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Mario is the main character in the Mario Bros. Franchise, who was created by the creative director and video game designer at Nintendo of Japan, Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario has appeared in almost every Mario Game, including spinoff series, as a playable character, with few exceptions including New Super more.


He's not JUST a character. He's Nintendo's mascot. And when you're dedicated to a company like that, you KNOW you're in for some serious action. And Link may hold a sword, but Mario has the ability to shoot fireballs, grow twice his own size and even take the wheel in a race. A RACE. Link... Um... Stops an evil pig. Nothing special, just a pig. Now Mario, on the other hand, fights a FIRE BREATHING DRAGON while STOMPING HIS ENEMIES TO DEATH and eating leaves that turn him into a half fox. Tell me how a swordsman can be better that. And for masongilbert74 above, Mario doesn't just found Nintendo. He DEFINES Nintendo. I have nothing else to say, so yeah, I'm done.

Can Link eat a mushroom and go through puberty in a split second? I don't think so. Can Link get various powers like shooting fireballs to making clouds from thin air? Nah. Link may be an amazing character, Mario is revolutionary.

Without Mario, there would be no Mario Kart, Mario Party, Paper Mario, Mario Tennis, etc. Without Link, there would be no... Archery Training.

Mario > Link.

Mario is the best hero ever! He has got it all. He is strong, he is smart, he is fast, he is good at golf, good at driving, good at tennis, good at everything, and he also got a moustache. There are many other great Nintendo characters but Mario is the one that your grandparents know about. He is the only video game character who is mentioned in TV quizzes. He has sold the most games ever. He is the most famous cartoon character if you think about the fact that he has been famous for about 20 years. I only buy games with Mario. I am born in the 80's so he is the greatest character now and forever!

Mario is not just the hero of the world he is also a doctor dr Mario and link is some little kid with a dumb little sword that an old guy gave him to trim a stupid guy made out of earth well Mario is a hero who has the best jump ever ever seen the Mario trophy in super smash bros ill read both the dr Mario one and the Mario one ok this is the Mario one as iconic as iconic gets this gaming celebrity is known for saving the world from Bowser he's got amazing jumping skills and makes use of a wide range of transformations in his free time he plays too many sports to count in smash bros he's a well-rounded fighter you can rely on say it with me its-a me Mario that's what it said now for doctor Mario in a 1990 puzzle game dr Mario Mario threw on a white coat and decided to take a shot at the whole medicine thing in this game he's a balanced fighter who can throw megavitamin capsules and nimbly deflect blows with his suoer sheet he's not quite as quick as normal Mario but his attacks deal a ...more

Greatest fictional character of all time, makes the best games, and Mario is the most bad*ss video game character ever! I don't care what the list says, I know in my heart that Mario will always be the number 1 character of anything. You can say Link deals with more threatening enemies all you want, but I think Bowser is the most bad*ss video game villain of all time.
Finally, my favorite Nintendo characters in order are:
1. Mario
2. Kirby
3. Bowser

Yoshi, Luigi, and Link are great, but I can't decide an order outside the top 3...

Mario is the best

He is the best in Brawl and in the other parts too.
He is very strong and can do many things.
He have the best counter side special and all other attacks are very good

In other games Mario is unbeatable, so he is the best.

Mario Is better than Link. Link has his masterpiece game, the ocarina of time, and as good as a game it is, it's his ONLY masterpiece. Mario is a video game character with SEVERAL MASTERPIECES, and not only that, his games will forever be in our hearts, because they are the very best, and say what you want. Link saved HYRULE. Mario saved billions and billions of galaxies from Bowser. Now, which sounds more heroic?

Mario can beat all, he defines gaming and he is the best of the
Mario can do all things, with weapon or without, Mario is
Very strong and not beatable.
In many games and for example, in Mario Stiker Charged,
With his special item he is unstoppable.

Mario is literally the mascot of Nintendo link should not be first, it's not that I don't like link but, I mean Mario is so likable, he can shoot fire out of his hand, he's beaten a incredibly powerful dragon countless times and is one of the most original Nintendo characters. In Odyssey his hat can make him turn into a Trex and he always has his friends right behind him, princess peach, Yoshi, toad, and especially Luigi and many more characters.

Mario is what mostly represents nintendo. He's like the sonic of sega. I mean you know the game mario and sonic at the london or winter or whatever games, its not link and sonic, its mario and sonic. Links definitely great, but compared to mario he's only number 2.

Mario is way stronger than link, because Mario can carry a 200 billion pound castle. Link can never do that. Mario have super strength and has the power to control fire without a fire flower. Link has a sword that can be burned by fire. Mario CAN SO BEAT LINK WITHOUT A FIRE FLOWER.

Link isn't good, only vote for Mario.
He is the best and he can beat all.
He is the best in every game.

Mario forever,
Italia forever.

Mario is awesome. He has been in practically anything. You name it, he has done it, whether is driving, flying, playing soccer, going to outer space, to even board games. Link, has been in much less. Anyone can get into Mario, no matter who you are. You have just got to love him.

In my opinion I think Mario should be #1. For one he had the best selling games for Nintendo like donkey kong or like super Mario 64. I was surprised to see link up at 1 but I'm not mad at you other people have their own opinions.

Really? Link is number 1? He does not nearly have as much appeal and popularity as the KING of Nintendo and the SAVIOR of the video game industry, Mario! Link is completely overrated... Vote Mario!

Screw you link your not better Mario is the best and always will be

Mario totally deserves the number 1 spot. He's Nintendo's mascot! Link only uses his sword. On the other hand, Mario has DIFFERENT abilities! The game Donkey Kong has been number 1 since 1981 to 2005. Did Link do that? I don't think so!

Even though I just started playing Nintendo games I've read up on most of the other series and in my opinion without Mario WE WOULD NOT HAVE VIDEO GAMES. After a really bad game (E.T. ) nobody wanted anything to do with video games, then Nintendo came up with the idea that saved video games for everyone. Almost all the video games had nameless characters, it was just a spaceship shooting aliens, so Nintendo gave a name to what would turn out to be Nintendo most cherished icons, Mario!

You can't let a kid in green robes be higher up than the original! Mario rules!

Mario is my favorite video game icon ever he's the coolest and best and I believe there should a new animated show about him called super Mario show hosted by Charles martainet with episodes based on popular movies like superman lord of the rings Jurassic park justice league power rangers and the scorpion king with highly stylized animation and it would be so cool

No Offense to link, But if Mario never came to be where would link be?

Mario is THE MAIN Nintendo CHARACTER! Nintendo says Mario is by far the greatest Nintendo character ever made! He is the Nintendo Mascot!

Don't get me wrong, number 2 is fine. But for MARIO?! HOW?! Mario has been Nintendo's icon since the early 80s'. Come ON! How can you NOT rank Mario number 1?

A lot of people will say Mario is just a childish character made for 8-year old games, I say it's WRONG. Mario can be so badass and it just has to be the best Nintendo character : It's literally its mascot!

Please stop complaining about Mario being number 2... I know he saved gaming and is more popular, but that doesn't mean he's better as a character... I mean, how can you put a fat Italian plumber with an annoying voice and no personality higher than Link, the legendary hero of Hyrule? Don't get me wrong, I love Mario's games, and Super Mario Galaxy is my second favourite game of all time, behind Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but I'm sick of people saying "Link sucks, Mario is number 1! " or things like that... in all honesty, Link > Mario...