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181 Nightcloud

I hate how people hate her because of leafpool. Besides, leaf pool shouldn't even BE with Crowbutt anyways. And if your mate doesn't love you and is mooning another cat, it makes sense for her to be angry. So stop it nightcloud haters! YOU GUYS SUCKS! And she is clingy to Crowbutt only because Crowbutt is floating towards Leafbutt. I would be pretty upset if that happens to me too. And she is an awesome mother too. Poor Nightcloud doesn't deserve Crowbutt. Let Crowbutt fly away with Leafbutt! They suck anyways!

I can get why people feel bad for her, BUT IT'S ALL HER FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE! It was she who believed that Crow had loved her. She should've just throw him away and left him with Leaf. - Lizardstep

I love Nightcloud for being so strong when Crowbutt (feather) was like " Hey Nightcloud, I'm going to leave you for my precious Leafpool, so bye bye sucker! ". She took matters to her own hands and watched over her only son with care. She's such a fierce mom. She only was clingy because she thought that she was going to lose Crowfeather. Again. Dislike if you must, I don't care. I just feel pity and love for my Nighty!

I feel bad for Her ;^;

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182 Leopardstar

Leopard star is a great leader bit for a little bit she scorned have clans but she got over that and joined lion clan and deafened blood clan. She has never been good with other clans because she was scared she made the wrong choice again. She was named after the mighty leopard clan when her mom and litter mates died. But like the river clan cats say she is a strong and fair leader

Leopardstar is a great leader. I don't blame her for listening to Tigerstar. She didn't know what she was getting into to. I love her for her fierceness as well!

Leopardstar was a great leader though she should have protected her clan from Tigerstar's treachery

Leapordstar deserves so much better! Everyone thinks she's always considered a grouch because she hated fire star.

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183 Smudge

Smudge is so cute! Stupid Tigerclaw had to come and REPORT TO BLUESTAR just because Firepaw was talking to Smudge.

I know he does not make a big appearance but he was one of the best. It must be heartbreaking to loose your best friend and not know if they're alive until they meet up again. I loved it when he came across firepaw again in 'into the wild' I wish he could join the clans with firehear. He is so cuttee ^-^ he is one of the best around and I hope he has a long happy life ahead of him

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184 Cody

I love her. She is so kind to the clan!

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185 Firekit

Firekit's actually Leafstar's daughter she was named in honor of Firestar for restoring Skyclan to greatness

I'm supposed to like Sol's brother?

Firekit didn't exist. He was Rusty when he came to the clans and wasn't a kit in the clans.

What in the actual

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186 Stormtail

What type of father was he, he didn't even comfort Bluestar when moonflower or snow fur died. He didn't even grieve for them. He also never even congratulated Bluestar when she got kits, or give her one of her nine lives. It ended up being weedwhisker who took his place. I'm not even sure if he understands love.

I hate you... you turned your back on your own kits when their mother died; and then went and got a new mate! Who does that?! (eh, Graystripe, but he's still awesome, even though Millie sucks)

He is handsome and
Loving tp moonflower. People who think he in selfsh he is not he was crying when snowfur died. I ship stormtail and Dawnflower

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187 Billystorm

Billystorm: A tornado of goats raging through the land, destroying everything in it's path saying "meh"

A great mate to Leafstar-and hey! His name isn't too bad once you get used to it! I have heard of worse warrior names!

*imitates billy goat* This cat is awesome!

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188 Smokey

I'm not sure where berrynose gets it from but I can see why the other two are who they are. Smoky produced some good cats

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189 Rainflower

She was really surprised that her kit would never heal and look different forevah. I hate her for rejecting the poor cat that was trying to fit in, and she never ever talked to him one on one. I do hate how he just watched her die, but that was on Mapleshade. (HATE HER) okay, I guess she is somewhat okay, but if he was my kit I would encourage him and tell him to embrace being different. But Rainflower didn't. Cool name though

How could anyone hate her? Because she turned on her son because his jaw was crooked. She renamed him Crookedkit, paid more attention to Oakheart and ignored him, and made him sleep in his own nest. Just a FEW of the reasons she's awful. I love you Crookedstar!

Nasty, nasty, nasty, she and Shellheart would have been such a great couple!

I love rain flower who could hate her

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190 Tinycloud

Tinycloud was awesome because she was offended by her name then leafstar said that she had a big heart and tinycloud loved her name.
-Runningwind of sunclan

Okay Runnungwind, is your sister Mousefur? No offense, but Runningwind was a loyal Thunderclan cat.
-Heathershine of StormClan

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191 Icecloud

Woa wait a minute why hasnt icecloud been put on this list she is just awesome but I think its unfair because when she was an apprentice she got mentioned a lot but when she became warrior she hardly gets mentioned. I think erin hunter should make a book about her caz I want to see her warrior ceromony. Also I want to know if she gets a mate if she does I want to know whoxx icecloud rulesxx

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192 Tiny

I don't know why his former name, Tiny, is on here. I don't like scourge (Or should I say Tiny,) at all, except that he killed Tigerstar. (Thank you for doing that, Scourge.) Besides that, I don't really like him.

Tiny is Scrouge's name when he was a kitten. I think changing his name was the first sign he was starting to turn evil (or as evil as a cat can be). Before that he was an adorable kitten whose only fault was exzagrating (I know I spelled that wrong but this dosn't have a spell checK) stories. I really hate Socks and Ruby, they might not have meant for him to become a tyrant but they made him think being big and strong is all that matters.

Tiny and Scrooge are the same people

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194 Bone

You should NOT be number 130, you should be a lot lower!

Bone killed Whitestorm! Why is he on here?!

NO BUTTON NO BUTTON NO BUTTON NO! *Hits the no button so hard she makes her hand bleed*

Aww bone I like you to I will protect you :3

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195 Speckletail

I love Speckletail! She deserves to much higher on the list. 121?! Really?! She is so nice, and didn't deserve to have her kit, Snowkit, carried off by an eagle like that. I hope she doesn't die anytime soon from where I am in the books.

I love Speckletail! Why is she so low on the list?! She wanted to fight against Bloodclan, and had her kit (Snowkit) taken away from her. She should be in the top 50. 121 is my new least favorite number.

Her other kits are... Lionheart and Goldenflower! And Smallear is her mate!
(It says on Erin Hunter's warrior cat site)

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196 Ashfoot

Ashfoot, I feel sorry for you; your son is Crowfeather. I love you!

Ashfoot was a great deputy to Tallstar

Ashfoot was ONEstar's deputy until she died/retired.
She's awesome!

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197 Willowshine

Willowshine is awesome she should at least be in the 50's

Willowshine should be way higher. She is awesome

She is cute and a awesome med cat

Willowshine, you're such a great medicine-cat!

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198 Gorsepaw

I can't believe Tigerstar used him as an example! He would have made a great warrior.

I agree! Gorsepaw would have been a great warrior. I swear by Star clan if I ever go to the Dark Forest, I will kill him again.

So mean of Tigerstar to kill him! SO UNFAIR! I agree, Gorsepaw would have made a great warrior!

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199 Floss

She may not be a clan cat but she can still be honored just like smoky

Hey, Floss, I bet your teeth are clean in whatever you believe in.

I can't believe Smoky REPLACED her!

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200 Rippletail

Come on this cat is amazing he gave up his life helping the clans Rippletail did not die in vain he should be on this list and high up too

Rippletail, why did you have to die? If Petalfur got hurt, you'd save her and no cat would die!

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