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1 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty.

Firestar is the best kittypet /apprentice/warrior /mentor/leader in all the clans. Instead of just caring for his own clan he helps all the clans. I mean, which other cat could of reconstructed skyclan. I know he appenticed brambleclaw, but I can't remember the tons of other cats he trained. He is most loyal to thunderclan, but he is also somewhat loyal to the other clans as well. Al I have to say is go firestar.

He also mentored cinderpelt when she was an apprentice before the accident and cloudtail

Firestar was the best cat in all the clans he saved everyone's tails the place of no stars would have risen without him LONG LIVE FIRESTAR '. ,. No cats fate is better than firestar's. He was more powerful than a twoleg's car.. Squrrielflight, Sandstorm, Cloudtail, Leafpool, and many cats more miss firestar so. Even thought he's in starclan you know.. The clans will grieve over his grave and pray to starclan that he is safe. He fought to the very end. Even thought a bad bend, all cats fight in his memory Long live firestar!.. Not the greatest poem but it will do and a new books coming out in2014 called Bramblestar's storm

Seriously? Why was firestar 11th? Well now he's 10th... But I'm still mad... I love you firestar!

He is not stuck up, he always tries to do what is right and is actually very humble for a cat of his achievements, I disagree with the other reply to this comment. - Songwind

BEST. CAT. EVER. I agree 100% that he should be at the top of this list. Without him, the books would have never existed - Dovestar of Morningclan

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2 Jayfeather Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

In the beginning, he was quite whiny. And I wanted to give him a nice slap in the face when he rejected Brigthheart. But he developed the most (visually, Hollyleaf was in the tunnels) out of the Three. He grew to respect others, and just accept the fact he couldn't live the life his siblings lived. I laughed out loud at very retort or snap he made. "Yeah, let's just group up all the useless cats and hope a tree falls on them! " "Next, you'll be telling me that fresher mice taste juicer than stale ones! " Also, I don't mind his stubbornness. I found it hilarious in The Forgotten Warrior when he got caught in a bramble and Ivypool knew not to help, or when he practically tried to murder Brambleclaw for carrying him down the waterfall. (Also, all the times someone pointed out his blindness... My sides hurt afterwards. "Why are his eyes all stare-y? ")
But just reading from Jayfeather's perspective, when he has to rely on scent, smell, taste, and touch is pretty unique. I find it cool ...more

At first, I hated him. I only saw his awful and grumpy behavior. I found him to be way OP but then something clicked. After 4 books or so I finally started appreciating him and how he has his reasons for being how he is. He lost so much in his life, such as his dream to be a warrior, his whole family turned out to be a lie, and he found out he had been born again, also remembering that the cat he loved had died in ancient history. Can you not feel sorry for him? Sad things aside, if anyone's saying that he doesn't make the best dialogue in the series, they're lying. I can remember so, so, so many times I laughed out loud for his rudeness and grumpyness and smart remarks! Amazing! He is a great medicine cat, even if he needed help from Leafpool and Brightheart sometimes (it really isn't surprising since he lost his mentor very early). He is my favourite Warriors character with his flaws and good parts.

At the beginning of the series " The Power Of Three " he was extremely whiney and all he did was moan at poor Brightheart. But as the series went on his character developed a lot and he realised he had to stick with his destiny and live his life as a medicine cat. In the fourth series I actually found him very funny and I laughed every time he snapped at someone. Quotes he made like " Let's round up all the useless cats and hope a tree falls on them," made my sides hurt! Plus, his relationship with Half Moon was sweet! He is one of my favourite cats in the fourth series and he is just awesome!

"Stick" with his destiny. I think I love him because of his relationship with that stick. - SpyroZap99

A love able cat after you get through the retortsand snaps, though I think he is a little overreactive.

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3 Yellowfang Yellowfang

So many secrets surrounding her! She was the secret of the series! Erins, how did you get the awesome idea of a grizzly she cat who fell in love with Raggedstar and was prepared to risk her position into the clan for him? Then Brokenstar exiles Yellowfang when she's done no wrong. I hope she was happier in Thunderclan than Shadowclan, because I love her. - Mousefur17

Yellowfang deserves second! She's hilariously grumpy, tough talked, snarky, short tempered, snappy, but then again a very good mother and very sweet! Some people are dumb and call her ugly but I think she's very pretty and amazingly beautiful in the inside! I cried so hard when she died! Go Yellowfang!

She had a REALLY tough life and I don't think she deserved to have BrokenTAIL (he doesn't deserve to be called Brokenstar) as her son. I HATE LIZARDSTRPE! She doesn't deserve her death this way and a good warrior has diffculties and problems. Even if she has a bad temper sometimes.

Yellowfang... best name, spirit, and skills ever!

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4 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

I LOVE Hollyleaf more than any other character, even her brothers. She was the most misunderstood cat in the whole series. When she was trapped behind the wall of fire and found out that her birth had broken two codes, medicine and warrior, she was devastated. Ashfur was determined to kill one of the cats Squirrelflight loved most because she chose Brambleclaw over him. He tried to kill Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather because of his jealousy. Hollyleaf was fiercely protective of her brothers and wanted to keep them safe, no matter what. She didn't mean to kill Ashfur, she just meant to keep him from hurting her littermates. She went to attack him and he fell into the river. She knew she couldn't help him, not now- she can't swim! She felt guilty for what she had done and ran away into the tunnels. She came back to her clan just in time for the Dark Forest battle and died saving Ivypool from the savage claws of Hawkfrost. If you people don't consider that loyalty and bravery, I ...more

I am one of the rare people who love both Hollyleaf and Leafpool. For all those people who hate Hollyleaf or Leafpool or both, try putting yourself in their shoes, I respect your opinion and that, but seriously, you guys are so judgemental. Leafpool knew that she had to stay with her clan and that it would be selfish for her to care for her kits, she couldn't care for her clan entirely, when she had to care for kits. Imagine what that would feel like, you had to give up your children, I probably wouldn't be as strong and faithful as Leafpool and would have done the selfish thing and ran away with them. Also, another note, you can't choose who you fall in love with, whether it's from your own clan or it's from a different clan, in Warriors the couples very rarely ever meet. Now, moving onto my favourite character, Hollyleaf. Some people look at Hollyleaf as being a coward or being selfish because she ran into the tunnels to escape and they believe that Hollyleaf ran away to avoid ...more

A fierce, strong female character with the strongest love for their religion we've seen so far. She is overall interesting, but so sad too. Can you imagine a person who's dedicated their whole life to their religion finding out they were born a sin? Yeah. That is very bad. No wonder she panicked so badly and did what she did. Both of her deaths made me cry and I really feel like her death wasn't necessary. Why would she even be brought back to the series just to die in the next book? That really disappointed and saddened me. Some people hate her because she killed Ashfur. Well, while I find that quite understandable, can you blame her for being so treathened by him? He wanted to destroy Squirrelflight's and her kits' lives just because Squirrelflight wanted to be just friends? He really was a bad friend for her if you think about it: She was having rough time with her mate so she wanted closeness from a friend. Ashfur made her feel better, but then when his feelings weren't returned ...more

At first I didn’t really like her but yeah she’s cool. - Firemist

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5 Cinderpelt Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart.

She shouldn't have died! But she was reborn as Cinderheart, one of Sorreltail's kits. She was gonna be a warrior, but that lazy excuse for a cat Tigerstar had to come and ruin it all! No offense, Tigerstar fans. No one can disagree that she was in love with Firestar. She had a horrible and noble death, trying to help Sorreltail as she gave birth to her kits during the badger attack. She was KILLED by a BADGER! What worse death could there be than THAT?!?! Badgers are officially my least favorite animals.
She was amazing and brave and died the noblest of all deaths (besides Firestar). Stupid badgers! Anyone's mouse brained if they don't think Cinderpelt was the best medicine cat. I love you Cinderpelt!

Cinderpelt is my second favorite medicine cat. Leafpool is my favorite cause she is my favorite character.

I feel bad for her as well Tigerstar had to set that trap for her...

She is an amazing cat. I don't see why Firestar is first, but she's not. She is deserving of a better place on this list. My favorite medicine cat. She had a great knowledge of herbs, and she was even wise enough for StarClan to tell her that her death was coming. They knew she wouldn't panic, and she knew she had to do one final deed for her Clan before her death - bring back Leafpool. And when her final moments were in session, she didn't panic. She had a sad and heartbreaking conversation with Leafpool, and she was deserving of a second life. Not many cats get this reward - this just goes to show how great of a cat she was. Firestar should stop hogging all the spotlight, Cinderpelt deserves it more. I know leaders are popular, but don't medicine cats get some attention? And you never really paid good attention to leaders other then Firestar. I think Bluestar is a great cat, and so is Thunder. Firestar is the only cat in the series who recives lots of attention. Cinderpelt is ...more

I felt bad when she was hit on the thunder path Tigerstar can die (oh wait he is dead lol) but she is cinderheart now. Cinderpelt is one of my favorites!

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6 Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan

Bluestar was an amazing leader with all the right qualities such as fairness and kindness. She went through so much as a young cat, losing her mother, losing Mosskit, not being able to be with Oakheart, giving her kits away, been almost murdered by her Tigerstar and drowning to her death. She was the one that brought Firestar to the Forrest and without her doing that the Forrest would be gone.

I completely agree with you! The person who gave the reply obviously was WRONG and she had a horrible life. She just snapped. She had the second worse life. Mapleshade being first. that's why Mapleshade was a bit coocoo in the head. Both she cats snapped! - Catsarah123

One of my favorite cats. She was noble and brave. I feel so bad for her, she went through so much! I know she was a grump and was rude and selfish after the battle with Windclan and Moonflower had died, (I hate you, Hawkheart), but really, who could blame her? She was an apprentice and her mother had died! I do not believe it was her fault that Snowfur had died, even though she had upset her and caused her to leave. They both had no idea a monster was there, but I still don't understand why she had to run out onto the Thunderpath. Bluestar also had to experience the death of Mosskit. Poor, poor, kit. If she lived and became a warrior, I think her warrior name would be Mossheart. Bluestar also had to give away her kits, (I really think she should've kept them until greenleaf, but she did the right thing because she knew that Thistleclaw would've destroyed Thunderclan.) I felt really bad for her when she heard that Oakheart had died, (at the beginning of Into the Wild), and when she ...more

Bluestar is amazing. My favorite is her and firestar but firestar is already first. Bluestar (my opinion) was the best leader in all of the books (and firestar) and she brang firestar and mentored him, and look how great firestar became. By the way how is she 9th. She is kind loyal, and strong. She gave up everything, to help and defend her clan. I can go on and on on how loyal she is, and amazing, guys PLEASE vote for her!

She is so powerful and wise. I love her so much.

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7 Graystripe Graystripe

Graystripe is mine! I love him to death, he and Hawkheart. I love both Firestar and Graystipe, but Firestar honestly got I bit boring dying the 2nd 3rd and 4th series, but he's still a great cat, and I hate most Firestar haters! (Except @waffle_kitty on Instagram) Bur Graystripe remained awesome through all the books, even though I HATE HATE HATE Millie, Graystripe is still awesome. (Doesn't it just bother you that Millie didn't choose a warrior name? ) I love Graystripe, he's the BEST. CAT. EVER. !

Graystripe was definitely one of the funniest, most cheerful characters in the series and probably the most funny one too! He was very likeable and caring in all of the books even if he didn't get the spotlight almost at all after he disappeared. The only thing I didn't like about him was his new choice of a mate. Now, I haven't read the manga, but I found everything about Millie unlikeable, starting from her name and how she completely forgot about her two other kits when one became disabled. In my headcanon, Graystripe likes her so much because she reminds him of Silverstream. And no, I don't even ship that.

Ever since Firestar first met him in the forest, I admired Graystripe's courage to attack him and not give up. He was the friendliest cat to Firestar when he first joined ThunderClan, and the two became the best of friends. When his first mate Silverstream died while giving birth to his kits, it made me so sad. Luckily, he found love again with Millie, who bore him three more wonderful kits. He is a determined and experienced warrior that had no interest in becoming an elder. He wanted to serve his clan until the end, but he ends up joining the elders with his fellow friend Sandstorm.

I like graystripe because he gave so much for his clan

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8 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf

I feel like Spottedleaf had a lot of potential, but she just turned out one of Firestar's lovers. She could've been so much more, but the writers didn't let her. She obsesses over Firestar even when she's dead and was old enough to be his mom. And it's just creepy by then. Spottedleaf was nice and firm when she had to be, and I cried when she died for the second time, but she just could've been so much more. She's no where near my Top 10 Favorites list, personally.

Come now people where is Spottedleaf she deserves to be at least top 15! She was so sweet but died so horribly. Mouse rained Mapleshade and Clawface! I hope she hunts well in Starclan... Even though she has faded... *SPOILER ALERT*

Spottedleaf really deserves to be on the top ten list, maybe even switch with Yellowfang; I mean, I love Yellowfang, but I love Spottedleaf more. She shouldn't have died the first or the second time. Curse you Mapleshade is right. She ruin EVERYTHING. Spottedleaf should've been there to welcome Firestar to Starclan like she promised. "I love you Spottedleaf, May Starclan light your path, wherever you are..."

SHE SHOULD BE THE FIRST! CURSE YOU MaPlEsHaDe! HATE you CLAWFACE! FIRESTAR HAD A CRUSH ON HER! She did so much for the clan! She and Hollyleaf were my favorite, and they both DIED! CURSE YOU ERIN HUNTER! (except she is a great author, but she kills all my favorite characters! Like willowbreeze! -also mapleshade's fault.

Thank you for writing that I copied this because it is very true MAPLESHADE you ruin EVERYTHING! Crookedstar's entire life!

Adorable she-cat, and if she was stiff alive firepaw/heart/star would love it

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9 Brambleclaw


Even though Brambleclaw's father was a horrible traitor he stayed strong and loyal even when Tigerstar wanted him to kill Firestar he almost did but he stayed strong that's what I love about Brambleclaw

Brambleclaw all the way! Why is he not in the top 10?! He should be number 1 and more! Even though that doesn't really make sense but whatever! Brambleclaw is the best cat ever!


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10 Squirrelflight

How is Squirrelflight not on the list or in fact, even on the list? She's an awesome character! At first she was just stubborn and annoying but she grew into a loyal, strong, amazing character. She loves her sister so much she's willing to, 1) not tell ANYONE that Leafpool broke the warrior code, and 2) raise Leafpool's kits. She's a fantastic character, and she deserved to just live a long, happy life. But, she chose the path which was harder, but right, and got punished for it. How is that not admirable? She's a loyal and brave cat and she deserves to be high up on this list!

She doesn't deserve to be punished just because she lied. She only did it to help her sister and her kits. Brambleclaw shouldn't have thrown squirrelflight away just because she did something that was best choice she could make, and never intended to hurt anyone. - powerwow101

I love squirrelflight. She is stubborn and brave and I love her! Brambleclaw shouldn't have did this to her just because she helped her sister! She and brambleclaw should get back together and have real kits.

Squirrelflight is the best warrior cat. Sure, she was annoying and a know-it-all when she was an apprentice, but she is an awesome character! She grew up to be mature and kind, and now she is totally acing the job of being a deputy. I like how I got to see her grow, and mature. EVERYONE! VOTE FOR SQUIRRELFLIGHT!

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11 Ivypool Ivypool

I KNOW! She and Hollyleaf are my favourite cats EVER! She should have a mate, just saying. And I hate how everyone pairs her with Hawkfrost and Tigerheart. IT IS NOT RIGHT! Personally I think she should go with Foxleap. I don't like how the Erins made her bitter and jealous of Dovewing although I understand why she was, I think she deserved to be the Forth

I think Ivypool was stuck up and rude at the beginning because Dovewing always seemed to get more attention when they were apprentices. But as I read on, Ivypool became one of my favorite cats, because she risked her life spying on the dark cruel and evil warriors of the Dark Forest. She betrayed them, fighting for the clans, and she knew that Hawkfrost would kill her in a heart beat. I hope she dies a noble warrior death. (Not that I want her to die, but her death should be majestic and noble)

I like Ivypool because if feel like she is selfless and puts others before herself an example of her doing so is when she risked her life spending time finding out what they were planning even though she could have been killed, I also like that even when she felt like Dovewing was better than her she kept away her feelings she may have been bitter but she never said anything to Dovewing about her feelings also, plus she never judged a book by its cover, when Blossomfall joined the dark forest she didn't judge her she took in consideration what would've made her do something like that and when Blossomfall was depressed in the tunnels and told Ivypool That "Millie wouldn't even care if I died" Ivypool told Blossomfall that she thought Millie did love her and that she probably didn't pay attention to her because of Briarlight because Briarlight was hurt, you may not feel the same way about her but I think she is a very good cat and certainly my favorite character and if you don't feel ...more

I love how she treads so carefully in between light and darkness. She could be murdered every night but she chooses to spy for her clan

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12 Whitestorm

Whitestorm was loyal brave wise and kind he would have made one of the best leaders ever known he trusted starclan and the warrior code he went through hardships like bluestar starting to go insane his bloodclan they don't deserve to be called a clan and most of all losing his mother

He was loyal and kind, selfless and brave. I cried when he died. He followed the warrior code and cared more about being a good, loyal cat than he did about power. He was always helpful and caring. I love Whitestorm, he's one of the best warriors ever. He reminds me of one of my cats as well. - pandagirl

He was a great deputy he fought well even though his mother died when he was young. He was killed by Bone sadly

I have always loved Whitestorm! And his mate, Willowpelt.

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13 Brackenfur

Brackenfur was so sweet! I hated it when Sorreltail passed, and he was devastated. He was so sweet to Sorreltail as a mate, so loyal and obedient and supportive to Fireheart/star, and very understanding when Graystripe dumped his apprenticeship. Speaking of apprentices, how sweet was he, and so responsible! And so, so awesome to Cinderpelt, saying he'll be a warrior for both of them... I love Brackenfur!

You are amazing Brackenfur you are so brave. Also kind you are one of the best cats ever

He's the best OF ALL THE WARRIORS CATS! - WaffleyPelt57


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14 Silverstream Silverstream

Gentle, wise, strong, kind, and brave, she is my favorite warrior cat and she should be number 1, not 18. She would have made a great leader too, and would have followed in Crookedstar's pawsteps had she survived her messed-up kitting.

Oh I really really like silverstream. She is so kind beautiful and saved graystripe even though he was from a different clan. I an so sad she died! But she'll live in star clan forever and when the time comes she will be with graystripe again.

#1 warrior cat of all time, she deserves to be the best not 13! She is such a sweet cat who saved Graystripe from drowning even though he was from another clan plus they just met at the time.
You can find that part in warriors book #2 Fire and ice I think I have not read it for a while.

The person who called her fat and ugly is wornge

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15 Crookedstar

I felt so bad for this cat. One by one, he watched all of his family die, and it was all because of the sorry excuse for a cat, Mapleshade. I also hate Goosefeather, who scared him when he was a kit and made him have his accident in the first place. Rainflower seemed to reject him as soon as she realized that he would have a broken jaw. She could've at least shown a little more emotion towards him. I believe she should've encouraged him, to not care what others thought about his appearance. But instead, she completely ignored him and didn't talk to him because of his JAW. Poor Crookedstar.

Sorry for The crooked jaw! I hate you GOOSEFEATHER! You dare to make him like that! I HATE MAPLESHADE THE MOST. She lied to him! I don't like his mother... Somehow, I think its because she is always proud of Oakheart. Crookedstar is awesome!

Read Mapleshade's Vengeance. Mapleshade lost everything: her home, her mate, and her kits. I think she deserves a break from you Mapleshade haters. - RedTheGremlin

Because of his crooked jaw, his mother seemed to dislike him, though inside she still loved him. She is proud of Crookedstar, it's just that I think she went a little bit crazy after he broke his jaw. But after he did break his jaw, Mapleshade came to him, secretly seeking revenge. Crookedstar thought she was a StarClan cat, and promised her to always be loyal to his Clan. Though he was, Mapleshade still kept scolding him, and she caused his family's death. Yet, Crookedstar still managed to be a leader, and one of the wisest leaders of RiverClan

I think Crookedstar deserves to be higher on the list. He was such as awesome character, and I got attached to all the characters in Crookedstar's Promise.

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16 Lionblaze Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle . However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest .

In my opinion, Lionblaze went through the most during Omen of the Stars. In the first two books he's fine, and has a budding relationship with Cinderheart. Then, in the next book, he tells Cinderheart about the prophecy so she doesn't have to worry about him getting hurt, but it makes her think that she's not good enough for him. This is where Lionblaze starts to think that being part of the Three isn't such a good thing after all, and he wishes countless times to just be normal so he can be with Cinderheart. This makes him, to me at least, way more relatable as he struggles to try and find a balance between his duties towards the prophecy and normal cat life. It's definitely one of my favorite character arcs ever, and makes Lionblaze all the better for it.

In my opinion he was a HUGE Gary Stu, For Starclans sake he was basically INVINCIBLE and he was ok at times but I like Hollyleaf better she should have not been replaced by Dovewing just because Vicky couldn't come up with a power for her I could come up with a hundred powers anyways Ya he's a Gary Stu.

REALLY? The definition of a Gary-Stu is a character who is perfect. Lionblaze isn't perfect. He nearly began a half-clan relationship with Heathertail; he lost his powers eventually; he's a little bit whiny (but isn't every cat? ); he trained with Tigerstar for a period of time; and most of all, he KILLED dang old Russetfur. Gary-Stu's are perfect. They don't start half-clan relationships. They don't loose their powers. They aren't the least bit whiny. They always do what is right. And they most CERTAINLY do not kill people. And he didn't feel the need to hide his powers from his true love. Honestly, Lionblaze is the most likeable of the three; he didn't kill someone (on purpose) for a secret he was going to reveal later; he didn't whine about being different; he didn't hide in the tunnels for moons and moons for people to consider him dead; and he CERTAINLY didn't fuss over his mentor. Plus, he's the most loyal and affectionate of mates and fathers. In conclusion, Lionblaze is the ...more

He's cool, but his battles were unfair like Dovewing said - Leafshade

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17 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

She is truly a sweet cat. She always loved her job and tried to ignore the small feelings inside of her for Crowfeather. Then she is rescued by him and he has also been dealing with his love for her. He confesses and she is torn. After awhile she can't deal with it and starts meeting with him. She is tortured by her loyalty to the clan and her love. She makes the choice to leave with Crowfeather but comes back to save her clan. She arrives right when her mentor who she loved very much DIES IN FRONT OF HER SHREDDED TO PIECES. She knows she can not abandon her clan now that they have no medicine cat and Crowfeather and Leafpool break up. He then tries to prove his loyalty to his clan by taking a new mate. Putting Leafpool through much pain. She has his kits, and she gives them to her sister. She watches her sister raise the kits. Then they found out and hate her. Hollyleaf dies causing her grief while this happens, then Holly come back. Finally the kits forgive her. And this whole time ...more

Leafpool rules. People say they don't like he'd because she broke the warrior code, ran away with Crowfeather, blah blah blah. But seriously, it's not really her fault. She didn't really want to break the code. And in the end, she came back for her Clan and tried to forget about Crowfeather. They stopped meeting in secret, and they were only away for half a day. But her kits HATE her! That is totally unnecessary! And then Hollyleaf has to tell her secret at the Gathering? I thought you were loyal, Hollyleaf!

Okay, I really think Leafpool was awesome, and she gave up everything for her love. Sure, she broke the medicine cat code and the warrior code, but sometimes that's just the way it is. Why should she be blamed for love? I personally disagree with the medicine cat code that says they cannot have a mate or kits. Also, when did Hollyleaf try to poison Leafpool? I don't believe that ever happened. The only time I can remember Leafpool having anything to do with deathberries was when they tried to poison the snake with that mouse after Honeyfern died from the bite.


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18 Mapleshade Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.

Most people think that she is just as pointless and annoying as tigerstar, but COME ON! At least SHE had a reason to be evil!

I am not saying she should be number 1 or anywhere on that list I am just saying that she could at least be in the I don't know, top 50, a little lower but ya know

And I do see why people hate her, but than again in my opinion she makes a better villain than tigerstar

I have always loved Mapleshade since I read Crookedstar's promise. I recently read Mapleshade's Vengeance and now I love her even more! Quote: "Can you imagine what it feels like to be rejected twice when all you tried to do was love! " - Mapleshade

Personally, I don't hardly know anything about her, but I do know she lost everything she ever worked for; everything turning against her at once. And then people go on about how she was evil to the core! All creatures have a reason to be how they are.

Mapleshade wasn't bad at first, but why is her kits all trying to make her kill other cats? But also I hate Ravenwing of telling Thunderclan about the kits born in Riverclan. Curse you Ravenwing.

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19 Feathertail Feathertail

How is she not in the top 10? She should beat Brambleclaw/Star's place on the list at least. Why? She was a loyal and kind warrior, who stayed true to the quest even when things were tough. She was forced to see her families mentor killed, not to mention she practically grew up without a mother or father. All this and she still remained kind-hearted and sweet. When things seemed impossible in the mountains, she knew what was coming. For a Tribe of cats that she barely knew, for a Tribe of cats that took her brother captive...she saved them, even at the risk of her own safety. She deserves to be in the top 10.

another one of crowfeathers sad mates,

I was reading Moonrise and I was like 20 pages in and my best friend told me Feathertail dies and I never touched the book again. It was only until the end of the series that I went back and read it; I love Feathertail that much. I love you Feathertail! She was kind, warm-hearted, brave, and, just like her mother; had forbidden love. I liked how she went to Leafpool after she had her kits and encouraged her she was so kind to the she-cat that had the love of her life's kits!
We will never ever, forget this beautiful loving she-cat that gave up her life for a Tribe she barely knew. I love you Feathertail!

Feathertail died such an honorable death, and was polite to crowfeather even though he started getting annoying - Oliveleaf

Best warrior cat ever.

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20 Sandstorm

Sandstorm is honestly my #1 cat. She's amazing. She's so well developed and so strong. I love her with Firestar. It's stated in one of the books that she knows him better than any other cat (aka himself, spotted leaf, etc.) And overtime people tend to say she's "bossy" she's really just pushing Firestar in the direction she KNOWS his heart follows. She's strong and is able to hold her own. She took on so much for him and I'm happy they will be in StarClan together forever one day. They are truly perfect for each other and she's truly an extremely developed and great individual. She's so unappreciated it makes me sad. I think people will never get over how she was mean to Firestar when he first joined the Clan but it's called character development! She started seeing him differently after he saved her life.

Sandstorm is strict but can be very kindhearted at times!

Sandstorm always had something to say or do, she wasn't like an extra in the background that just stood there looking awkward. She loved Firestar and their kits fiercely, and I know she would've loved to have more. But she knew they couldn't because Firestar was busy. She put the thought aside and served the clan as if they were her kits. She's and amazing cat and brought happiness to Firestar after Spottedleaf died. She wasn't exactly harsh, but she was stubborn. She knew what to do, and didn't want to mess around. I love Sandstorm, although in the book Into the Wild, I thought she was rude. She was mean and snobby to Firepaw, but later as her character developed I found that she was one of my favorites. I LOVE YOU AND THE FACT THAT YOU SERVED YOUR CLAN TO THE END OF YOUR DAYS! THANK YOU SANDSTORM FOR GIVING FIRESTAR HAPPINESS!

HIHI I love sandystorm!

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21 Swiftpaw Swiftpaw

I honestly think that Erin Hunter killed Swiftpaw because they coudn't think of a warrior name for him. But he was still so brave to tackle the dogs! Bluestar, thanks a lot, you completely neglected the apprentices and made an innocent cat die! You're in our hearts forever, Swiftpaw.

He is truly awesome! I agree with one person, Erin hunter might have not think of a name for him. Bluestar is a horrible leader! I never even liked her like I like Firestar or Bramblestar! Bluestar should have been killed by the pack of dogs instead. Then Firestar could be leader, and Swiftpaw, As I like Swiftheart, Would still be alive.

Okay warrior name: Swiftfang/scrape. He was brave till the end. Come on people! What did Swiftpaw ever do to you? All he wanted was to be made a warrior! It wasn't his fault Bluestar went insane! He never even got the chance to tell Brightheart how he felt about her; they would've been perfect. It could've been really cool if his leg had been ripped off; but he survived that would've been interesting; right? kind of gross, but still. Swiftpaw rocks!

I have a oc named Swiftstar, leader of Thunderclan. It's hilarious, because I was named that from Swiftpelt Deputy of Thunderclan to SwiftSTAR I didn't know of Swiftpaw. Also, my oc Swiftstar looks so similar almost exact to Swiftpaw.

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22 Ravenpaw Ravenpaw

I'm in Long Shadows right now. I haven't seen Ravenpaw in a long time. Where is he!? To bad he had to leave! Stupid Tigerstar. He will always be my favorite warriors cat Evan if he is not a popular cat right now. I loved when him, Fireheart/heart and Graystripe went on their journey to save the kits. Them three were the best of friends!

I'm going to cry. Why is Ravenpaw all the way down here?! He's the best, because he had to go through so much, and constantly had the threat of being murdered by someone who is supposed to be around him a lot, and that the Leader trusts! I wish Ravenpaw stayed, but I'm also glad he left because he turned into the strong little cat he is today. =)

What in the world happened to Ravenpw?! He should be higher! A LOT higher! How dare you people put him here?!?!

He reminds me of Deku from My Hero Acadaimea (I hope I spelled it right) for some reason

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23 Scourge Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

Had a great story. A little tiny kitten that ended up becoming very dark. After reading the manga you really sympathize for scourge. Sure he's twisted, but that's what made him a great character.

I hate scourge. He was to harsh on violet/ Barley. Go die in a hole scourge - Leaftail

Before I explain a really long paragraph; I have three words:
He set out to kill the Clans! He killed Tigerstar, (the only good thing he did), and then he tried to kill Firestar! I hate how he made Firestar lose a life, but I know fighting and death just happens. I know he was rejected when he was a kit because of his size, but he could've at least found something better to do than sit ther scheming about how he wanted to kill his tormentors. He lied to all of the twolegplace cats about the dog, and he used them. I hate Scrouge until the end of time! I'm so glad he died in the end. I also hate how he cared about his appearance. I think the collar studded with dog teeth was disgusting, and I hate how he tried to act scary. For example, Crookedstar. His jaw was broken. Did he hide it? No, he embraced it! Again, I hate how Scrouge tried to act scary. Who cares about names? He should've kept the name Tiny. His mother gave it to him for a reason and loved him so, but he ...more

Scourge had such a sad life he is the cat loki I can't believe he's own uncle killed him he is firestar's sisters son I love that scourge died for his beliefs I love scourge and blood clan


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24 Tigerstar Tigerstar Tigerstar is a villain in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Son of Leopardfoot and Pinestar, former mate of Goldenflower and Sasha, and father of Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, Hawkfrost, and Tadpole. This brown tabby cat almost causes the downfall of the clans. But is killed, firstly by Scourge, more.

He may have been evil, but it wasn't really his fault if you think about it. If Snowfur didn't die, then Thistleclaw wouldn't of been evil. If he wasn't evil, then he would of trained Tigerpaw better. Tigerstar would of then probably have been more wise. I don't care if this gets like 50 dislikes, opinion! To me, Tigerstar is a interesting character. Go on, dislike it. I won't care. Tigerstar is the best character.

I hate what Tigerstar did because he killed so many cats but if he wasn't there the story would be boring. If you think about it if Tigerstar wasn't alive there would not be the Dark Forest and the plot of training cats so there would be know point in the 4 series. I the end I hate Tigerstar because he is so evil but he is a very classic and good villain and makes the story very interesting.

Sometimes we also feel like Tigerstar because of our new baby sister Amanda. Like mom got us 10 minutes late to school because of Amanda fussing, and it was the pioneer workshop that day. We try to sometimes try to find plans to get more attention all together. So you can't really blame Tigerstar for that,

Best ever!

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25 Tallstar Tallstar

Tallstar is awesome! Why in the world is he not in the top ten!?!?!? He's life was so sad! He was rejected by BOTH of his parents. His mother was obsessed with a dead kit and his father refused to acknowledge him just because he wanted to be a moor runner! And even though his father had been so mean to him, he still went to avenge his father's death. That's true loyalty and love. It would have been great if he had a mate. He would be really loyal to his mate, I'm sure. Tallstar's definitely WindClan's best leader! I LOVE YOU TALLSTAR!

Tallstar is such a great character. He was one of the longest lived leader in the series, and was smart in changing his deputy. Also, Tallstar's Revenge is my favourite Super Edition.

Seriously?! Only 27th? Tallstar is such an awesome leader! GO TALLSTAR! Take your place up near Firestar at the top!

Tallstar is so underrated.
Especially after what he said in dawn.

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26 Lionheart

I'm glad you chose Lionheart he is the most epic warrior!

He is such a brave cat. A lot of people do not like the prophecy cats. He had to fight for everything like every other cat. So he really should be liked more. Also I love how he picked his own destiny and lost the battle

It would be beautiful if Lionheart actually lived a lot longer. If he became leader than Thunder Clan would be the ultimate Clan. Lionheart makes excellent decisions and would've made a great leader.

Bluestar literally said he makes everyone happy when they're around him - Leafshade

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27 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

I just really like him. He could have been a great warrior and everything. In all seriousness, I'm not against him for going into Dark Forest. He didn't know his father so, he jumped on the chance to meet him. Brambleclaw/star knew his father and everything he had done, so I have no pity for him. Plus, he lost his brother. That effected him, if Tadpole had lived, he might have kept his brother off that path. Personally, I just loved his character over all. - Hollysong

Hawkfrost was evil in the beginning; and everyone only saw the bad side of him. But when Ivypool started visiting the Dark Forest you see a whole new side of him. I love that about Hawkfrost; Ivypool brings him out of his tough shell and makes him happy; because she loves him. And he loves her; but if Hawkfrost hadn't been Sasha's son; would he have been different? I think so. He wouldn't think he had to prove he was just as loyal as everyone else; and Tigerstar wouldn't have effected him. I love Hawkfrost; no matter what the super Hollyleaf lovers say about him. It's just amazing to see a bad guy fall in love with a good guy.

Why number 18? He deserves to be higher than most cats on this list! The reason why he followed Tigerstar is because he never knew him, unlike Brambleclaw who had a chance to meet him before. And plus most people just hate him for killing Hollyleaf, literally. He needs more attention!

This idiot cat was manipulating his very own sister! He killed SO many cats. He also tried to kill so many other cats through young apprentices, like when he tried to have Brambleclaw kill Firestar. He was a liar and a murderer. The worst part was when he was in the Dark Forest and killed poor Hollyleaf! - RavenKitty

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28 Longtail Longtail

Best cat ever. He went through so much pain in losing his two best friends who became evil. Yet he still stayed loyal. Sure, he could be snappy at times, and maybe he wasnt the bravest, but later on when he became an elder he was extremely sweet. You have to give him some credit and remember him as a sweet and loyal cat. Also, people don't remember when he saved Fireheart when he fell into the river. He was a hero that day.

If Mousefur wasn't so old they would've had kits. He cares so much about her! At one point during the drought Jayfeather mentions how he thinks Longtail is giving his food and water to Mousefur; isn't that the sweetest thing ever? You would die, to save the cat you loved? I love this guy! Go Longtail! Whooo!
I also really like how in the first series Longtail's on Tigerstar's side but when he realizes that he's the bad guy he becomes loyaler, and kinder, and Firestar says how he's one of his best warriors! And then the dumb rabbit goes and blinds him! What kind of rabbit is that, the killer bunny of doom or something?

It was sad how in the last 2 books bluestar was alive he was treated poorly just to go blind!

It was so sad whe. He died - Leafshade

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29 Crowfeather

He was a strong willed cat, he was very cold at times, but it was sweet when he showed his soft side.

Watch the YouTube video crowfeather has no mail

I think you're pretty cool. The only reason your down is YOU NEED TO PICK A SHE-CAT you already had kits with two of them so make a decision!

He's a jerk but not as jerky as his son - Leafshade

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30 Half Moon

Half moon loved Jayfeather so much she left her mother forever to go to the mountains with him.

She just is an amazing cat she put so much faith in jay wing when he left her that shows so much loyalty. I have to say she should be a little higher

Why is she so low she doesn't deserve that how come jay feather is in second because of there love where did that go? Half moon didn't deserve what happened to her she needs a second chance!

She was the first tribe healer and the lover of jays wing (jayfeather) I love her - Leafshade

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31 Mudclaw

"It wasn't fair what Tallstar chose, I'll swear my revenge from the tip of my nose." - Leafshade

Mudclaw isn't a bad cat, he was incredibly betrayed and unhappy.

No Mudclaw was the one who wanted to take over Leadership and hated Onestar, The medicine cat is Mudfur he was a great cat though, but I think you have it mixed up.

Sad story

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32 Mistystar Mistystar

She is just like her mother as she became leader and she will be just as beloved and important.

Mistystar is an awesome leader! One of my favourite cats! Why is she all the way down here? She should be at least in the top 10! If not the top 5! I like the way she is kind and caring towards her clan. I feel so sorry for her too-all her family is dead apart from her kits.

She was still loyal to her leader after she killed her brother that is one loyal cat. She was a great mother

Ok, here is a blooper made by my friend Lana! Enjoy!
P.s, You will probably see more of my bloopers in other warrior cat lists :3

Mistystar the Immortal

Mistystar yawned, wondering how she would end up dying in the canon Warrior cats books. Leafblight padded up to her and meowed, “So, how do you want to die..? ”
Mistystar turned around to see the one, and only… Leafblight! She frowned, “What kind of question is that? It’s quite rude-”
“Eh, I honestly don’t care if it’s rude or not… what I’m asking is how do you want to die in the books? ”
Mistystar tilted her head, “Hmm, something dramatic and memorable, I guess..? ”
“Hmm, how about you fall off of a cliff while dogs are chasing you? ”
Mistystar scowled, “That’s how my mom died, you sick BEP.”
Leafblight chuckled nervously, then a grin grew across her face, “How about you die from boulders crushing your body..? ”
“That’s how my father ...more

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33 Ashfur Ashfur

Seriously how is Ashfur is on this list he is my least favorite cat in the whole entire warrior cat series and he will always be my least favorite he is incredibly annoying how do people like him no offense Asher lover he is incredibly annoying how do people like him no offense ashfur lovers but I will always hate him he tried to kill Firestar lion blaze probably lea lovers but I will always hate him he tried to kill fire star lion blaze Hollyleaf and Jayfeather

He at first was a great warrior. But then he got jealous he was a great warrior until that day.

Yes! Ashfur and Hawkfrost are my favorite cats! Ashfur should have been with squirrelflight. He really loved her, and brambleclaw/star just tried to stop squirrelflight s adventurous personality. GO ASHFUR!

Evil why didn't he go to the dark forest - Leafshade

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34 Brightheart

Even with a missing eye, she's still the most beautiful cat by heart. Ask Cloudtail.

Brightheart- courage beyond compare.
Reasons- fought a pack of dogs just to prove she was worthy of a warrior name
-lost and eye and still survived
-watched her best friend be killed by the same dogs that took half her face/eye
-put up with the reactions to all the news cats in the clan concerning her face
-loved Cloudtail (go Cloudtail! ) above all
-she fought till the very end, we still don't know when that is, that's a good sign right?
My life's quote- I speak and act with a calm, bright-heart!

Brightheart is still beautiful even with only one eye.


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35 Mosskit Mosskit

Why did she die? That was so unfair and sad

My opinion:
Snowfur nudges Mosskit. "Why are you back here little one? Come join Bluestar in the top ten! " Mosskit haters blocked Snowfur's path.
"THAT's where she belongs! " the snowy white she-cat snarled. They stepped aside. "Thank you, now, up to the top ten you go, little Mosskit."

It was so fun fair mosskit should have lived

Saddest death - Leafshade

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36 Thunderstar

Thunder rocks! But his girlfriend ending up pregnant with his siblings? That's got to be PRETTY awkward at Thanksgiving.

The first leader of ThunderClan. Son of Skystar, first leader of SkyClan.

Thunder was a great leader! Loyal to his clan above everything else. His father rejected him and Star flower betrayed him. (I feel sorry for him, being rejected and all must have been so hard for him) He was also the first leader of Thunderclan!

His life was really hard, and kinda on Gray Wing too. He is Clear Sky and Storm's son, having siblings that died while he was saved by Gray Wing. But I'm glad he got a chance to have kits when his father took Star Flower as a mate. Violet Dawn, I think was an attractive she-cat. She was wanted as Slash's mate! After Clear Sky wanted him back, he accepted and went to his camp. I think Clear Sky already exiled Frost for his limp leg. Thunder soon joined back. First leader of ThunderClan.

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37 Bramblestar Bramblestar

How the heck is he only number 44 he saved all the clans!

Wait, there's Bramblestar AND Brambleclaw? They're the same cat! I don't really like you sorry.

I would have put him at number 2 he should be so much higher

There is a Bramblestar and brambleclaw because when Bramblestar was leader, he wasn’t was amazing I Guess? And when he was warrior he was better...?

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38 Thrushpelt

I love Thrushpelt he should be number one because he was a great warrior but wasnt arrogant he loved bluestar so much even when she didn't love him back and was so loyal go thrushpelt

Ashfur could use a little advice time with him

He's so nice, much better than stupid ashfur, how is he lower than ashfur?

I love Thrushpelt so much! He's one of my favorite cats in the whole series. I think he needs to be higher on the list. He loved Bluefur/star's kits as if they were his own, he cared about her, he's loyal and brave, and he's so underrated! Thrushpelt did way more than Oakheart ever did. ThrushxBlue forever! - Callie

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39 Stormfur

I just love Stormfur he is so loyal to Brook in the mountains. He just is a great cat the clans need him

He had to go through so much including feather tails death, not meeting his mother and what tigerstar put him through make him higher

I really like Stormfur, but I keep getting his name confused with Stonefur's. They are to much alike!

Good daddy there - Leafshade

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40 Stonefur Stonefur

What 35 he should be #1 he is a mix of blue star and oak heart he is brave, smart, noble, and the best warrior cat ever

Stonefur should be number one he he was the most loyal cat, son of oakheart and bluestar he was a great deputy and should be recognized for his bravery and fighting skill But even though he was loyal he had a kind heart and almost saved bluestar's life despite being angry with her. I hate tigerstar for ordering his cats to kill stonefur after stonefur would not kill graystripes kits. But what is remarkable about stonefur is that he fought until the end and I believe that had he not been medically unwell he would have killed darkstrpe and blackfoot. I will always love scourge for killing tigerstar!

I am going to kill Tigerstar again and again (Even though he is dead already.) for ordering his cats to kill Stonefur! His own kits are half-clan cats. Stonefur didn't deserve to die. Thanks a lot, Leapordstar, for not even protecting your own deputy!

I don't know why Stonefur is below Stormfur, because if he hadn't risked his own life for Stormfur and Feathertail, they wouldn't have survived Tigerstar's bloody rules!

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41 Shrewpaw

Shrewpaw shouldn't have died! He could have fed half the clan, and was focused on nothing else, even the car (monster) hurtling towards him, which makes him a great apprentice, who should have been a warrior!

Shrewpaw was such a great apprentice he would have been a great warrior. I wish he lived he was so loyal

I think Squirrelflight should have been with him...

Shrewbae! If he lived I woulld of been his mate SHREWBAE

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42 Skywatcher

He stay knowing his loyalty to the scattered clan

I live his personality. He seemed kind of 'out there' but he was and is one of my favorite cats

I feel sorry for him. I thought he'd be SkyClans leader.

I love skywacher in fact I got so attached to him I cried for two hours he is amazing.
From wolfstar

43 Sorreltail Sorreltail

She would die for her clan, since she got her warrior name late she is fiercely loyal to her clan! She's just purrfect!

She is an awesome warrior and she has been through so much so that's why I put her into the top ten.

She was one of the few background characters with a real personality. Go Sorreltail!

Why is she not higher? She's the best after Bluestar she's so awesoem I love her - Leafshade

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44 Cloudtail

Cloutail is awesome! He's funny and a really good character. Also he's such a nice character too.

I couldn't believe I had to put him on this list! He's such an important and awesome!

Come on! So what he does not beleve in starclan he is still a loyal warrior

He's cool and funny and sweet and isn't afraid of who he is I love him - Leafshade

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45 Dovewing Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Her first appearance is in the fourth arc, know as Omen of the Stars, in the book The Fourth Apprentice. She was part of the Power of Three, and her power was to hear and see things very far away, farther than any normal cat could ever do. more.

Dovewing was barely an apprentice when she knew she was part of the prophecy. Poor Ivypool and Dovewing, too much was expected of both of them. Lionblaze was too hard on dove wing, and Ivypool risked her life all the time! Dovewing is so nice to Ivypool, and I think they should have been best friends (its all Ivypool's fault that they couldn't). Ivypool should be part of the prophecy because she wanted to be special. Dovewing and Ivypool should be given a break they both try so hard to save the Clans. (although, personally I like Dovewing a lot better no offense Ivypool fans. ) DOVEWING AND IVYPOOL4EVER!


1. She's not a Mary Sue; she hates her powers because they separate her from her clan, she has to keep a HUGE secret and feels guilty about it, and her own sister is in the DARK FOREST because Dovewing gets treated different!
2. Yeah she's with Tigerheart. WHO CARES!?!? EVERYONE breaks the code these days (we're exaggerating, but Firestar, Graystripe, plus tons of loved characters have broken the code and few people hate them cause of it)! And Tigerheart makes her happy. Just think about this:

"You're in a clan with your sister. You're thrilled to become an apprentice and then... BAM! All of sudden you LITERALLY HAVE THE WEIGHT OF THE DESTINY OF THE CLANS on your shoulders! Then you meet the one cat you love most (which by the way, you can't help who you love), and the only time you are free of your responsibility is when you're with him."

Think about Dovewing for a heartbeat, will you? Before you go on treating her like a hairball ...more

How dare you say those things about Dovewing?! She stopped her relationship with Tigerheart, FYI, and she is so nice to Ivypool when she is terrible to her! I don't blame Ivypool for acting sad but going to Tigerstar is just stupid! And Dovewing found out she was part of the prophecy when she was only 7 moons. Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze found out when they were almost warriors! She went on the hard journey to save the Tribe and she barely complained about it. Dovewing should be like 11 she is awesome! Also she saved the Clan by warning them about the falling tree.

Dumb cat! Thinks everyone is lower than her. Ivypool risks her life spying on the dark forest. Ivypool is prettier than this cat.I love Ivypool. I used to like Dovewing better, but after she betrayed poor bumblestripe, I did not like her

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46 Ferncloud

She faced lots of pain. More than you remember, people! At apprentice age her mother was killed. She risked her life avenging her mother. She has two unknown brothers. When she is born it is stated there are four kits. Where did they go? She was mentored by Darkstripe. I don't need to explain how bad that is. Let's see... Skip to the next series, she lost half of her kits! She lost her brother (I hate Ashfur. No offense) And she died such a loyal death. - AnonymousChick

In my opinion killing her off because she had way to many litters and stay in the nursery is stupid. Why? If you look at every she-cat and their mate they have one to two litters. so if you want to kill her off cause of that you might as well kill off all of your characters. Don't like my opinion, sorry but every person has a different opinion. and yes how I know that number of she cats had more litters is I looked it up. IF you don't like Ferncloud having number of kittens. put it this way in real life cats whether it be male or female they will bound to have more then one, when it comes to a number of cats. Ex my mother had a pet named sparkie, she had muitply litters. Also you TRY raising that many and see what it does to you. Why not kill off daisy, she did the samething. why like off Ferncloud, but not daisy?

Ferncloud is so sweet, kind, and patient and even though she may seem too much of a softie, it is obvious she would give up her life for every single kit in the nursery, hers or not! And a lot of her kits just kept dying, but even so, she still had hope and joy. Dustpelt also really liked her, would do anything for her, and it was so sad when she died!

She was literally preganant for her entire life

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47 Tawnypelt Tawnypelt

Okay Tawnypelt is in the top ten because even though she joined shadow clan its not her fault that cats blamed her for her fathers crimes

Tawnypelt Is Generally just a badass and (I refuse to say sassy) kinda cat. I felt bad as she was basically forced leaving her clan because of how uncomfortable other cats were around her purely because who her father was. Even so, she became loyal to her father and his new clan no matter how ridiculous he was because she was LOYAL. Even when Tigerstar offered her training from the dark forest she refused because she knew it was wrong. (I genuinely cried when she left Thunderclan)

Tawnypelt is awesome. She helped find the lake territory and was loyal to her Clan. - Tigerloversd

Tawnypelt is awesome

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48 Frostfur

5- 58? HOW? She was mother to Brightheart, Thornclaw, Cinderpelt AND Brackenfur if you forgot! She should be higher than 58! And I've always been confused who was her mate?

So kind and caring she raised wonderful kits in my opinion I think she was the best queen...

She shouldn't be stick at 58.NO NO NO She should be 1. She's my favorite

cool - Swiftflame

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49 Barley

He is so helpful to the clans. Also his back story is so sad. I love him he is cool

He so nice! He's funny as well and his accent is cool. I hate scourge. I hope he dies in a hole - Leaftail

Go die in a hole Scourge. You almost killed Violet! Barley is awesome!

I named one of my Neko Atsume cat after you!
(And about every cat is named after warriors)

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50 Princess

I loved Princess! She was the mother of Cloudtail, the best white furred cat in the series, and Sister to the bravest and best leader of the forest.

Is it weird I think Ravenpaw and princess would be cute together...

Combination of Firestar and Cloudtail

What happened to her when they moved to the lake?

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