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Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.


Hollyleaf loved the warrior code, and loved Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw. She loved her life in Thunderclan and was happy, but then Leafpool and Crowfeather ruined her life. Ashfur trapped her and her brothers in the fire and tried to kill them, so Squirrelflight had to tell them the truth of their birth. It devastated Hollyleaf and her brothers, they had always believed she was their mother and Brambleclaw was their father. Hollyleaf then found out that Leafpool and Crowfeather were her parents and that she had been half clan the whole time. To believe in the code so dearly and figure out you're half clan must be terrible. She had to kill Ashfur for the safety of her brothers and the other cats of her clan. Then, she told them at the gathering because she couldn't lie to all the clans like that, then she went to the tunnels and got trapped. Then, in the dark forest battle, she saved Ivypool's life and died happily with her clan once more.

She will always be my favorite. I have loved her as soon as I saw her in the books. Yes I will admit that she did make bad choices, but answer this to me ASHFUR fans. How come when Ashfur tried to kill what how many FOUR CATS! Including his LEADER! And what else he tried to ruin squirrelflight's life. But then HE GOES TO STARCLAN! Wait and don't even say that he got to go because"He did not kill a cat and that he got to go because he wanted love" or whatever. BUT THISTLECLAW DID THE SAME THING BUT HE WENT TO THE DARK FOREST! AND HE HAD THE SAME ISSUE HIS LOVE DIED AND HE WAS JUST DEPRESSED! BUT HE STILL WENT TO THE DARK FOREST BUT ASHFUR DOESEN'T. And yes Hollyleaf did kill a cat but SHE should get a second chance. I mean she did but you ASHFUR FANS BE ALL LIKE " SHE SHOULD GO TO THE DARK FOREST SHE KILLED ASHBEA! " Well no. ASHFUR was bad and HE diserved to die because he tried to kill 4 cats and kept it a secret. Hmm... Hollyleaf did try to kill Leafpool but she was depressed. Same ...more

! Hollyleaf is so awesome! I feel so sorry for her, and she's so misunderstood. She had a reason for everything she did. When she killed Ashfur, she was doing it to help her brothers. When she told the secret, it was because she cared so much about the warrior code. Hollyleaf wasn't part of the three, which gets me really upset. She deserved it, and would probably work harder than the others who are in the three. Hollyleaf wouldn't have killed Ashfur if she was part of the three. She is also very hardworking and caring. She helped Molepaw and Cherrypaw by fighting off a fox. She also died saving Ivypool from Hawkfrost. Hollyleaf deserves way more than what she got. Ok, I hate to say this, but I used to be like one of those most passionate Hollyleaf haters. But then I realized that Hollyleaf has a really good heart. And sometimes she overreacts a bit, but it's okay, because everyone has their bad times. It's just that she's been through a lot, more than people could imagine. And some ...more - Oliveleaf

Hollyleaf is my favourite warrior cats character in my opinion. She was the most misunderstood, most relatable, most interesting and most badass character in the franchise. She maybe hated just because she killed ashfur but actually she did it to protect her litter mates from ashfur hurting them. She died for the warrior code and she died the most tragic warrior death in the franchise in my opinion. And she also died so she can protect ivypool from hawkfrost and she is also very loyal and has gone through so much in her life, she is even braver than her two brothers. So in my opinion hollyleaf is the most misunderstood and my favourite warrior cats character in my opinion. - RainbowDashsucks755

I really love you Hollyleaf why did you die? It's not fair. Somebody help me send Hawkfrost to the center of the sun and sizzle him up like a hotdog with extra chili.R.I.P. Hollyleaf! Stupid dumb dumb dumb dumb stupid Hawkfrost stinking lump of dirty poop

Hollyleaf is my all time favorite warrior character! She was strong and smart, with a fierce devotion to the warrior code. Even though she always tried to do what was right AND had grand plans to be a leader, her world was crumbled; not even by her own faults. Just by being born, she had broken the code she lived by. She had dedicated her life to that, so she lashed out. Yes, she did regretful things, but punished herself by living in the tunnels. Still, she helped her clans with herbs and food. Her entire life was dedicated to her clan and the warrior code, and she died for that. Truthfully, her story is the most sad, and the best.

Can you imagine learning that everything you've ever known of is a lie? Especially for someone is very dedicated to the warrior code. Poor Hollyleaf had to pass through so much.I know that some people hate her because she killed Ashfur. Well that was all an accident. She can't swim so you cannot blame her.Anyway she didn't want everyone to know their secret. And then when she told everyone at the gathering I was very surprised. But then I put myself in Hollyleaf's place and saw why she did it. She was probably still mad at Leafpool and decided to do it.And then when she ran away not because she is a coward but she thought she would be exiled out of her clan because she killed Ashfur. I really did think she died in the tunnels anyway. And I was so surprised when she came back in the forgotten warrior! But then came the battle with the dark forest. She decided she would help Ivypool who was fighting with Hawkfrost. She died such a short life. But very noble death. Long live Hollyleaf. ...more

She is so underrated and her life is horrible. Her brothers were heroes in a prophecy and she thought she would be, too. But instead she was trying to set things right in her Clan, putting an end to a villain, which is usually honorable, but instead she is trapped in tunnels, coming back only to be killed off, Seriously, she had a life short and depressing. Besides she was replaced by a whiny brat. She should've been the fourth cat instead of Firestar because I love Firestar but he had his shining moments and a good life

Hollyleaf seems to be a fierce she-cat, she had a lot of determination in what she wants to do. Feeling the need to be loyal, her heart pure yet mixed. I truly felt a quite sad when Hollyleaf figured out that her birth had broken the warrior code.

Hollyleaf is SO underrated! In my opinion she is the best cat in the whole series! I was really angry that Erin Hunter replaced her with Dovewing. Dovewing is just an annoying brat! I understand how Hollyleaf felt that she had to kill Ashfur and spill the secret of her actual parents at the Gathering. (sorry if I'm not calling things the right thing or name, I haven't read the books in quite awhile) I don't care for Firestar, Lionblaze, Graystripe, Bluestar, none of those cats! Hollyleaf is the strongest female character I've ever read about.She is my fave Warriors character and she deserves to be at the top!

She would die for the warrior code, and she did. Hollyleaf died for Ivypool and though I didn't want her to die it was the most meaningful of all the warriors deaths. People say that Hollyleaf is a terrible cat and that she's evil
*cough cough, Starkit's Prophecy*
But she isn't, she very loyal, she's braver than her two brothers and goes through so much in her life. Her deepest regret is killing Ashfur, and lets admit, Ashfur was a terrible character! He was only even in the story so that he could ruin Bramblestar's relationship with Squirrelflight.
She had to deal with not having powers when her brothers did, coming back and meeting the idiot that Dumbwing is who had stolen her place in the three.

Hollyleaf is a strong and an honest character, and I really liked getting to know her! Sure in the beginning she always whined about the warrior code, but if you go deeper into the series, she got lost in the tunnels, and came back. She killed Ashfur because it was for the best. If she didn't, then Ashfur would have announced in the Gathering about Squirrelflight, and she will be just embarrassed. When she comes back in the "Forgotten Warrior," I was so happy! In fact, she even helped the clan so much! SHE gave up her OWN LIFE for Ivypool! Why does Hollyleaf have to die? She is honest, and tries to do the best for her clan. Hope she's hunting well in Starclan, may Starclan light your path Hollyleaf - lilydoestopten

I love her so much, she has tried to be great and she kept trying. She listened to her heart and did what it told her to do, she was such a brave cat. This is probably why I hate Hawkfrost, he killed her. And I'm glad she killed Ashfur, I hated Ashfur when I first heard of him! I'm really happy that Hollyleaf is in the top 10s. Let's try to make her to the top 5s!

HollyLeaf is honestly one of my top favorites. I don't know how can you hate her! She is a bit twisted in the end but she was still an amazing warrior. But most of her insanity was really the fault of LeafPool. Its hard to know that all these years you have a different mother than you thought you did. Anyways. She was a noble warrior strong and fierce. Who could of hated her?

Okay so people get mad at her because she killed ashfur because he was going to kill her if he didn't he would kill her and her family and then she ran off to avoid being treated badly from heaters in the clan then she came back and people act like shes a badger trying to kill their kits or something! What the heck's wrong with hollyleaf?

I love holly paw/leaf. (Should be hollystar). She's brave, smart, kind, cute, hot, sassy, most loyal cat ever, willing, and wil do whatever it takes to protect her clan. She risked her life when she died. What did she do wrong? I hate you, Hawkfrost.R.I. P, HOLLYLEAF

Best cat ever! Even better than the great Firestar! The Erin's said that there were going to be no more reincarnations but Hollyleaf deserves it more than any other cat! HOLLYLEAF! HOLLYLEAF! HOLLYLEAF! I HATE that IDIOT Hawkfrost! He just had to kill her and the clans!

I love Hollyleaf. Her character, her personality, her devotion, her skills and most of all, her potential. What kind of author kills of a character and when she comes back, just kills her off again? She is brilliant and misunderstood, even though she did nothing. She was under tons of stress and I think that killing Ashfur was impulse on her account. Ashfur attempted murder on three cats and got into Starclan. Hollyleaf tried to kill no one and people say she deserves to be in the Dark Forest. And Hollyleaf is Number 7?! I can't believe the Erins would replace her with stupid Mary-Sue Dovewing. This girl deserves Number 1!

She was the only one of the three that was actually proactive in the Power of Three series. She got stuff done unlike Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and soon Dovewing. She was so misunderstood and heartbroken about the fact that she was born, that it's hard for her not to be my favorite character in the whole series.

Hollyleaf has to be my favorite character.
She was desperately loyal to the warrior code, which is important. Unlike Dovewing, (Sorry Dovewing fans, I'm a Dovewing hater! ) she tried to think of ways to use her power, and even tried out as a medicine cat! She obviously despised killing Ashfur, and was horrified whenever anyone talked about him.
I sobbed inside when she sacrificed herself for Ivypool. I wish Dovewing died instead of her!

Hollyleaf, Hollyleaf ahh. One of the best warriors to tread on the forest ground. She is brave and fierce, always strong in the inside too, although her incident with Ashfur weighed her ego down a bit. Nevertheless she died defending a cat who is almost equally as heroic and awesome. - PopularCraft

I don't technically think Hollyleaf is the best character, I mean she did have hard times. She was loyal to her clan and to the warrior code. She believed that no one should break the code. That's when it got out of control. She killed Ashfur because she didn't want anyone to know her real heritage. But then later she tells everyone that her mother and father are Leafpool and Crowfeather. I mean come on! She also forced Leadpool to eat deathberries. Why would you do that to your own mother? All she ever wanted was to be loyal to her clan, and I respect that.

Long live Hollyleaf she is my favorite cat. She gave up her clan life for her brothers by killing Ashfur. Also she was so brave to save Ivypool. She is an amazing fighter. She is the kind of cat I want as a friend

I like her. Yes, she went a little crazy, but she had built her whole life around following the Code, and she figured out that her very existence breaks is. I will make jokes about Hollyleaf and the Code, but I like her. I can't make a really beautiful, long, essay about why I like her(like most people), but I can give you a short little paragraph.

HOLLYLEAF IS AWESOME! She is so loyal to the warrior code and won't break it... Except for the part when she killed Ashfur. But I don't care about Ashfur. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER HOLLYLEAF!

Ashfur deserves less haters though. He was so great before, and I was sad when he changed. I like both Hollyleaf and Ashfur. - Oliveleaf