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61 CaptainSparklez

Take this off the list

62 Videos with cosmic universe background V 1 Comment
63 Copyright

I know right! Even pitched music doesn't work!

This has became a big issue YouTube was a free site but now it's just a mess every single YouTuber getting copyright claims its just bull!

V 1 Comment
64 Emala Jiss
65 Anime America Podcast V 1 Comment
66 The Fine Brothers V 1 Comment
67 Pooh's Adventures Videos V 1 Comment
68 Vine Compilations
69 WatchMojo

Who added this here? - TopTenListmaker

What's wrong with WatchMojo. what's so bad about it?

Yes - Randomator

70 Frozen


I love Frozen

Do I Even Need To Explain!?

71 SkyDoesMinecraft

No no no - 12cc


72 DSPGaming
73 GoAnimate Videos

Specifically grounded videos used over and over again. Goanimate would be awesome if it was used for things other than grounded videos. - anonygirl

GoAnimate is amazing

Holy cow thes suck

Shut Up
You Are Mean Whoever Called GoAnimate Cancer
You Just Offended Many People

V 1 Comment
74 Spambots
75 Paid Channels

YouTube is a free service and if the creators of these want to get paid they can use ads. Looking at you, Nation Geographic Kids!

V 1 Comment
76 Rowan Blanchard Rowan Blanchard Rowan Blanchard is an American actress. She is known for her role as Riley Matthews on the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World.


77 Autoplay
78 Barney The Dinosaur Barney The Dinosaur Barney The Dinosaur is a purple dinosaur from the TV series "Barney and Friends", as well as the VHS series before that known as "Barney and the Backyard Gang". He was created by Sheryl Leach in 1987, to entertain her 2 year old son. He is infamously known for his "I Love You" song, and his TV series more.

I have to agree get rid of these Barney videos right now!

Not Even Kids Like Him.Whats The Point Of His Existence? - 12cc

12cc, I Agree

79 My Little Pony


Now I Feel Really Stupid For Putting This Here
Everyone Has Their Rights Only If It's Appropriate

I'm Neutral Towards MLP
But It Needs To Be Temporarily Banned

80 Racist Mario

This video ruined our childhood

It Was A Pretty Good But Odd Video In My Opinion

That video was horrendous. - Sonic-Knuckles

Sonic kunckles rasict mario was a joke animation. So please take a joke.

V 1 Comment
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