Top Ten Things You've Had Stolen from You

Some of these are personal experiences, others I imagine would really suck if they were stolen.

The Top Ten

Record Collection

This sucks. I understand how you feel; I would probably be as mad if I got my music stolen. - Gg2000

So devastating. Started collecting records in 1986. Had hundreds. a lot of rare, limited prints, and out of prints. Some even had sentimental value cause they were giving to me by the bands or a member of the band themselves. Stolen from me from someone I thought was my friend in 1999. Even though I did get to kick his ass (knocked him out), it actually did nothing for me. To this day I still shake in anger thinking about it. - THC13


Somebody stole my diskman out of my locker in 6th grade. I was naive and didn't lock it that day. It had that Allen Iverson unreleased CD in there. I was pissed. - RobertWisdom

The same year my records were stolen, someone broke into my car and stole two of my CD books full of CDs. - THC13


My cousins had their house robbed once.

Should honestly be number 1. - RobertWisdom

My mum had her purse stolen from her bag in a charity shop of all places. - Britgirl

Always sucks. Especially if it's a saved stash. - THC13


Didn't happen to me directly but to my parents in early 1986. I remember walking out of the house with my Dad so he could drive me and my brother to school and staring at an empty spot on the driveway. The cops found the car a few days later stripped down. - THC13

Car Radio

Some idiot smashed my cars window and stole my mid grade radio (I HAD AN IGGY POP CD INSIDE! ). What really sucked was we were two hours away from home and had to drive back freezing cold and sitting on glass. - THC13


I would rage if this happened. My computer is my everything!

Never happened to me but since this is where most people store their pictures and music nowadays, I would imagine this would really suck. - THC13


In 1991 or 92 my (dad's) house was robbed. They took TVs, the living room stereo, my stereo, my dad's gun, money, jewelry and ALL OF MY CLOTHES!? It sucked. All I had left were my boxers, socks and the clothes I had on. - THC13

Cell Phone

Never happened to me but I would imagine it would suck. I did have my pager (LOL) stolen from me in the mid 90's though. - THC13


Had two boards stolen from me. One was at an arcade in 87 or 88. All the kids would line up their boards against a wall in the arcade before they went and played. When I was done and went to get my board, it was gone. I went with a couple of friends. My board and another kid who wasn't with us was the only ones stolen. The arcade was pretty far from my house. Walking home sucked. My second board that was stolen, I cruising down the street in 1989 when a older (16-18) kid ran up, shoved me off my board, grabbed it and ran off. - THC13


It's very common in Bulgaria, sadly. - BorisRule

Had one bike stolen from me when I was a kid. Probably like around 1984 or 1985. I left it outside, next morning it was gone. - THC13

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Wedding Ring

It wasn't stolen from me, but it was stolen from my mom. Good thing she got it returned. - Misfire

How devastating. Who ever stole it is a complete scumbag. Glad to hear she got it back though. - THC13

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