Top Ten Reasons to Live

Many people have different meanings of life...What's yours?

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1 To Love

Life's glory, life's pain and life's favorite prospect. The one thing everyone vies for whether its from family, friends or a companion. As twisted a person may be or wont admit it, we all want the same thing. Compassion and the feeling of knowing your wanted.

Love is the greatest thing of all time. Praising the Lord simply comes with love. Love is the essence of life, the ultimate key to happiness. Love is the dance of eternity and is everyone's favorite thing in existence. Love endures all things. - moose4life19

I love someone. You won't know who. But I do. And guess what? It makes you so happy. It is what God wanted all of us to find. Love. So beautiful.

It's a mystery we all need to solve. - Sugoi

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2 Family

They annoy you but deep down you couldn't live without it. - PotBellyPup

people won't exist if they do not have families. - che91_pangit

3 To Travel
4 Enjoy all those little moments that make life what it is

The good things that happen everyday, because bar a few things, everything is little, but it always has a reason for happening.

5 To explore universe
6 Praise God

Stop preaching your religion at us. It's annoying and bigoted

Why this again. Dammit come on.

Whatever you believe in, Belive with all heart. that's what I just said.

Love comes from God, God invented love. Also, the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever, that in itself is enough proof for me. - CaptainComedy17

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7 To enjoy sex, drugs, and rock n roll

You literally have no life.

The fact that people enjoy drugs and unsafe sex just make me sad about what this world has become. It makes me want to commit the opposite of living. - RockFashionista

Yeah life is about having fun not living siting in a desk. Go out and do something new.

Okay, maybe not drugs as much (it can kill you), but I would think the rest are well deserving...

So why not drugs? Anything can kill you, and everyone dies. They are not to be taken lightly due to there addictive nature however if they are taken responsibility they can actually help someone's mental state. People need to take responsibility for themselves and let others do the same. if you don't want to put something in your body that's completely up to you. But don't try and tell others they can't, it's none of your business. People need to grow up and legalize everything!

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8 Music
9 Being able to do things
10 World of Warcraft

Best game ever

This game took half of my life its pefect

You idiot

:/ why?

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11 Fresh Air
12 Just to Live Life

in life your going to have your great moments and your bad. but the greatest gift of life is life itself without life we can't do what were doing now. waiting for tool or have friends or your day to day things. the greatest gift of life is life itself

13 So the mutant hillbillies don't win

Dam those mutant hillbillys


k then

14 Because we were born

Why do I find this reason very interesting and convincing?

Or u were an accident

I agree with this comment because it speaks of something natural such as being born, being born is the first step in living.

15 Listen to Metallica


If your gonna listen to a band might as well listen to the best band on earth before you go. I also agree with the one with tool and rush too. - jake33

16 To Not Die

To not die it is interesting, live forever and know everything new about your surroundings, earth, technology, science, some new laws, etc. Just think who good it is to live from one century to other.

Might kinda be important. - anonymous

I should live to not die. Congrats! You won an Oscar!

17 To be remembed

I say that I want to be famous. I know there is very little chance, but it's still possible. Sally Ride got a 1 in a 1000 chance into NASA and now she is remembered always by people? Can we be the same? - AnonymousChick

To be remember is the most important thing to me. I move a lot, 3 or 4 times a year and it scars me to know that one day they won't remember me. To not be remember to me is like everything you do in life, was a waste.

I plan to work for NASA when I grow up. I want to make a discovery so amazing in astronomy, people will remember me for centuries. - RockFashionista

18 Friends

Seriously some friends are crap but the others are by your side CONSTANYLY, even in the bad parts

one of the most important things in my life..i wouldnt change my friends for my boyfried..i believe in real friendship

Yes, the TV show is worth it.
I know thats not what its refering to. - Flixsy

They are my reason.. Knowing people need me.

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19 Money

love it

These reasons are all crap

On the titanic, some guy was willing to give 100s of dollars to get on a boat and the other guy was like really? What the hell am I gonna do with that now?!


20 To live life on the edge, to make the most of everything

to make any moment full of life and to make friends and make people laugh and play sport and do crazy stuff and get into fights (not much fighting) and do all of it while your young and get drunk at parties and get a girlfriend/boyfriend and be happy about it, work good in school if your not smart who cares go to tafe or get into pro sport or both and earn more money than nerds, or not its just money! listen to AC/DC and get a cool car if you can. live extreme and get a dog and be Aussie! - THEMASTER

thats why when I see people who spend their whole life getting a false sense of accomplishment off of playing videogames... I feel really bad for them - Okami

Riskin' it For the Biscut!

21 To accomplish your wildest dreams

live to reach the goals in your life! pull a "walk to remember" & make a list of the things you would love to do in your lifetime! and live to cross those dreams off your list after you accomplish them!

If I had any dreams I wouldn't consider suicide

This should be higher. My dream is to be a children's author "😀

22 To Touch the Lives of Others

The I only thing I wanna touch is yo mama

23 Listen to Rush
24 To Get to Heaven

That's our main purpose here on Earth. - afeldman21

What if it doesn't exist

All other reasons I've read are only temporary.

25 The Future

This is a BIG reason I haven't killed myself yet. To see the technology of the future. But I think I was born in the most PERFECT time in history for many, many reasons, even though I do kinda still want to live in the 80's. - RockFashionista

Technology and climate change issues make the future really interesting. The longer we are alive, the more of the future will be ours. - rsahorn

26 Waiting For Tool Albums

can't die while they're in studio

27 Take over the world

As a mutant hillbillie I want control

28 To make a difference in life

We all have our own beliefs however my beliefs make me feel that my best reason to live is to do something that will be favourably remembered for generations to come. We are only on this planet once and to touch so many would be the pinnacle achievement. - wizardryuk

To leave a mark on this planet, To change the way people think, To strive for something more. Without people with this mindset, We'd still be in the stone age.

29 To See a Child Smiling at You

... And all those magical moments when you think "Hey, life is worth it". Includes loving - lover, friends, family, somebody you look at in the street and makes you feel happy, who ever! - and being loved. These are the things that make you believe truly in Love, Humanity, Trust, Happiness ... Life.

One of the best rewards in life is having a child and making them happy...

30 When it is dark enough, you can see the stars!

I don't know but I liked this one the most

31 So others can compare their life to yours and they feel better

Lol my reason to live

32 To listen to Linkin Park

Dying would be tragic without ever listening to LP. I will always love them and they will always be the greatest band eva. - lukestheman4

33 Life is Beautiful

You're exactly right... who'd want to miss all the beautiful things in life to face darkness?

34 Heavy Metal

Like it's at least two tons

35 Listen to Queen

Whenever I feel depressed I listen to bohemian rhapsody of queen and that makes me little happy

They make such wonderful songs, so beautiful and meaningful. Every song has such great passion. Amazing. - Flomania69

36 Listen to Bon Jovi
37 You are beautiful

Beauty is an opinion

38 Your dog would totally miss you

That's fully tubular my broski.

Well, mine wouldn’t, but that’s beside the point. He would miss barking at me and jumping on me though. It’s pretty entertaining. For him.

39 To Procreate
40 To Kill Panic at the Disco!


41 Hoping one day you can become a celebrity
42 To teach people and devote yourself to The higher cause

Show them how you see the world and let the show you theirs.

» Then of course, become Batman and safe Gotham. :D

43 Hope

Maybe there's more to life.

44 To listen to Eminem
45 To kill those who kill. To punish and enslave those who punish and enslave. To obliterate those who destroy whats beautiful.

I wish I could be apart of something like this but I wouldn't know how to be and probably wouldn't even be any help - Lucielle

46 The holiday season

no matter who you are, this is the best time of year

47 Watch as many movies as possible
48 To set goals and then do them no matter how little
49 To Listen to Christmas Music

If we don’t listen to Christmas music what are we striving for

50 So we don't have to watch our future family make dumb decisions
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