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81 Pokémon Stadium
82 Super Mario Strikers
83 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Even though it's sega it is one of my favorite games, not only do you have to beat both hero and villain mode but a bonus mode as well. Not to mention all the chao's that you can collect and train. Probably my favorite gamecube game to date.

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84 Mario Superstar Baseball
85 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest V 1 Comment
86 Pikmin 2

This game is the best Nintendo game, and it will be in my top 3 games forever. I saw this game when I was about 7 and became addicted and I bought it for the gamecube and I kept my Wii that plays gamecube games for this game and Animal Crossing City Folk.

My dad got this game for me when I was 5. Ever since that, I've loved pikmin ever since.

Amazing storyline and is the most diverse Pikmin game. It has mechaincs that aren't in any other Nintendo franchise or game. For example, having a goal to pay of a debt as the 3/4 of the story. Animal Crossing's mortgages aren't required and aren't relevant to the story unlike the 100 poko debt.

Greate straeagy game you con kill a boss up down left or rhigt now no time limit

87 Mortal Kombat II
88 Pokemon Platinum

so much more than diamond and purl my favorite game eve

Love this game, my first Pokemon game, beat it like 12 times.

Bring that higher it's my favorite edition! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

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89 Pokemon Colosseum
90 Sonic Generations V 2 Comments
91 Mortal Kombat Trilogy
92 Judge Dredd
93 Pokemon Black 2
94 Pokemon Diamond

Childhood memories

2nd best Pokemon game

95 Super Smash Bros V 1 Comment
96 Mario Golf: World Tour

This game is pretty cool and fun


This isn't a Nintendo game! It's a Namco game!

But Nintendo had the rights to the Namco game and released it as a Game Boy Advance game in 2004 (as a part of the Classic NES Series). - playstationfan66

PAC-MAN would be an arcade game, first ported to quite a few Atari and PC systems before eventually coming to the NES. The franchise happens to have had some Nintendo releases, but is in no way affiliated with Nintendo, so why in the world is this in this list? XP - Maplestrip

98 New Super Mario Bros.

Why? This is too low! The propeller shrooms awesome! I understand the boss fights! This should be 15th at least!

It is not good or bad the boss battles don't make sense.

Best Mario game of all time!

99 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong is good. Its fun and it is the best.

100 Final Fantasy (Original Game Boy)
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