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181 Ashfoot

Ashfoot, I feel sorry for you; your son is Crowfeather. I love you!

Ashfoot was a great deputy to Tallstar

Ashfoot was ONEstar's deputy until she died/retired.
She's awesome!

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182 Willowshine

Willowshine is awesome she should at least be in the 50's

Willowshine should be way higher. She is awesome

She is cute and a awesome med cat

Willowshine, you're such a great medicine-cat!

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183 Gorsepaw

I can't believe Tigerstar used him as an example! He would have made a great warrior.

I agree! Gorsepaw would have been a great warrior. I swear by Star clan if I ever go to the Dark Forest, I will kill him again.

So mean of Tigerstar to kill him! SO UNFAIR! I agree, Gorsepaw would have made a great warrior!

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184 Floss

She may not be a clan cat but she can still be honored just like smoky

Hey, Floss, I bet your teeth are clean in whatever you believe in.

I can't believe Smoky REPLACED her!

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185 Rippletail

Come on this cat is amazing he gave up his life helping the clans Rippletail did not die in vain he should be on this list and high up too

Rippletail, why did you have to die? If Petalfur got hurt, you'd save her and no cat would die!

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186 Lilykit

She's so cute! She's the best kit in my opinion.

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187 Seedkit

She should be much higher, (SPOILERS for those of you who haven't read Bramblestar's Storm yet! ) as she died saving Lilyheart as an apprentice.

Seedkit, I am from the future; your warrior name is Seedflame, you don't die!

Seed kit, with the powers of Starclan, I give you your warrior name. From this moment on, your warrior name will be Seedsplash

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188 Leopardfoot

Wow dummies saying that she doesn't deserve to be here because she gave birth to Tigerstar. Did she create his personality? So she was the spirit inside Tigerstar, controlling him to be evil? Nonsense. She was a great and friendly cat. I feel bad for her. Pinestar left her, her two kits died, and her only living son became horribly evil.

I feel sorry for her, her mate and leader left to become a KITTYPET!

Why is Leopardfoot on this list? She gave birth to Tigerstar, for Starclan sake

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189 Honeyfern

Wow, this is sad... #140? really people? How dense are you? She DIED saving a kit! I love you Honeyfern and how is Berrynose higher than you?

Why did there have to be a snake?! Honeyfern was a great warrior! Why did she have to die? I wish she was still alive now!

I loved Honeyfern. she didn't have to die. STUPID SNAKE!

And yeah, SERIOUSLY why is Berrynose higher than Honeyfern? I mean Berrynose is kind of rude, too!

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190 Birchfall

Birchfall would be my mate if I were a cat. He is so loyal and kind and puts his Clan before himself. But why 124? GO BIRCHFALL

He is just awesome when larchkit and hollykit died he brought comfort to dustpelt and ferncloud

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191 Blossomfall

In my version of warriors she had kits with Thornclaw.

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192 Rainfur

Don't you think it is kinda weird that he had a warrior name before joining SkyClan?

He was such a great cat. A true warrior of modern Skyclan. Should have been leader if he dident die.R.I. P Rainfur

193 Snowdreamer

Snowdreamer is a new character in my new book P.S. my book is not published yet but I can put a new chapter on here every day!

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194 Applefur

Cool name I guess. She had no comments, so I commented.

Like her, she didn't become a traitor because she wanted to. #Ivysucks

195 Jay's Wing

Come on, guys! Jay's wing is Jayfeather, and he's even 2nd!

Jay's Wing was a great cat he is exactly Jayfeather just from the old times

I love you Jay's Wing! You are Half Moon are perfect together!
But really- what happened to the real Jay's Wing if Jayfeather was thousands of years later? How is that possible? I hate time travel.
But really- I love you!
~Half Moon

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196 Bumblestripe

Bumblestripe would be a great mate with Dovewing

To good for Dovewing, but if he really did love her...

He deserves a cat better than Dovewing!

You are a good mate to Dovewing!

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197 Finchkit

She so adorable, her story is so sad!

I really didn't get this kit's concept, I all I know is that Palebird ignored Tallkit because she was so caught up in mourning.

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198 Sorrelkit

Are we talking about Sorreltail? If we are, she deserves to be higher on the list, and Darkstripe shouldn't have tried to kill her.

Lionblaze and cinderheart kit

Yes, Lionblaze and Cinderheart had kits. Sorrelkit is one of them. Hollykit is another- and I can't remember what the last one was called.

Umm...wait Cinder and Lion had kits?

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199 Mousekit V 2 Comments
200 Jack

Firestar's father was Jake. He was also somehow (I'm not sure) Tiny's father. (I know his 'name' is Scrouge, but I don't like how he changed his name. So I'll call him Tiny) And it IS Jake, not Jack, I'm positive. And we'll, ahem...HE WAS TALLSTAR'S BESTESTEST FRIEND WHEN HE WAS YOUNG! HOW CAN YOU GET HIS NAME WRONG? ITS FOUR LETTERS! J. A. K. E.

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