Top Ten Embarrassing Moments

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61 When you can't hold your poop anymore and excrete it publicly
62 When you're talking to someone and you think they are talking to you but they are actually talking to someone else


63 Talking about adolescence with your dad

Especially if you are a girl

64 Speaking gibberish in front of a group
65 Thinking out loud V 2 Comments
66 Muttering to yourself louder than normal
67 Trying to get an autistic kid to stop taking your stuff

I'm autistic and I only steal your things if you say stuff like this to me - Ihateschool

Whoever added this is sick. So disrespectful.

68 The infamous awkward silence

Especially after that magpie hit the window in the middle of a NAPLAN test and everyone is now staring

I have a guy friend and ever since I found out he likes me, this has happened a lot more. help - Absolite

I don't want this to happen to me but whoever put getting an autistic kid to stop takeing your stuff is a JEARK!

69 Humming loudly when it's quiet

Damn you, Attack on Titan theme song... - Absolite

70 Falling off of a beam in a PE lesson and landing in an awkward position

It's even worse when your PE shorts fall down too. - Entranced98

71 Pulling Weird Faces Without Knowing.
72 Getting thrown up on at a wedding

The poor bride gets thrown up on by a sick little kid. I've heard about this a lot.

73 Thinking about something gross and gagging in front of your crush
74 You forget to flush the toilet and someone tells you that when your crush is at your house
75 You poop your pants in front of your girlfriend V 1 Comment
76 Getting hit by a girl

I am a girl and my teacher has made me to hit a guy in my fifth standard

V 1 Comment
77 Failing at Trolling
78 Sweating obviously in public
79 Peeing on stage
80 Saying NO! out loud when your crush has another partner in PE
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