Top 10 Tips for Having a Safe Summer

We sat down with the Milwaukee Police Department to help you have a safe summer night life! Remember these when going out.

The Top Ten Tips for Having a Safe Summer

1 Beware of the environment. Too many people walk streets with their head down, ear buds in, and face in phone.

If you're gonna spend your whole vacation on your phone, then what's the point of even leaving your house?!

Snap chat is stupid, that's all I gotta say - Unknownguy

Make sure you are checking all around you Pokemon Go'ers and Snapchatters! - goodric8

2 Whether walking or driving, be aware of being followed or watched for future targeting

Watch for shady situations and surroundings - goodric8

3 Travel in pairs or groups - multiple victims are rarely targeted

That's right! Now your friends don't have an excuse! - goodric8

Sadly, that's not true anymore.

4 Move assertively, without a lost or “wandering puppy” look

This is especially important while using Uber! Don't let someone convince you they are your ride. - goodric8

5 Try not to advertise, valuable looking things, like computer bags, tablets, big Coach bags, new smart phones, etc.

Trust us... Look good the next time - goodric8

6 Try not to sit in your car alone for extended periods of time. Carjackers target women in cars alone.

Make sure to keep moving and take a taxi/uber if you can't drive. - goodric8

That is sexist! Not cool! Why doesn't this horrible thing happens to men? 😠😠😠

7 Try to park in well-lit, populated areas. Always have keys ready to quickly enter the car and leave.

Stray away from the shadows - goodric8

8 If you ever get the sense that you are being targeted, move to an open business or well-populated area and call police

Find a safe zone with plenty of people around. - goodric8

9 Take a snapshot of suspects with your eyes noting, vehicle, # of suspects, ages, and descriptions as best you can

This can be tricky but the more information the better. - goodric8

10 Stay safe, be vigilant, see something, say something

Party on and spread the word! - goodric8

The Contenders

11 Stay away from areas with a large crime rate

Another very important thing - BorisRule

12 Lock your doors when you leave your house
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