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Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan


I like Bluestar, but I don't love her. In "Bluestar's Prophecy", she's pretty mopey, though she develops into a much stronger and wiser character as the book goes on. In the end, she truly deserved and was fit to lead a clan. Her life was pretty tragic, but Crookedstar, Tallstar, Yellowfang, and others also had pretty rough lives. In the first three books, she was calm but knew when to take action. She was wise and listened to others, but she had her limits.
But when Tigerstar attacked her, she brokedown. The one cat she thought she could trust to stay devoted and help her lead the clan besides maybe Fireheart had betrayed her. And I still think it was a bit contrived, and she could've been written with a little more dignity, but she came through in the end. I thought of her pretty negatively in the beginning, but I read someone's review of kid's entertainment and realized she's still a great character. In other series, she would've stayed at "wise mentor" role. But she grew into ...more

Bluestar was a great leader, even if the price she paid for it was higher than she ever thought possible. She gave up her three kits so that she could become Thunderclan's deputy instead of Thistleclaw, who would've ruined everything! Everyone should be proud of her for all her loyalty to her clan.
Firestar was apprentice to Bluestar, maybe because she thought of him as a replacement to Mosskit, Mistystar, and Stonefur. She was such a great mentor to him, and made him wise and confident; things any clan would be proud of.
It's too easy to say Bluestar went insane the last moons of her life; but you have to think about what she gave up- her kits, sister, mother, mate, leader, mentor. You have to understand how far she thought she'd failed. But don't forget she gave up her ninth life to save her clan from the dogs. At least she got to make peace with her living kits before she died.

Bluestar deserves to be remembered as a great leader; not the cat who went insane just ...more

She had such a hard life. She lost her mom in battle for no reason. She lost her sister soon after, she was hit by a car. All the sadness made her love a cat from river clan, Oakheart. Then she had to give up her kits. She was one of the greatest leaders ever she was so smart, kind, and she was proud Bluestar forever

BlueStar was so amazing! She lost so much in her life (read BlueStar's prophecy) and it made me so emotional when BlueStar saw MossKit in Starclan. She was so wise and OakHeart was her true love and I love how she was so kind to YellowFang. She was also kin of my favourite character (WhiteStorm) and she was so brave and she grieved for a reason, who wanted a cat who didn't grieve when their sister, mother, kit and literally everyone around her died! I also think her father didn't really bother in looking after her... She deserved a better life for such a lovely, strong, devoted character.

I LOVE BLUESTAR! She's the best! She stood strong tall and proud when she lost the ones she loved most! She carried the burden of a prophecy and accepted it to save her clan! She abandoned her kits to become deputy of Thunderclan instead of Thistleclaw! She saved Firestar from the dogs! She's just awesome! Sure, Firestar was super to and all that but he lost his spunk and all his kit times! Bluestar was a kind fair leader who I always looked up to. She has dignity and pride. May Starclan light your path Bluestar!

Without Bluestar fire start would have never became what he did. She helped him understand the forest and clans, she was the best thunderclap leader and possibly best leader ever.

She is so sweet. She's the best leader even better than fire star who have to heart to give up your kits to save your clan she's the best

I like bluestar because she is kind and loyal to the clan. In fact, she gives up her last life for them. When she was younger she faced a hard life. Not being able to live with her mate is bad enough but giving up her kits that is worse!

Bluestar had a very hard life with hard choices to make all the way. She was a natural born leader and it was so sad when she was betrayed by Tigerstar and started to go mad. I hated that part. I still absolutely adore her though.

Bluestar is the greatest leader ever! I miss her so much! I honestly think her death was the saddest of them all! It made me so sad when she did not trust her clan. Every one should honor her.

Even though Bluestar went a little... nuts at the end of her life, she pulled it together and was an amazing, understanding, strong and forgiving. As a younger cat, she had expiriences that no cat has ever gone through, but dealt with them way better than anyone else would've. BLUESTAR IS AWESOME!

Bluestar was an awesome leader, she was like Firestar because she welcomed every cat she even agreed to help Brokenstar. Even if I started to dislike her when she went nutso crazy I realized maybe I was to harsh on her, she saved Fireheart from dogs. Now I realize Fireheart almost threw away her sacrifice when he jumped into the gorge to save her

Bluestar was so amazing! She went through a lot in her life! She gave up her kits to be deputy so that Thistleclaw wouldn't! She was so loyal to her clan! I can't think of a cat more loyal than her! Go Bluestar! - Crookedstar_Lover

She had the most tragic life of the cats but she stayed strong and she lead her clan and will always be respected by all the cats of the forest.!

She was a great leader and stayed loyal to her clan when she knew she had made a bad choice. She gave her kits to Oakheart. ~Blizzardstar

When Bluestar died I was like good she's mean, but then in her final moments I cried! I wish she could have stayed, but then Firestar would never become leader.

I think Bluestar should have became an elder instead of dying. If I was her, I would have became an elder when I was about 75 moons old

Bluestar is amazing! She's loyal, brave, strong, and fair. All qualities a good leader should have.

She was a fantastic leader and she also was a mother of two great kits- stone fur and misty foot. She was the best cat ever

She put her kits aside in RiverClan with Oakheart to become deputy. She stayed strong though.

Bluestar was one of the most noble leaders of both any real or imaginative era. She was fair, caring and deserves to be one of a persons favourite - if not most favourite. - Skyress1

She is awesome and she was so strong. Even though she lost her whole family, she still kept going. I think she's awesome!

3 reasons why Bluestar is the best character

1.She sacrificed everything to save her clan

2.She was a noble leader

3.She is a great role model

Bluestar went through so much in her lifetime. She fell for a Oakheart from RiverClan, and then bore him three kits, but one dies shortly after being born. She then had to give up her kits so she could become the next deputy so evil Thistleclaw couldn't. She was wise to give Firestar a chance to join ThunderClan because he became a loyal cat. Even after she started going insane, she ended up dying from leading dogs off the gorge. It was a noble and brave death.

Bluestar? I'm so sorry but I don't see it, yet.. I have read every main book and some side books so far. What I have seen of her is mostly she was crazy! At some points I wished the medicine cat gave her Deathberries. She holds grudges way to long and it's so bad it was interfering with her leadership! Maybe I need to read Bluestar's prophecy.

Don't judge bluestar, yes, read the book and know what she been through