Top Ten Things You'll Find In Your Pocket

Delve into the deepest darkest depths of your pockets. What do you pull out? Other than that, cheeky!

The Top Ten

1 Your Hand

Well... Isn't your hand the first thing to go in? Well, isn't it? Makes sense to me, anyway - Britgirl

2 Fluff

And a dead fly's wing, maybe? It's not impossible. - Britgirl

3 A Hole

That's why I didn't put Loose Change before this one. - Britgirl

4 Sticky Sweets

One of my neighcours works for a dry cleaners, and the times she's moaned about this... - Britgirl

5 Condoms

If you're feeling optimistic perhaps. Half a packet if you're lucky. - Britgirl

S}Why would a girl carry half a packet of condoms in her pocket? Oh... - keyson

6 Bank Notes

I recently noticed my spare coat was heavier than it should be. There was enough money in my coat pocket to feed the hungry, as it turned out. - PositronWildhawk

1/5th of my part time job money always get washed by the washing machine. - Kiteretsunu

That always end up in the washing machine. - Britgirl

7 Loose Change

This is like finding a gold mine for about moment then you realize it's not enough for a Gumball - Curti2594

But only if said pockets were without holes - Britgirl

8 Receipts

Usually the last but most obvious place we find these. - Britgirl

9 Phone Number

I've had as many as six - all without names on. Gah! - Britgirl

10 The Ring of Power

The Contenders

11 Keys

And probably the easiest to fall out. So keep a spare set in the other... - Britgirl

12 Wallet
13 Receipt
14 Multitool

The good ol' Swiss Army knife

15 Phone
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