Top Ten Embarrassing Moments

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81 Getting a public hanging wedgie the day you wore your most embarrassing pair of underwear
82 Someone walking in on you in the bathroom
83 Your trunks come off in the swimming pool
84 Getting in trouble by the teacher with the whole class starring at you

I was like
Why are you all looking at me like I got two heads
I said that in my mind

85 Wiping your butt and getting poop on your hand
86 Being caught masturbating by 20 plus people

At my sweet 16 (I had forgotten it was) and I didn't know it but my mom was plan a surprise birthday party but I thought mom was at work when I got home as she normally is t apparently that day she got off early and was hiding with 6 of my family members including my grandma and 3 friends from school
They couldn't see m but they knew I was in the house however I didn't know this and immediately after walking into the door, took my skirt off exposing my panties, hey I need to have someway of relaxing after school I sit on the couch put my favorite show on and started rubbing myself after a minute I took my panties off and grabbed my dildo from under the couch which mom didn't know about at the time, and just as I got it halfway the whole group jumped up and got halfway through surprise when they saw the dildo halfway up my slit and me naked there long story short everybody saw me in glorious nudity and I never masturbate unless I'm in my room wit.h the door locked

87 Dressing in costume for a theme day at school on the wrong day
88 When you're caught singing

How I think I sing: Like Adele
How I really sing: Like a dying cat or steroids

89 Masturbating in a burger king bathroom
90 The person that you have a crush on being revealed at the worst possible moment
91 Losing your shoe
92 Erection in swimming class
93 Caught Watching My Little Pony

Oh How Embarrassing That Would Be

94 Caught Watching Barney The Dinosaur
95 Using BonziBuddy
96 Talking about adolescence with your dad
97 Thinking out loud V 2 Comments
98 Trying to get an autistic kid to stop taking your stuff

I'm autistic and I only steal your things if you say stuff like this to me - Ihateschool

Whoever added this is sick. So disrespectful.

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