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301 Boulder

What a nice, loyal tabby Tom, I always thought he should be called Blueboulder because of his gorgeous sky blue eyes and sleek grey fur

What a nice warrior he even helped Tigerster the Meanest leader ever! - Brackenfur101

302 Leopardstar

Leopard star is a great leader bit for a little bit she scorned have clans but she got over that and joined lion clan and deafened blood clan. She has never been good with other clans because she was scared she made the wrong choice again. She was named after the mighty leopard clan when her mom and litter mates died. But like the river clan cats say she is a strong and fair leader

Leopardstar is a great leader. I don't blame her for listening to Tigerstar. She didn't know what she was getting into to. I love her for her fierceness as well!

Leopardstar was a great leader though she should have protected her clan from Tigerstar's treachery

Leapordstar deserves so much better! Everyone thinks she's always considered a grouch because she hated fire star.

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303 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw

Oh, come ON people! At least give Thistleclaw a chance! It WASN'T his fault being evil, he was influenced by the Dark Forest! And he loved Snowfur SO MUCH. Is it really THAT bad for him to go blind with rage and evilness after the one cat he loved the most DIED?! (And I can't believe I had to put him on here... FOR SHAME FANDOM, FOR SHAME! )

Bluestar is crying

304 Rainflower

She was really surprised that her kit would never heal and look different forevah. I hate her for rejecting the poor cat that was trying to fit in, and she never ever talked to him one on one. I do hate how he just watched her die, but that was on Mapleshade. (HATE HER) okay, I guess she is somewhat okay, but if he was my kit I would encourage him and tell him to embrace being different. But Rainflower didn't. Cool name though

How could anyone hate her? Because she turned on her son because his jaw was crooked. She renamed him Crookedkit, paid more attention to Oakheart and ignored him, and made him sleep in his own nest. Just a FEW of the reasons she's awful. I love you Crookedstar!

Nasty, nasty, nasty, she and Shellheart would have been such a great couple!

I love rain flower who could hate her

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305 Leafstar

Best leader ever! Truly believes in the warrior code. She went from rouge to leader in a few moons. She faced many difficulties ( rats, sol, rogues, twolegplace cats, floods, etc. ) and led skyclan through it all. I think she should appear in more books. If I am correct the only books leafstar is in are firestar's quest, skyclan's destiny, and a few mangas. Really? Leafstar deserves more than that! Go leafstar! :)

-floodstar leader of moonclan

Best skyclan leader ever! She really thinks things through before she acts. That is something other clan leaders despretly need. Let leafstar guide you skyclan. :-)/-/

Why doesn't anyone care about Leafstar? =( She is such a great leader! And THIS is what people think of her? Hasn't anyone read all about what a good leader Leafstar is? I have, and I think Leafstar should be in the top ten!

Bottom of the list? Seriously? Mapleshade, Tigerstar, Clawface, and Darkstripe are so much worse than her. She is a great cat, and she doesn't deserve to be here. Come on! Even stupid Foxheart is ahead of her! - Lizardstep

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