Top Ten Warrior Cats

The Top Ten

1 Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet named Rusty.

God, Firestar, Where to Begin with.
He started out as a Kittypet, To apprentice to warrior to deputy And at last, Leader.
He Is Noble, Wise, Patient And Kind. His Journey has took us through such an Emotional Roller Coaster And to me, Nobody can replace him. He has Always done what he thought was best for His clan, Whilst believing in what he love's He is strong And Beloved. To being A kittypet To leader, he has Sacrificed himself and Put himself In danger to save His clan, And Many times, other clans. He has found Love and Has had Wonderful kits, and he is a great father. He has always been there for other cats. I Can't even describe him properly. In simple words, He is legendary, and throughout all leaders, His story Will be passed down. _*Fire will save the clans *_

Firestar, the noble, wise, gentle, charming, caring, relatable, underestimated, understanding, extremely patient and disciplined cat is the greatest character the series has to offer. His arc is just amazing, from being a regular kittypet coming to the clans and overcoming all that adversity just to considered loyal only to have to earn it many times over the course of his life. To being deputy, finally leader, to helping lead the clans to their new homes, to mentoring the Three (literally being the ancestor of most of the main characters of the entire series), to saving everyone from the treachery of Tigerstar, sacrificing himself in the process. He is the most relatable, kindness, most understanding, and will probably stay the most beloved warrior cat character ever.

I've never read the the warrior series after the third one. But hearing the the comments below of each warriors/medicine cats ( whatever ) got me to like some of them like Hollyleaf. I totally love Firestar and every cats that's related to him. If it wasn't Bluestar, he wouldn't have been in the forest, Cinderpelt was his apprentice before the accident, Hollyleaf was his granddaughter, Graystripe was his best friend, Brambleclaw was his apprentice, Squirrelflight and Leafpool was his daughters, even though Brackenfur was Graystripe's apprentice, Firestar mentored him, I don't know why I like Crookedstar so much but I really do.

He was great as an apprentice because he always wasn't afraid to stand up to Tigerclaw. And was able dodge and endure the kittypet taunts along with Tigerclaw's crimes. Firestar did good as warrior because he wasn't afraid to break the rules and was obsessed with finding out the truth. When Tigerclaw's truth was uncovered, he then rose to second in command younger and unexperienced then other deputies. With the help of Whitestorm he was able to carry the clan forward when Bluestar was in shock and grief. The longer he was as deputy, the more Thunderclan trusted him. Until he became leader after Bluestar's death. He reunited the four clans into Lionclan and lead it to destroy Bloodclan. Which was a success. Although he was a busy leader, he and his mate Sandstorm started a family. And he was a loyal mate and loving dad. He played in a lot of prophecies, "Fire alone can save our clan". Fire was him. "A battle is coming, beware a warrior you cannot trust", it was given to Fireheart and ...more

2 Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

What else is there to say this grumpy but charming, repulsive but good-natured, obscure but relatable character? He's such a good character. An underdog, or should I say undercat, has had his fair share of ups and downs. Having to be forced to be a medicine cat because of his blindness, can somehow cope with his blindness and is almost normal, has had a couple of love interests that he knows he can't be with, had parents who were from different clans and one of them was a medicine cat, had been lied to most of his life, has been held back from things he wanted to do, and has constantly been belittled. These were all factors of making the most relatable and one of the best warrior cats characters ever. If Warriors made a movie with him in it, he would be not only one of the best characters in books, but in film too along with of course Firestar.

Jayfeather is a very unique and loveable cat. He was born blind, which played an important roll in breaking him out of his shell. He was fiesty and snapped quite often. Going to attack fox cubs as a kit was not the best idea, but he didn't get quite a scolding as his siblings did. He was apprenticed to Brightheart, and Jayfeather did not want to let her down. When he became a medicine cat apprentice, she was dissapointed and a little angry at him. But she came to respect him again. I like Jayfeather's special power of seeing in dreams. But I still think he's a better cat being blind. Briarlight was one cat who he helped. He gave her ecxersizes, and helped her on every step. JayxBriar forever. (Sorry Half Moon and Stick.) It was great that Jayfeather was named after his father, and that he became part of the three. He was a great and intelligent cat, and he still is.

Jayfeather is honestly one of my favorite cats. He had to live with the fact that he was never going to become a warrior, he had a special power that he could only tell Lionblaze, Dovewing, and Hollyleaf about, he was half clan, he had to deal with Breezepelt too. All while he was blind and could only see in dreams and when he was with the ancients. He is a great character and nicely developed. He will hold a special place in my favorite cats and when he dies...I am going to cry for a week.

Oh Jayfeather, who can I say about this guy. This guy is very easy to hate as much as he is very easy to love. Jayfeather is a simple yet complex character. You hate him for being the short-tempered, depressing, prideful, know-it-all character he is but you understand why. The author dug deep into the story of his life and when you read the series it proves it. Jayfeather is the definition of a well-made character.

3 Yellowfang Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat in the original series of Warriors. She initially was a medicine cat from ShadowClan, but she was banished by her son, Brokenstar. She was then found by Firestar, who was then Firepaw, and brought into ThunderClan.

Yellowfang might be a little grumpy but has a good heart. And WHY BROKENSTAR did you have to kick yellowfang our though I am very glad she joined thunderclan and became a medicine cat and is very loyal that's why I love her

Ok first I love yellow fangs stubborn but caring attitude. She was a amazing medicine cat and treated all her clan mates like they were her kits! She died a noble way.

Yellowfang has had such a hard life! Her own mom thought she killed her kits. Like seriously! And her own kit turned bad and turned the clan aganist her. But she held it together and was awesome.

Poor Yellowfang, she never stopped caring for Brokenstar, she like my favourite character. I cry every time I read her the part of her death -Pebbleflight of ThunderClan

4 Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart. She started out as a Warrior apprentice, but was forced to train to be a Medicine Cat instead after getting her leg inijured by a car.

This cat is one of the strongest cats in the entire franchise, but not in the way you would think. When Tigerstar destroyed her future, she took it well. Instead of wallowing in her own self pity like most cats in the later series, she excepted she would never be a warrior and looked for an angle. When she lost her chances with Firestar, she focused on how she could prove she was worthy to her clan. So maybe cats like Dovewing and Hollyleaf can take some lessons from cats like Cinderpelt.

Okay first of all Cinderpelt is in my top five warrior cats. She is beautiful, kind, and sweet on the inside and out. I think she deserved a better life than the one she had. I am considering part of her life in Cinderheart as being a second chance sort of vibe, but then she left her body and Cinderheart became her own cat. When Cinderpelt first became an apprentice, she was so energetic and ecxited to become a warrior. But when she got hit on the thunderpath I feel like she lost her spirit. I know Firestar felt the same way too. But then Yellowfang helped her regain some of that energy when she became a medicine cat apprentice. As a medicine cat she was calm and caring and she was a great mentor to Leafpool. When she died protecting the nursery from a badger I almost cried. Cinderpelt was an amazing cat. She learned a lot in her life and finally after leaving Cinderheart's body she made her way to Starclan. One more thing. FirexCinder forever.

Cinderpelt's one of my favourite warrior cats. She couldn't have the life she dreamed, but she became a medicine cat and didn't complain. She was one of the best medicine cats and her death broke my heart. She totally deserved getting reincarnated but I think Cinderheart did her dirty. When I found out she liked Firestar it made them one of my favourite ships; I think FirexSand is better though but Cinderpelt accepted Sandstorm as Firestar's mate and was good friends with her.

She is so strong. Leafpool and Dovewing are always whining about their relationships when Cinderpelt has real issues. Cinderpelt was never meant to be a medicine cat and she knew it but she is so fantastic at it. Talk about talented. She is another reason I hate tigerstar.

5 Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She was one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan. She has a deceased kit named Mosskit, a sister named Snowfur, a mother named Moonflower and a father named Stormtail. more.

Bluestar is like the best leader aside from Firestar. As a kit she was adventurous and playful with her sister Snowfur. Though when Moonflower died she was devastated and grieved a lot. And when Snowfur died, it felt like her heart was broken. I'm proud of her that she dealt with all that loss, and especially having to give up her kits to Riverclan. She deserved to have them with her. I think Bluestar led an amazing life, even when she distrusted so many cats after Tigerclaw attacked her. She died a loyal and brave warrior, saving her clanmate from the dog pack. RIP Bluestar.

Poor Bluestar, she was so brave, she gave up her kits to protect her clan because she knew Thistleclaw would be a bad leader. She was so calm, caring and knew exactly what to do. It must have been awful to realise someone you trusted has betrayed you (I've had this experience in real life) and she did not know who to trust poor thing. I'm so glad that she realised that she could trust Starclan

Okay, so, Bluestar is probably the very best leader of all time. She's a very noble and wise cat, and when faced with the difficult choice between her clan and kits, she put her clan first. Yes, her old wise self does start to wither away after Tigerstar's treachery, but that's understandable. She's definitely one of the most noble warriors ever!

Bluestar is kind and gentle while being tough and fierce. She is straight up my favorite cat because of her strong name, and harsh past. She lost her sister, Mother, Father, Mate, Her two leaders, and lots of friends. Bluestar should get an honorable mention!

6 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.

Okay. Time to say my opinion. Its kinda weird, Hollyleaf is very high in the best warrior cats list, but she's ALSO very high in the WORST warrior cats list. Time to say why she's amazing. The reason she killed Ashfur is because that was before she found out that she was half-Clan. And she didn't intend to kill Ashfur. She said many times that it was an accident. And Lionblaze doesn't get hate for killing Russetfur, does he? No! SO Hollyleaf shouldn't get hate for killing Ashfur! I mean, I love Ashfur, but still. And liking the warrior code is a good thing. And when she tried to kill Leafpool, her mother...That wasn't the smartest move she's made, but come on. Leafpool lied to her for YEARS. She's all about the warrior code and then she finds out that her birth broke it. Of course she's going to feel scared, upset, and angry! And when she fled into the tunnels, that's because she thought her Clanmates didn't want her because of her past mistakes. And she came back to save stupid ...more

Hollyleaf is absolutely my very favourite character out of all the warrior cats in the series; it was hard enough for her to overcome the truth that she wasn't part of the prophecy. However when Leafpool revealed the truth; she totally lost it. I sympathize with her, it wasn't easy and Ashfur had also tried to burn them in a wildfire?! Ashfur deserves to die, I am sry to the Ashfur lovers in this room; he is just a brat who no one would love. Hollyleaf should be respected a lot more! Go Hollyleaf! ( by the way I ship Fallen*Holly!

Hollyleaf is one of my favourite characters, people don't like her for running away from her problems but everything she believed in had come crashing down around her (who she believed her parents to be, all her beliefs in the Warrior Code, finding out she wasn't one of the three). It took a lot to come back to ThunderClan and she died a warriors death fighting against the Dark Forest and then forgave Leafpool and Squirrelflight which made me love her even more.

Hollyleaf was the best cat of them all, not everyone has dictated loyalty, or throws themselves in the middle of a death blow. She took the news that her mother had betrayed the clan harsh, and that led her to kill Ashfur, in her rage. She wasn't on the right side of her mind, and she later sacrificed herself for Ivypool.

7 Graystripe

A lot of people overlook everything that happened to Graystripe. His mentor died, he lost his mate, he had to leave his best friend and clan, and then leave his kits. Then, to top it all off, he gets carried away from his clan by twolegs and when he finds his clan again, learns that he has been replaced as deputy. Yet somehow, Graystripe is still cheerful, even when so many cats he loved have been killed.

Graystripe is just... COMPLETELY AWESOME. I mean, come on, he deserves #1 because one, he endured a VERY hard life, two, he doesn't let anyone disrespect Firestar or Thunderclan, and three, he is nice to most everyone in Thunderclan especially the younger cats.

Graystripe's been through so much! But he doesn't let that affect him and is a loyal warrior, he's one of the best Warrior Cats characters that everyone loves.

Graystripe is an awesome character! I loved his goofy nature when he was young, but even as he age mellowed him out I respected him. There isn’t much to hold against him, really. I like his relationship with Millie, and it might be better than Graystripe and Silverstream...

8 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf is a tortoiseshell she-cat in the series "Warrior Cats" by Erin Hunter. She first appears in book 1, Into The Wild.

She is not perfect. OKAY! Read Spottedleaf's Heart! She does not STALK Firestar, she just loves him and can't leave him behind! Imagine if you loved someone and then you died! you would still want to be with them! Thanks Spottedleaf supporters!

She lived and died all so quickly in the first book! But you can at least tell that she is kind, sweet and loving, and overall the perfect medicine cat for her Clan. But maybe if things had gone a different way, she would have had Firestar's kits which would be pretty terrible! All the same, that didn't happen, so all was fine and she died a brave and honourable death.

spottedleaf's death is so sad, she didn't even make it through the first book! she is only in firestars dreams... that's not the big spoiler you probaly know that, but spottedleaf comes back again! yeah that's right! she saves sandstorm from mapleshed I believe it is... and doing that spottedleaf DIED...TWICE , so those who think spottedleaf makes sandstorm feel bad in firesuars quest, BE ASHAMED! she saved her life!

Spottedleaf is my favorite cat! At first I was kinda mad at her for falling in love with Thistleclaw, but then I read Spottedleaf's Heart and I loved her even more! It is so sad she died because of Clawface, Then died AGAIN because of stupid Hawkfrost! I really love Spottedleaf, and I hope you do too.

9 Brambleclaw

I love Brambleclaw and his personality. When he was chosen as one of the four to go on the journey and find Midnight, I think at first he was scared and hesitant. On the journey he made lots of friendships and bonds with the other cats. Even Squirrelflight helped him see his true self. When the clans got to the lake, he wanted to be mates with Squirrelflight. When they got in a fight and she started hanging out with Ashfur, he was devastated. But in the end they ended up becoming mates and having four kits. (well two of them died.) When Bramblestar was kicked out of his body and became a ghost, I had no idea what was going on. He seemed so lost, begging Rootpaw for help. Hopefully he will get back to his body safe and sound.

I'm not the biggest fan of Brambleclaw/star. But come on! I get some people don't like his personality. I have no problem with it. He was a great deputy and he is a good leader. He killed his half brother to show himself loyal to his clan. On the journey to the sun drown place, he was the one to lead them there. I could make a list of al the lives he has saved! I just want to say that he really is a the top of his game!

So I just finished reading bramblestars storm two months ago and I ADORED it! Bramblestar (brambleclaw) is my third favorite character! And I think he is just the best cat and it must be hard trying follow in firestars footsteps and be as good a leader as him so I love bramblestar (claw)

I'm sorry, but I really dislike Brambleclaw/star. I don't even care that Tigerstar is his father! He was plotting to take over the forest with his evil father and half-brother and yeah, he pulled through in the end, but he shouldn't have been doing it at all! He called Leafpool disloyal for telling the other medicine cats that Cinderpelt died, when HAWKFROST told ShadowClan! He was so desperate to be deputy that he actually compared himself Tigerstar! He always severely hurt Squirrelflight by getting super close to Jessy. A KITTYPET! He also got incredibly mad at Squirrelflight for taking in her sister's kits when he knew that he would've totally done that for Tawnypelt! I'm just saying, if you want to talk about Bramblestar, that's totally fine, but at least be honest about the type of cat he is.

10 Squirrelflight

Squirrelflight is the best! Honestly, it makes me mad seeing all the comments defending Ashfur. I literally keep on cringing seeing the comments the say, "Oh, he makes mistakes like everyone else! Don't you make mistakes too?" I mean, yeah, I do, but I never tried to kill someone because I was angry. And doing that is not a frikin mistake. He had no right to threaten her, and he basically ended up ruining her life. "He went through so much, Squirrelflight went though nOtHinG!" Uh, hello, Squirrelflight went through hell and back.

Let me just explain this. After her sister gave birth, she was forced to take the kits in by StarClan. They literally told her that she had to do it, so she did it. Besides, Leafpool is her sister and she probably would've done it anyways. StarClan forced her not to tell Brambleclaw, so she didn't. After the fire, the Three starts ignoring her, basically showing that they hated her. Not only that, but Brambleclaw got mad and left ...more

Squirrelflight is also one of my favorite cats. She has a bubbly personality just like me. As an apprentice her fiery additude matched her ginger pelt. Brambleclaw was nice and kind to her and also helpful. She was determined to be independent though. When they got in a fight Squirrelflight went to Ashfur for reassurance. Later on Ashfur cornered her and Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf when the fire happened at the Thunderclan lake camp. Squirrelflight confessed that these werent her kits. That was a very important part of the book. It affected events that happened later. I laughed each time she showed up as an apprentice, tagging along on a patrol, or just following Brambleclaw. She is a very unique cat.

WHOEVER DIDN'T VOTE FOR SQUIRREL... I'm sorry but she is the best! I love her bubble personality and how she isn't afraid to stand up for herself. Squirrelflight's Hope really shows how everyone ignores her (including bramble), because she isn't worthy enough but she is! Everyone is important, including this fuzzball! I love how she took responsibility of her sisters mistake and defended her through all costs. Look she even risked herself to Ashfur during the fire scene, telling the secret to protect Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather! She is one worthy deputy and AWESOME person! She clearly deserves to be leader and in other words, she is absolutely awesome and deserves more votes! So cool to see her come back as a main character in the broken code!


Okay, people, if you didn't vote for Squirrelflight, YOU. ARE. CRAZY! She is so cute and kind, lovable and loyal. Look; I know Firestar's the 'Legendary ThunderClan Leader', but Squirrelflight's even better than him and can beat him! She's my fave and I bought Squirrelflight's Hope. She is amazing and brave, good at fighting and daring. She and Bramblestar has a good relationship, and I like that. Squirrelflight is bold, pretty and attractive. She deserves to be in the top 3, or at least the top 5! I love her so much, and you should too! So... please vote for
-Wings of Warriors

The Contenders

11 Ivypool

Ah Ivypool in my opinion the most beautiful warrior cat ever and one of the best characters of the series. If you want a great warrior cat series character, Ivypool's your she-cat. Like Jayfeather, you don't really like her because she's doing something annoying or being that one depressed person in a room filled with otherwise happy people. But she has her reasons, the fact that she is like that is a huge reason why she is such a great character. Because she was jealous of Dovewing she was stalked and brought to the Dark Forest where she later realizes that she shouldn't be there. But after she was informed of the situation, she was willing to risk her life to go there night after night after night to spy. That was a huge role in helping the clans win the Great Battle. On top of that, she is very intelligent, kind, loyal, strong, and I think is a very good leader. She is one of those cats who should have been leader over Bramblestar in my opinion so yes.

Ivypool's personality is fierce, kind, and protective. She is a very beautiful cat on the inside and out. Spying for the dark forest makes her an important roll leading up to the Great Battle. I think she is better than her sister (sorry Dovewing I still like you.) Ivypool changed from a reckless cat to a more reserved, kind cat. I think when she found out Dovewing was seeing Tigerheart, that was the main trigger for her anger. She became very VERY upset at her sister. I can see why, bc she broke the warrior code! Also, when Hawkfrost and other cats from the Dark Forest mentored her, she truly believed it was for the greater good. But when she found out she was wrong, she became a loyal spy. I love that about her.

Ivypool had great character flaws, she let her jealousy cloud her judgement. She was manipulated by Hawkfrost and the Dark Forest cats only to remain loyal to her clan and become a spy. Her role was arguably more important then Dovewing's, considering Ivypool got some of the Dark Forest trainees to rejoin the ranks of the clans and helped train her clan for the fight. She's kind, fierce, smart, and loyal, all she ever wanted was to be treated as an equal. There is not a cat in Thunderclan more suited for leader.

Ivypool may have been jealous, yes, but I would have been too. Her sister was one of the three, and she wasn't. Ivypool is also one of the most loyal cats I have ever known. She went to the Dark Forest to spy for Thunderclan! That is really brave. She also had to watch her sister fall in love with Tigerheart. Put all that together and she really is amazing.

12 Whitestorm

Together with Redtail and Lionheart, Whitestorm is one of the best warriors every! He is brave, loyal, wise and strong. I was already so impressed when I read about him the first time. I was surprised when he wasn't made deputy after Redtail. Many people don't realize how hard his childhood was. His mother, Snowfur, died when he was still a kit and his dad was and evil guy. Still he becomes one of the best warriors of all time. I definitely think Whitestorm should have been leader of Thunderclan!

Whitestorm is one of the kindest, wisest, and bravest warriors of all time. He's my third favorite warrior! He was a great deputy, and would have been a great leader, if not for Scourge and BloodClan. I think he was probably the number one most loyal cat in the forest!

He is my most favourite character in the series even though he was a side character he was very kind to Firepaw and was brave and the most brave and honourable warrior. It was so sad when he died.

Look. Whitestorm=just a warrior. Well, that's what you think. WHITESTORM=AWESOME CAT! Why? He died bravely defending his Clan, he was the one who said Firestar needed to become a warrior.

13 Brackenfur

Brackenfur is awesome. Yes, yes, he is a side character, but he's also one of the most loyal warriors of all time! Honestly, I think he deserved to be deputy more than Brambleclaw. But no offense to the Brambleclaw fans!

He is a background character, one that lived a kind of sad life, one that has his own MAPs, one that was almost made deputy, one who mentored Hollyleaf, and one that is very loyal.


Even thought Brackenfur is a background charcater, I think he's a really great cat. He's really loyal to thunderclan and does great things.

To me, Brackenfur seemed like a really good looking cat. He was sweet, and always wanted to know if anything was wrong. I hate that he had to live with the fact that *SPOILERS* Seedpaw and Sorreltail had passed. He seemed broken down afterwards, but he knew he had to stay strong for the sake of his clan. He always cared about his sister, and was worried for her leg. Even though the books don't say this, I believe he would've done anything to have Cinderpelt train with him as an apprentice. I love you Brackenfur!

14 Silverstream SIlverstream is a character created by Erin Hunter to the book series named Warrior Cats. she is a sleek, silver tabby she-cat with delicate silver markings and bright blue eyes. She's the daughter of Crookedstar and Willowbreeze, former mate of Graystripe and mother of Feathertail and Stormfur. She more.

I was so sad when Silverstream died while giving birth to Feathertail and Stormfur. And I felt bad for Fireheart (Firestar) when his best friend's mate died.

I will admit she was a nice cat but I think she gets too much attention. She was only alive in like, 3 books! I will admit, her death was kinda sad... But still! And I don't know why people hate Millie so much, Is it her fault that she was in love with Graystripe? It's not your fault if you fall in love! I do like GrayXSilver but GrayXMillie is not that bad! They just love each other is that such a crime! So remember, Silverstream gets too much attention! She does not deserve to be in the top 15. Think again Silverstream fans she is not that great! PS my favorite thing about Silverstream is her mother Willowbreeze I really like her. So please please don't give Silverstream this much attention because she does not deserve it. #Silverstream gets too much attention!

I was new into the series, as when Silverstream had died. I didn't understand the depth of what had happened to Graystipe's beloved mate. As of now I have read the entire series and all the manga, (and about everything else), and I'm cringing at the fact that the Erins had to kill off a loved and well cared for cat. Silverstream was mentioned to be a beautiful cat, good natured and gentle, and I hate that she died. If she lived, I believe that she would've been a wonderful mother. I felt bad for Graystripe and although I don't really like Millie, I was glad he found happiness again. I LOVE YOU SILVERSTREAM.

I have always loved silver stream her death was SOOO UNFAIR, but it was so sweet that she died to save her kits. Silverstream was a Loyal warrior and one of the best warriors if I do say so myself :)

She is annoying. She ruined gray stripes life. She literally existed for like two books and everyone thinks she is the great.

15 Crookedstar

If you think other cats have lost family and friends in their life, it will still not compare with what Crookedstar went through. He lost everything. Al his dreams where destroyed when he was just a kit. But he pushed trough and if definitely one of my favorite leaders.

Alright, the main reason I am fond of Crookedstar, is because of how he coped with all that loss. Crookedstar's Promise was one of the saddest warriors books for me. His mother died, then his father, then he became mates with Willowbreeze, but she died and so did all his kits but one. But was that enough for Mapleshade and her evil plot? Oh no. Oakheart his brother eventually died, then his kit Silverstream. Crookedstar watched all his loved ones die before he did. Mapleshade was soo cruel to him. I feel soooooooooooooo bad for Crookedstar. He just UGHHHHHH evil Mapleshade. He coped well though, and when he died he reunited with his kin in Starclan.

He is one of my all time favorites and you would only understand if you read crooked stars promise. He is stronger and has a darker psst than most. So misunderstood.

When I first started reading the Warriors I didn't think Crookedstar was that...great. But he had such a sad life, but he was strong willed and had a great heart. He deserved leader as much as anyone, I'm glad that Mapleshade made him leader.

16 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.

Mapleshade is great cat. She's not kind, nor forgiving, at least not now. But she's strong, kind-heart ( I mean before betrayal of Oakstar, Darkstar, Appledusk, Ravenwing, and her mentor. Also before 3 kittens of her died.), keeping her promises, and make-sense villain. Think of villains. Tigerstar, Brokenstar, Thistleclaw, Scourge, Darktail, and Hawkfrost. Tigerstar, Brokenstar, Thistleclaw, Scourge and Hawkfrost became evil because of their ambition. However, Mapleshade wasn't born evil. She was kind and nice before SOMEONE (*Cough cough Appledusk Cough Cough*) crush her mentally. And her crime was in purpose of revenging her kits, unlike Tigerstar, who killed for victory, and self-content. She shouldn't be consider as mean, violent villain, even though I know that her expression was pretty violent. LOL. Ah! And as for Darktail, I think he's better then Tiger, Broken, Hawk, Thistle, and scourge, but I still think He is way too violent and brutal.

She had such a harsh life. Most people who read warriors think that she is evil and all, but she actually is one of the best cats with the most courage in all of the Clans. She faced so many hardships in her life! She had her kits drowned in the river after being exiled out of the Clans, only for being in love with a warrior from another Clan! Plenty of other cats did it, too... how come only she was punished? And then wasn't allowed in StarClan? It wasn't her fault that she turned bitter after all of her kits died. I hope that one day she will be able to actually meet her kits... she gave her life for their vengeance. Doesn't that deserve anything?

Mapleshade was the first warrior cat character that I ever heard of! I don’t really cry when characters die but I definitely cried when Patchkit, Larchkit and Petalkit died. Mapleshade probably went through the most pain that any warrior cat character of all time went through. I think that Mapleshade did deserve to go to the Dark Forest but I also believe that Darkstar and Appledusk deserve to go to the Dark Forest. Appledusk and Darkstar were SO MEAN to Mapleshade in Mapleshade’s Vengeance! Mapleshade just wanted some sympathy!

Mapleshade actually wasn't evil from the start, it was technically Appledusks fault if he hadn't hurt her so much then she probably would stay good. And stupid Thunderclan and Riverclan back then. When Oakstar was leader he exiled Mapleshade for loving a cat in a different clan. And Bluestar just LET Graystripe stay and didn't even do anything. She is my 3rd favorite cat in the seiries she's WAY better than Appledusk

17 Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Leafpool is the best cat as she is kind, caring, and loyal after her relationship with Crowfeather. Even though she had made a very bad choice of loving Crowfeather, her choice help save the clans by baring Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf. She sacrificed her mate, her kits, and even her own life to save kits that it is not hers and it put through her a lot of pain but no regrets. She could just be ignorant and selfish and keep everything that she has but she did not. Instead, she put her clan first and become loyal either warrior or medicine cat. Her love and sacrifice to every cat was worth it, she keeps her promises well and safe and she does not have much hatred to any clan cat. Life has not been easy for her but with her love and courage, she can face through the tough times in her life.

I'm sorry how is Ivypool higher up the list than Leafpool? Leafpool's my favourite character and I know people don't like her because she broke the medicine cat AND warrior code but she learnt from her mistakes and became a loyal and caring medicine cat. And she gets a lot of hate from her kits about giving them away to Squirrelflight but she only wanted the best for them and knew they would grow up happier judged as pure ThunderClan cats not as half-clan. And even when they hated her she never stopped loving them, it broke my heart when Hollyleaf came back and she was so happy and Hollyleaf flinched away. Leafpool's been through so much, losing her mentor, the cat she loved (both of these were in the same day), people didn't trust her as their medicine cat, she was hated by her kits and then lost her position as medicine cat but all through this she stayed strong and didn't show the pain she obviously felt. I hope in StarClan she's happy, hopefully when Crowfeather dies they can be ...more

She is the best cat of them all by far! It is so unfair that she gives up everything to be a medicine cat. And then even that is taken away from her too! Some people would say, well, she deserved it, but she didn't. Look at it this way: She could have kept her kits, and even maybe mate, and become a warrior. But she didn't, because she cared about her Clan over herself. So then what happens is she has to lose her medicine cat status as well. HOW? She did what was best for her Clan. They wouldn't have survived without her. Yet she is punished for SAVING HER CLAN! It was one of the saddest moments in all the books when her position was taken away. I could feel her heartbreak myself. Why, Hollyleaf, why does Leafpool deserve what you did to her? All she ever did was be loyal when she had so many chances not to be!

So Leafpool has the personality of my sister. She is kind and shy and quiet. Why I voted for her is because she is amazingly amazing. Her life was so complicated. First becoming a medicine cat apprentice, going on the great journey to the lake, finding the moonpool, falling in love with Crowfeather but then breaking up with him, Cinderpelt dying, then having kits when medicine cats are forbidden to, finding out her kits are the three, Hollyleaf running away, Jayfeather being blind, becoming a warrior as a punishment for having a mate and kits, helping Squirrelflight with all her troubles with Brambleclaw, and then dying and going to Starclan. I wish Leafpool was still alive and well with her sister in Thunderclan.

18 Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle. However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest.

His powers make him boring and all the battles boring. I wish erin hunter gave him more of a personality, he could become a great character. I also wish he didn't have such a powerful power it would make him more interesting. I think when he loses his powers he becomes less arrogant and things get more interesting. Overall I like him. I think he is the best out of the three.

Yesterday I read about Lionblaze telling Cinderheart about his powers . . . It was so sad! Why did she run away, she could have been fair to all of us. Lionblaze finally found someone he loved and now she ran away just because he’s string and could protect her. Jeez, Vicky Holmes. Actually: Jeez, all the Erins. that's ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHIPS AND YOU TORE IT APART!

He, apart from Jayfeather, Clear Sky etc, is one of my favourite warriors crushes! Though he really lacks sometimes, he is pretty cool! Though Lion x Heather was a better ship! Dark River...

In my opinion, Lionblaze went through the most during Omen of the Stars. In the first two books he's fine, and has a budding relationship with Cinderheart. Then, in the next book, he tells Cinderheart about the prophecy so she doesn't have to worry about him getting hurt, but it makes her think that she's not good enough for him. This is where Lionblaze starts to think that being part of the Three isn't such a good thing after all, and he wishes countless times to just be normal so he can be with Cinderheart. This makes him, to me at least, way more relatable as he struggles to try and find a balance between his duties towards the prophecy and normal cat life. It's definitely one of my favorite character arcs ever, and makes Lionblaze all the better for it.

19 Ravenpaw Ravenpaw is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior Cats. He's a skinny, jet-black tom with a small white dash on his chest, greens eyes and a long, thing white tipped tail. He is shy, jumpy and nervous more.

Ravenpaw is an amazing cat. I loved how his personality was so diverse from everyone else in the first series. His relationship with Barley is too cute, as well! A warrior at heart, Ravenpaw is one of the most loyal cats you’ll ever meet, ironically. One thing before I leave, he definitely has purple eyes, change my mind!

He was such a good cat and didn't deserve to be booted off to the farm on the first book. Though raven x barley was a really good ship.

Ravenpaw is my first favorite character in all of the warrior books. He was driven from his home in ThunderClan, but still managed somehow to be the bravest cat of all time. He's definitely the best warrior!

Look. If you read In To The Wild, you will see that Ravenpaw is Firestar's best friend. But if you keep reading, you will see that RAVENPAW IS BECOMING A SIDE CHARACTER! Okay, Ravenpaw helped save Cloudtail, helped any cat who went to the barn no matter who they were. AND HE DESERVES SOME CREDIT!

20 Sandstorm

For me she is number 1. She is courageous and loyal, she is really strong and feminine. I'm sorry you think of her as "firestar's companion", because she is much more than that. And while she was unpleasant in the first book, she was following the warrior code. That says that domestic cats are worth a lot less than warriors. People think of her as bully and she is little appreciated, but from the first book on there is a lot of difference. It's called character development.

Ok, yeah sandstorm was kind of rude to Firestar in the first book, but sandstorm is definitely my favorite character. She can totally stand up for herself and technically, she was following the warrior code by insulting Firestar since it says you have to think of kitty pets as less than Warriors. She was the fastest cat in ThunderClan and definitely played a big part in leading the pack to the gorge. She had to wait for so long to get an apprentice because Firestar kept on choosing other cats and just always stood up for what she thought was right, even if her friends and family disagreed. I just totally love sandstorm

She's so sassy! My #1 for sure! If feminism was a thing in the series, Sandstorm and Squirrelflight would be feminists without doubt. Honestly, Sandstorm was always more of a leader than Firestar oof. I feel bad that people think of her as 'Firestar's mate' she deserves more than that. She has the most character development, is 'the best hunter in the clan' and is super supportive too. Can't think of a better cat!

She is an amazing cat. She is so clever, and although she dies as an elder, she goes down fighting. It was very brave of her to face the fox that killed her, when she could have let the younger cats fight it. But she did what she was determined to do - die as a brave warrior of her Clan!

21 Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

He is so cool, I mean when he lead BC (blood clan) very powerful, and he was already pretty formidable but, if he had Dark'tail's brains he may have been unstoppable. (I play on Roblox in Warrior's Ultimate Edition I want to lead BC as Scourge'tail, Collars show ranks! Also I like to be a med cat) -Dragon999_9

Great villain. He is better than Tigerstar. I mean, come on, he died to Firestar, which was obviously gonna happen, but he was a worthy villain to face Firestar. Tigerstar was a garbage villain and a try hard. Scourge is great.

He is kind of evil, but that was tiger stars fault anyway! He also was mistreated by his siblings. But as a villain, he was AWESOME. He killed tiger star with one blow when tiger star had 9 lives! He also was courageous and confident in his ‘clan’. You have to admit, those are good qualities. I think could have been a great cat if the circumstances were different.

His littermates were so mean to him, it's no surprise he turned out how he is now. Plus he built up an entire group/Clan, by himself, which is a huge accomplishment! Even though he had such a bad start in life, he gained power, and fought on, until he managed to become leader of BloodClan. If you've read The Rise of Scourge, you'd know, and you'll realize that he isn't such a bad cat after all.

22 Tallstar

I love Tallstar! I also love Jake (Firestar's father)! He is such a great leader! I also love this video about Jake and Tallstar. It goes soooo well with the song! It's called Deaf fellow traveller! I love Tallstar!

He had such a sad back story. He was a very old leader in the end but a GREAT one! He has lead Windclan through peace and wanted peace - especially with Thunderclan.

Tallstar is my favourite leader of all time!
He's kind and avoids battles if he can, but at the same time he fiercely defends his clan, and I just love his relationship with Jake!

Tallstar is awesome! Why in the world is he not in the top ten!?!?!? He's life was so sad! He was rejected by BOTH of his parents. His mother was obsessed with a dead kit and his father refused to acknowledge him just because he wanted to be a moor runner! And even though his father had been so mean to him, he still went to avenge his father's death. That's true loyalty and love. It would have been great if he had a mate. He would be really loyal to his mate, I'm sure. Tallstar's definitely WindClan's best leader! I LOVE YOU TALLSTAR!

23 Feathertail Feathertail is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series called Warrior Cats. She's a slender, silver-tabby she-cat with sky-blue eyes and a plump tail. She is the daughter of Silverstream and Graystripe, Stormfur's sister and Crowfeather's first love interest. She used to be more.

She died so bravely. She was a wonderful cat, and managed being half-Clan so well, when she could have given up because cats were stiff with her for having a ThunderClan father. But she was loyal all along, and died to save the Tribe of Rushing Water. That was as little for her own sake as it is possible to be! She was truly brave, and truly loyal. If she had lived, she would have made a wonderful deputy.

Unlike her mother, she deserves to have this much attention. She is beautiful and sacrificed so much for the clans.

Feathertail was so brave to give her life to save the tribe and the clan cats. She was one of the strong female characters that all girls need. She proved that it isn't always boys/toms that save everyone.

She risked her life for crowpaw and the cats in the tribe and who went on the journey. She deserves for YOU (yes you) to like this comment. Or write a comment saying how you agree/disagree.

She is amazing. She gave her life up to save the cat she loved-Crowfeather. She and Silverstream both died to give life to the ones they loved the most. Silverstream to her kits and Feathertail to Crowfeather. Why do great cats that I absolutely LOVE always seem to die?!

24 Crowfeather

Crowfeather is one of my favourite characters. He's grouchy and moody but his first mate died, his second mate chose her Clan over him, making him think she didn't love him (but she did - I think Leafpool never stopped loving him), when he came back to WindClan he had to take a mate to prove he was loyal, I don't think he really loved Nightcloud who poisoned their son saying that his father didn't like him making Breezepelt the brat we all know today. Then he found out he had kits he never knew about, which questioned his loyalty again. He's been through so much and hopefully we'll get Crowstar but if he dies before then I hope he's happy in StarClan; with Leafpool hopefully (CrowxLeaf is my favorite ship).

I think that Crowfeather really doesn't deserve people's opinions of him. They hate him just because he couldn't decide who he loved. But what is so wrong with that? He suffered so much! First one of the cats he loved died, then another deserted him. Then when he finally tried to have a mate in his own Clan and do what was right, he realised he didn't actually love her. He tried, he did! Just everyone is prejudiced against him for not succeeding.

Crowfeather has had a really sad life. First his father died when he was just a kit, he didn't really have any friends as an apprentice and when he met Feathertail on the journey and started opening up to her, she just died. Later he fell in love with Leafpool, but that doesn't work out either because she decided to stay loyal to her clan and he never got to see Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf grow up. He became mates with Nightcloud and they had Breezepelt. Crowfeather and Nightcloud never loved each other though and he only chose her to prove his loyalty to Windclan. I hope he can be with Feathertail or Leafpool when he joins Starclan.

At first I really didn't like him that much, but he has major character developments like telling Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze that they are not his family to saving Lionblaze's life. he goes through all this pain and suffering and that is the main thing that makes a new prophecy arc interesting.

25 Mosskit

Mosskit was so little! She must have been so cold, too! I miss Mosskit. She would have been a great warrior.
~Stormheart of RiverClan

In battles of the clans it said Mosskit didn’t want to leave Bluestar, Stormfur or Mistystar. At least she got to be with Bluestar in StarClan.

My opinion:
Snowfur nudges Mosskit. "Why are you back here little one? Come join Bluestar in the top ten! " Mosskit haters blocked Snowfur's path.
"THAT's where she belongs! " the snowy white she-cat snarled. They stepped aside. "Thank you, now, up to the top ten you go, little Mosskit."

The sweetest little thing, killed off for no reason whatsoever! Mossfern (as I call her) could've been a great cat, maybe even a leader!

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