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1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I have the game and it looks awesome without even playing it.

This a fun legend of zelda game I beat it 3 times - trains45

Best Zelda game ever 100%!

Where is breath of the wild?

2 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

BRO THIS game is a huge part of my childhood - Manlypants

This game is broken, has bad game mechanics, graphics suck. It's THE BEST GAME EVER!

So much fun a very solid game that offered something for all different kinds of players

Best smash Bros game also my first smash Bros game

3 Super Mario 64

It is one of the most nisangic games I have ever played

I like playing it on my 3ds, the controls aren't bad really, if you play it on the 3ds.

Best game of all time

It's still a fun game to play.

4 Super Mario Bros. 3

Yes top 3 boo yah I always play this game when I'm born

Why is Mario not at 1

Arguably the only NES Mario game that was actually worth it to play.

This is a good game, but I doesn't deserve to be in this spot.

5 Super Mario World

The game that defined my childhood. No game makes me happier to this day.

Dude this game is qleo.part of my childhood - Manlypants

This game is really fun even thugh I STINK at it

The game who brought up the best character ever who is Yoshi deserves one spot

6 Super Mario Galaxy

Mario pretty much formed my childhood. I started off with the Wii and eventually moved on to improved consoles throughout the years, but never once have I forgotten about good ole Mario. But we mustn't forget about his Luma friends and Rosalina herself, right?

This game is a gem in the world of Nintendo. From the incredibly cliche but still amazing start to the character redemption-filled finish (come on, you can't tell me watching Bowser Jr. dancing on that Airship wasn't fun), you just never want to stop playing. I'm pretty sure I nearly cried the first time the credits rolled. The controls are impeccable, the challenge level is just right for its style, and the graphics are cutting-edge and crystal clear for a 2007 game. And the soundtrack is also incredible; I still listen to the single Family from time to time to fall asleep. All in all, Galaxy is simply a perfect game... I fail to see why it's not #1.

Its to good

Pretty much this or Breath of the Wild. This game defined my preteen years and I still listen to the soundtrack regularly. The graphic are gorgeous too, and they solidified my ongoing fascination with space. I could go on. Amazing game. - milaqt

They need to remake this on the switch.

7 Super Smash Bros. Wii U

Really, at 7? Should be at 25-30. Overrated. Ultimate is better in every way. - ZSC1323

My first Smash game. Where Miis were designed to be brutal fighters. Where you could have other special moves for your character.
It's good, but Bayonetta is so OP
Also, this game's not Ultimate.
-BoumTNT (Since I don't have an account yet, I'l instead sign)

This is my favorite game

This is by far THE best Smash Bros. In terms of gameplay it is the most fair and has probably the most balanced character roster out of all the games in the series as well as the largest. It should definitely be above Brawl.

8 Super Smash Bros Melee

This a fun smash game I have it on my gamecube - trains45

Unlike the other Super Smash Bros games, Melee has the aspect of being both a party game and an extremely competitive multiplayer game. There is no other game that has such a unique community and history behind it. I suggest watching "The Smash Brothers" documentary on YouTube if you don't know much about Melee. Best documentary I have ever watched. Sure, Wii U and Brawl has more characters, stages, etc but that isn't what makes Melee so unique and enjoyable. The fact that it's so simplistic on the outside is what makes it so fun for anyone. The more you play the more you realize how complex this game really is. Melee is the best mistake Nintendo has ever made. I doubt they could ever recreate what Melee has become.

Not basing this vote on the obnoxious competitive scene attached the this game.

A masterpiece of a game that can be played by absolutely anyone, and need I mention that this game has stayed relevant in gaming longer than almost any other game, 2014, and this is still being played by professionals at major events, some may say that smash never needed to be competitive, but I disagree. Much better than Brawl

9 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Better than Ocarina of Time in my opinion - ZSC1323

Great game

Majora's Mask is the most darkest and complex Zelda game, if not, any game by Nintendo that is "suitable for all ages". Though Majora lacked the amount of dungeons that Ocarina had, it made up for it with its amazing plot as a sequel to an equally great game. It was sinister enough with the impending apocalypse of the nightmare fuel that is a grotesque moon, but the fact that, after every attempt to help someone from their pains and misfortunes, it all resets after every 3 days, all to save the world from an equally emotionally strained kid wearing a cursed mask. The game definitely made my childhood great and memorable.

so cool

10 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Still need to play it - ZSC1323

Underrated I wish people would give this game a chance. This game has some of the best items and dungeons in the series and has a deep character roster. The game also has an excellent story. 2nd best Zelda.

Best game I’ve ever played

I've just always had so much nostalgia for this game no matter how much I play it

The Contenders

11 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

I begged my mom for botw she said it was to expensive then I saw windwaker she said ok best decision (in my gaming) life now I've beaten it 21 times personally best game ever my favorite game can understand why its not on top though

This game is AMAZING! It's my favourite legend of Zelda game. He child like features and amazing sound track make a great game. Plus, the new hd version is super and I can't see and flaws. Sure, it can be annoying waiting and waiting in a sail boat traveling around, but the game makes up for it. There's been loads of times I've went to dragon roast island just to dance around to the music. Personally, this game should be in the top 3 at least. - Cheesecakepony10

The best Zelda game (until Zelda Wii U, hopefully). It easily has the best art style of any Zelda game, which has withstood the test of time. Yes, the sailing may be tedious, but it gives the world a vast, and epic feeling to it. The gameplay is still as fun as ever. This game should be #1

The wind waker is an unique Zelda experience that is unlike any other. The graphics are beautiful and the story is just as entertaining as Ocarina of Time.

12 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Its easily one of the best platformers ever made and one of the best games of all time

I’ve played it and let me just say this game is amazing.

This is an absolute masterpiece. If you own a Wii, GET THIS NOW! Whilst I enjoyed the original Galaxy, this is much better, why is it lower on the list. The controls work well and the level design is amazing. It is also much easier to navigate than the original game and has 242 stars. I have completed this game completely and the amount of extra content is astounding. And the graphics are good, despite being on the not-very-powerful Wii. It is a shame that the new 3D Mario games aren't as innovative as this gem I really hope for Galaxy 3 soon!

It's awesome! I think you will like it 2

13 Super Metroid

Ahh... this game was awesome.

Very underrated - ZSC1323

By far one of my favorite games of all time, at least top 3

HOW IS THIS NOT TOP 10?! This game is GENIUS, everything is amazing about it and only few other Nintendo games compare. The fact that SSB1 and Paper Mario is in top 10, yet this, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario World aren't shows how moronic this site is. VOTE!

14 Super Mario Bros.

The original platformer

This game resuscitated a dying industry and gave rise to the Nintendo empire. This deserves to be number one or at least in the top five. At least Mario World and Mario 3 are higher on the list. - dlbk03

The one that started them all, great game for everyone love it

This should be number 1 this game saved the video game industry.

15 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Of all the Paper Mario games I have played (and I’ve played almost all of them) this one is the best. It should be in the top ten

Why isn’t this higher?

One of my favorite games of all time in my opinion! I love it SO MUCH! I played it non-stop when I first got it.

up with paper mario! Dang he should have been in Smash bros. Brawl. - Oreanta

16 Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

This is ocarina of time just a tad worse.

Fun game love the music got it on wii u awesome first normal Zelda game

Definitely my favorite Zelda game. - XenithVR

No doubt this is one of Link's most memorable adventures. - Oreanta

17 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

It should definitely. I loved to play this game when I was younger and still love to play it today - Spongehouse

It’s pretty good. Underrated game, but not worth the five rehashes of the same game. - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

This game deserves to be top 4. Seriously, this is one of the best games ever!

How is this not in the top 10 when Brawl is?

18 Paper Mario

If this one's referring to Super Paper Mario, or if it's just referring to whatever game the reader played, it deserves to be higher. The Paper Mario series is criminally underrated, and Sticker Star did nothing to fix that, but the first three are simply mind-blowing, with creativity, music, especially style, and all. Nintendo really needs to make a Paper Mario game that can survive the death of the Wii U, but is more play-alluring than Color Splash, a final note to the fans upset with Sticker Star.

I loved this game and played it the whole way through, it's upsetting that the series didn't get very much recognition, I agree that it should've been top 10, the game was time and money very well spent.

The greatest RPG game ever. So much better than ocarina of time or any legend of zelda game. - babbott15

Best RPG paper Mario game in the series and has a storyline and sense of adventure that will make you never want to stop playing

19 Mario Kart: Double Dash

How is this better than Mario Kart 64 if you have to listen to Princess Peach's voice & Princess Daisy's voice?!

I can;t believe smash brothers brawl got ahead of this when all you do is fight.

This is way better than Mario kart 64. Every n64 game ever made is overrated because they were the first 3D games Nintendo ever made. The GameCube was a big step up

20 Pokemon Red

Red is awesome

I am a big Pokemon fan and I am FORCED to upvote this for that reason!

Remake was better - TealBoyxx

They are the best

21 Star Fox 64

love it

WHAT! 42nd! WHAT! This is the most amazing game I ever played. Unique levels, butt-kickin' animals, easy-to-learn maneuvers, great graphics, challenging bosses, vs. Mode, training mode for beginners, different power-ups & great critical reception. SHAME ON THOSE WHO THINK MARIOKART DS IS BETTER! That game is bull-crap! CrAppY GraPh1cs, impossible controls, pathetic battle mode & shameful track selection. How the heck does that piece of crap compare to this cartridge of glory on a phenomenon of a console. HOW!

Do a Barrell Roll!

22 Super Smash Brothers

The combination of 3D models and 2D explosions just does it for me.

Ultimat betta - Tstardoughnuts

Hours of goreless fighting. - QTANTOBA

all three of em are grear #1 - bluemachine

23 Donkey Kong Country Returns

I played this game about 5 times. It is awesome.

This is so good. If you don't like it, something is wrong with you.

It has awesome level design chanlegeing difficulty and loads of content

24 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

My favorite Nintendo game of all time. I grew up with the N64 and played OOT, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, etc but while these were revolutionary, never have I had as much fun as BOTW. I was skeptical of all the amazing reviews when this game came out, but I finally got around to buying it for myself and I completely agree. Never have I been so immersed in a game before. Go fast and play the story, or go slow, explore, find koroks, do side quests. It's all so immersive. And it looks beautiful every second I played.

This game is the best game Nintendo has created. Before this, I didn't play much Legend of Zelda. Of course, I played the original, and I also played a bit of Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time, but other than that, I hadn't played it much. However, my father got me this game and told me he loved the old Legend of Zelda, and wanted to play this one to see if it was any good, and if I would like it. Then I got that first opening shot - one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. The graphics were absolutely beautiful, and the gameplay was awesome! I loved exploring Hyrule at my own pace and never having someone bug me to do the next quest. I adored collecting swords and shields and armor of all sorts of kinds. It was one of the best games I have ever played - no - the best game I've ever played. The story was amazing, character development was great, everything was awesome! 10/10


I agree with everyone who has reviewed this game

25 Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire Emblem has the weirdest fans. Chrom is the only good character. The rest suck. Especially Robin and Corrin. Marth looks like a freak. - ZSC1323

Fire emblem is an amazing game. The characters are all very unique and different and they make you feel good about embracing what makes you different. I call it the "charming cast of weirdos." The meaning it gives off is also fantastic as the Villains are not all black and white. Some of them are good people who truly care about their comrades and are only fighting for their cause. (chapter 10 for example) I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone especially people new to rpg games.

A great game that allows in game customization of your units like no outher Fire Emblem game before it. As well as the support conversations that let all of your "shippings" come true. All around this is a great game that I would recommend to anyone

This is my favorite game of all time an has bin there when I needed it most. It has amazing characters and good story I highly recommend this to anyone that love Fire Emblem or Nintendo RPGS or any RPG I love it that much an so does the community.

26 Splatoon

Squids are my favorite animals and I like to fight the octarians

This is the best game what why isn't it higher?

I'm just going to say this... I AM A SUCKER FOR MUSIC. So the final boss made so hyped!

Such an awesome concept for a competitive game. Played it once and couldn't play another battle royale game without being like, "It's LAME how you can't SWIM in all the bullets you shoot! " - TheInsomniac

27 Donkey Kong Country

This is a classic game - Spongehouse

28 Kirby: Squeak Squad
29 Conker's Bad Fur Day

This isn't Nintendo. It is Rareware, and Nintendo didn't publish it either.

no! - myusernameisthis

This is my favorite game ever. It's so funny!

30 Pokemon Emerald

The 3rd best pokemon game byfar.

How is this so low? It introduced great new Pokemon, double battles, battle frontier, and some of the best legendaries to date. ( Deoxys and Rayquaza) Without this game, the series would not be as it is today.

This game is one of the best Pokémon games in history. Maybe the best one!

31 Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

This was the best kirby game ever

32 Pokemon X

Good postgame. Internet features were amazing.

Some of these games I have never heard and I am a huge fan of Nintendo. Pokemon is amazing and this is my favorite one. Sure it isn't no. 1 but is should be in the top ten.

This should be higher on the list

33 Animal Crossing


Bes t ever. But why put city folk. City folk is the only bad game in th series

By far, my favorite Nintendo game series! The only installment that has let me down was Amiibo Festival, and that was a spinoff of the actual series. Of course, this series has its flaws (all series do) but overall, an amazing series! Definitely would recommend to everyone.

Animal crossing is the best game ever! I can't believe it's so far down. You can do whatever you want in this game. You get connected with the characters VERY easily. I've been playing this all my life, and I can gladly say this game is the best.

34 Mario Kart 8

Awesome game play it with my sister all the time

Zoom. I H-E-A-R-T this seris

It is the best Mario Kart. A lot of characters and cool stages.

Equal in fun to MKDS, but cooler

35 Metroid Prime #

I just picked up this game a few months ago, and I have to say I have never enjoyed a game this much. It aged perfectly, unlike most Zelda games (except Wind Waker), and it's worth playing, 'cause it's fun, unlike most Mario games. damn masterpiece, that's what this game is.

Why is this number 38. Prime is better than this. It's better than most of the stuff above it. At least top 5. It's not voted for because when people scroll down on the website they only see and vote for what is already in the top ten. It's unfair.

Don't insult Zelda. Zelda is better than Metroid.

Easily not only my favorite Nintendo game of all time, but my favorite video game of all time.

36 Pokemon Heartgold

Greatest game of all time

Best game EVER

37 Xenoblade Chronicles

This game has an excellent world, captivating story, great gameply, natural character development, and perfect music. This is my favorite game of all time, and many share my opinion. Everybody should have the chance to play this game, and if you do, you shiuld NOT sit it out.

Are you serious?! This game is INSANE. a Masterpiece


38 Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Number 2 bo

39 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Love skyward sword awesome music 5th or 6th favorite game and believe it or not like motion controls

Not as good as the other Zelda games here. Arguably one of the worse ones. - ZSC1323

Oh. My. God. Send this game to the top of the list, for goodness' sake! Great locations, amazing dungeons, awesome bosses, intriguing story... Skyward Sword has it all!

Revolutionized the way motion controls works and had one of the most epic storylines of all time. Simply a masterpiece.

40 Super Mario Maker

We can make mario levels for christs sake.

The troll levels suck though but kinda good

Its only number 89?! But it has the best concept of all time: creating levels! You can create the level yourself and make whatever you want. Plus, you can play awesome levels created by others, meaning that the game never end! I can talk a lot of other things that make Mario Maker awesome but this would be too long and I think I said enough. Honorable mention to Zelda breath of the wild and Pokemon sun and Moon. And also I agree that orcarina of time is great but it doesn't stand out in my opinion.

Build your own levels - HaloFanboy

41 Pikmin 3

The graphics rock, the Pikmin are cute, (Especially the Rock pikmin) and the new characters are really interesting!

Should be much higher on the list. The visuals are stunning, the gameplay is better than ever, and it's just a fun game all around. What's not to like?

One of the best games ever

42 Pokemon Omega Ruby

This is epic and in the best generation gen 6.

It features My favourite Pokemon: Groudon!

43 Donkey Kong

DK Arcade 1982 is where it all really started for nintnedo

44 Mario Kart Wii

Hands down the best mario kart game before mariokart 8. Plus 8 deluxe is bad as well as tour.

I have more childhood memories of playing this game then any other video game ever. By far the best mario kart game and one of the best wii games ever - Spongehouse

So many memories.
Physics are potato though. - Fat_Turtle_Gamez

Boy does this game bring back memories! - neehawgamer

45 Super Mario Sunshine

Loved it!

Best mario game ever created in my opinion - Spongehouse

It is a very hard game but it has a lot of gameplay. Its such a good game they should make a sequel.

It is just so fun but where did all the brown poop come from?

46 Banjo-Kazooie

Not Nintendo. Rareware - ZSC1323

This was the game that got me interested in the N64

But I thought that this was made by rarewar not Nintendo. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Has funny puns grate bosses greate music but not so greate gameplay but its fun

47 Super Mario Odyssey

The best video game you never want to end. I never wanted Super Mario Odyssey to run out of power moons

2nd best Mario game ever!


This game is like a celebration of video games, especially nintendo. It's that good.

48 Mario Bros (NES)


49 Pokemon Diamond

2nd best Pokemon game

50 Pokemon Snap
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