her about what characters she should kiss instead of Ash Ketchum. All you need to see are the top 10 items on the list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 Give Her a Smack on the Back of Her Head.

Just like No. 1... That is all... :/

4 Convince Her that Ash Isn't Worth It

She needs to understand that Ash is not worth her time when it comes to liking him. I don't think she'll understand... Will she?

No, conivnce Ash to kill her

5 Throw Something at Her

Can she be any more annoying?!

6 Kill Her

"¡Por eso no the vas a quedar viva! "
"So that's why you're not going to stay alive! " -Carlota (En Nombre Del Amor - In the Name of Love)

7 Throw Something at Her

Something light, though, because it's not cool to injure others.

Just like that one scene where she threw a snowball at him without realizing that ASH NEEDED HIS OWN PRIVACY ALONE!

8 Yell at Her

Serena needs some yelling.

9 Kiss Her

(I DID NOT put this, LunaDude1996 did! )
I understand that it says "things you would like to do to Serena", but what I mean is "THINGS THAT MAKE YOU WANT TO DO TO SERENA AS HATE! ". LunaDude1996, this isn't even funny. YOU SHOULD'VE REMAINED ANONYMOUS FOR GOD'S SAKE!

10 Give Her Lamotrigine

Ignore this one.

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11 Attack Her with a Lightsaber


Yeah. See how she likes it when she’s in sixteen pieces

12 Kick Her

She deserves to be kicked.

13 Go Back in Time to Be the Writer and Get Rid of Her.

I would.

14 Shoot at Her

A bullet through the head should fix that obsession of hers. - FrozenHatingPokefan

15 Push Her Down an Escalator

I would be like "¡Muerete! " ("Die! "), Just like Carlota from "En Nombre del Amor" (In the Name of Love) did. She pushes her own niece because Carlota wanted her niece to be on her side and not on her mother's (Spoiler alert, sorry! )

Because she ran back up the escalator in the airport to kiss Ash. I SERIOUSLY wanted to do this before she did.

16 Give her a Nicki Minaj Album

That's equivalent to giving her a mirror

Absolutely! Lol, she'll need to learn how to twerk while getting the "attractiveness" she wants just to get Ash later on.

Ha Ha - Neonco31

17 Make Her Read This List

I wonder how she reacts to this?

18 Put Her in a Gas Chamber

Okay as much as a despise Serena, this is antisemitic and there are so many other things you can do to Serena that doesn't make you look like a Nazi.

19 Blow Her Up

This would vaporize her, once and for all...

20 Have AlphaOmegaSin Rant About Her and Amourshipping (Including the petition)

Lol, ain't that nice?


21 RKO Her
22 Send her to Total Drama Revenge of the Island
23 Make her listen to all of Justin Bieber's songs repeatedly all the time
24 Run Her Over with a Tank
25 Get her some help

We should help her not hurt her

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