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81 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
82 Pokémon Stadium
83 Super Mario Strikers
84 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Even though it's sega it is one of my favorite games, not only do you have to beat both hero and villain mode but a bonus mode as well. Not to mention all the chao's that you can collect and train. Probably my favorite gamecube game to date.

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85 Super Mario Maker

Its only number 89?! But it has the best concept of all time: creating levels! You can create the level yourself and make whatever you want. Plus, you can play awesome levels created by others, meaning that the game never end! I can talk a lot of other things that make Mario Maker awesome but this would be too long and I think I said enough. Honorable mention to Zelda breath of the wild and Pokemon sun and Moon. And also I agree that orcarina of time is great but it doesn't stand out in my opinion.

Best Game Ever How Is It Not Higher! 1

Best Mario game ever!

It's better than playing courses make em

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86 Mario Superstar Baseball
87 Donkey Kong Country
88 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest V 1 Comment
89 Mortal Kombat II
90 Pokemon Platinum

so much more than diamond and purl my favorite game eve

Love this game, my first Pokemon game, beat it like 12 times.

Bring that higher it's my favorite edition! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

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91 Pokemon Colosseum
92 Sonic Generations V 2 Comments
93 Super Paper Mario

May not share the same game style as the other games in the series, but is still a fantastic game that uses a great game mechanic to make the game even more imaginative and fun. Also one of the greatest stories Nintendo has to offer.

It is a great game but it gets underrated just because it is not an RPG like the other Paper Mario games. But it has a lot of gameplay.

It is a great game with a lot of gameplay. But it gets underrated because its not an RPG like the other Paper Mario games.

Best Mario RPG in my opinion, with a great story, original levels, and self-aware humor.

94 Mortal Kombat Trilogy
95 Judge Dredd
96 Pokemon Diamond

Childhood memories

2nd best Pokemon game

97 Super Smash Bros V 1 Comment
98 Mario Golf: World Tour

This game is pretty cool and fun

99 Pokemon Black 2
100 New Super Mario Bros.

Why? This is too low! The propeller shrooms awesome! I understand the boss fights! This should be 15th at least!

It is not good or bad the boss battles don't make sense.

Best Mario game of all time!

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