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21 Ravenpaw

I'm in Long Shadows right now. I haven't seen Ravenpaw in a long time. Where is he!? To bad he had to leave! Stupid Tigerstar. He will always be my favorite warriors cat Evan if he is not a popular cat right now. I loved when him, Fireheart/heart and Graystripe went on their journey to save the kits. Them three were the best of friends!

I'm going to cry. Why is Ravenpaw all the way down here?! He's the best, because he had to go through so much, and constantly had the threat of being murdered by someone who is supposed to be around him a lot, and that the Leader trusts! I wish Ravenpaw stayed, but I'm also glad he left because he turned into the strong little cat he is today. =)

What in the world happened to Ravenpw?! He should be higher! A LOT higher! How dare you people put him here?!?!

Dudes... my cat's name is Raven and ravenpaw was just one of my plain favorites. I love Cinderheart and Squirrelflight too but I thought why is Ravenpaw in 23rd. so I helped him by voting so u better help to. it'll make this society much better

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22 Scourge Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

Had a great story. A little tiny kitten that ended up becoming very dark. After reading the manga you really sympathize for scourge. Sure he's twisted, but that's what made him a great character.

I hate scourge. He was to harsh on violet/ Barley. Go die in a hole scourge - Leaftail

Before I explain a really long paragraph; I have three words:
He set out to kill the Clans! He killed Tigerstar, (the only good thing he did), and then he tried to kill Firestar! I hate how he made Firestar lose a life, but I know fighting and death just happens. I know he was rejected when he was a kit because of his size, but he could've at least found something better to do than sit ther scheming about how he wanted to kill his tormentors. He lied to all of the twolegplace cats about the dog, and he used them. I hate Scrouge until the end of time! I'm so glad he died in the end. I also hate how he cared about his appearance. I think the collar studded with dog teeth was disgusting, and I hate how he tried to act scary. For example, Crookedstar. His jaw was broken. Did he hide it? No, he embraced it! Again, I hate how Scrouge tried to act scary. Who cares about names? He should've kept the name Tiny. His mother gave it to him for a reason and loved him so, but he ...more

Scourge had such a sad life he is the cat loki I can't believe he's own uncle killed him he is firestar's sisters son I love that scourge died for his beliefs I love scourge and blood clan

You can at least feel a bit of sympathy when he was a kit. He was bullied by Socks and Ruby for being small. So, some can really relate to him for being bullied at a young age and finally doing something. But Scourge? He took it way too far. He created BloodClan, killed Tigerstar, and was finally killed by Firestar. He DESIRED blood. And that collar. Wow. Great accessory. He didn't even like the collar. He just kept that thing on to seem tough. Couldn't he have settled it with his siblings another way? And it is really creepy when they do the ScourgeX[Some random fangirl name] Eeeughgnghghg... If you read the part about the battle in the first series or the FanFic, Sushi's Society, you might get how dangerous he is. ~Mistyrain

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23 Swiftpaw

I honestly think that Erin Hunter killed Swiftpaw because they coudn't think of a warrior name for him. But he was still so brave to tackle the dogs! Bluestar, thanks a lot, you completely neglected the apprentices and made an innocent cat die! You're in our hearts forever, Swiftpaw.

He is truly awesome! I agree with one person, Erin hunter might have not think of a name for him. Bluestar is a horrible leader! I never even liked her like I like Firestar or Bramblestar! Bluestar should have been killed by the pack of dogs instead. Then Firestar could be leader, and Swiftpaw, As I like Swiftheart, Would still be alive.

Okay warrior name: Swiftfang/scrape. He was brave till the end. Come on people! What did Swiftpaw ever do to you? All he wanted was to be made a warrior! It wasn't his fault Bluestar went insane! He never even got the chance to tell Brightheart how he felt about her; they would've been perfect. It could've been really cool if his leg had been ripped off; but he survived that would've been interesting; right? kind of gross, but still. Swiftpaw rocks!

It is tigerstar/claws fault that swift paw died if he did not make blue star go crazy she would not have neglected him

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24 Mapleshade Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.

Most people think that she is just as pointless and annoying as tigerstar, but COME ON! At least SHE had a reason to be evil!

I am not saying she should be number 1 or anywhere on that list I am just saying that she could at least be in the I don't know, top 50, a little lower but ya know

And I do see why people hate her, but than again in my opinion she makes a better villain than tigerstar

I have always loved Mapleshade since I read Crookedstar's promise. I recently read Mapleshade's Vengeance and now I love her even more! Quote: "Can you imagine what it feels like to be rejected twice when all you tried to do was love! " - Mapleshade

Personally, I don't hardly know anything about her, but I do know she lost everything she ever worked for; everything turning against her at once. And then people go on about how she was evil to the core! All creatures have a reason to be how they are.

Sorry, but any cat that is evil for a good reason, is vengeful, or can make you cry. - Lilycat14192

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25 Lionheart

I'm glad you chose Lionheart he is the most epic warrior!

He is such a brave cat. A lot of people do not like the prophecy cats. He had to fight for everything like every other cat. So he really should be liked more. Also I love how he picked his own destiny and lost the battle

It would be beautiful if Lionheart actually lived a lot longer. If he became leader than Thunder Clan would be the ultimate Clan. Lionheart makes excellent decisions and would've made a great leader.

Lionheart was always a good strong cat and mostly, a firece and noble one! He was one of the best warriors in the clans!

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26 Ashfur Ashfur

Seriously how is Ashfur is on this list he is my least favorite cat in the whole entire warrior cat series and he will always be my least favorite he is incredibly annoying how do people like him no offense Asher lover he is incredibly annoying how do people like him no offense ashfur lovers but I will always hate him he tried to kill Firestar lion blaze probably lea lovers but I will always hate him he tried to kill fire star lion blaze Hollyleaf and Jayfeather

He at first was a great warrior. But then he got jealous he was a great warrior until that day.

Yes! Ashfur and Hawkfrost are my favorite cats! Ashfur should have been with squirrelflight. He really loved her, and brambleclaw/star just tried to stop squirrelflight s adventurous personality. GO ASHFUR!

I hate the cats who believe he is a bad cat squirrel flight is the most stupid cat in the whole world! he is an amazing cat who most people misjudge, How would most people think f you loved another person and dumped you? And soon after that girl you loved had 3 kids?! I would go insane as well! And this is my opinion! So! Please don't be a hater... I do love him!

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27 Longtail

Best cat ever. He went through so much pain in losing his two best friends who became evil. Yet he still stayed loyal. Sure, he could be snappy at times, and maybe he wasnt the bravest, but later on when he became an elder he was extremely sweet. You have to give him some credit and remember him as a sweet and loyal cat. Also, people don't remember when he saved Fireheart when he fell into the river. He was a hero that day.

If Mousefur wasn't so old they would've had kits. He cares so much about her! At one point during the drought Jayfeather mentions how he thinks Longtail is giving his food and water to Mousefur; isn't that the sweetest thing ever? You would die, to save the cat you loved? I love this guy! Go Longtail! Whooo!
I also really like how in the first series Longtail's on Tigerstar's side but when he realizes that he's the bad guy he becomes loyaler, and kinder, and Firestar says how he's one of his best warriors! And then the dumb rabbit goes and blinds him! What kind of rabbit is that, the killer bunny of doom or something?

It was sad how in the last 2 books bluestar was alive he was treated poorly just to go blind!

Longtail. Can anyone blame him? I personally have a " hate " for ThunderClan. Everyone in ThunderClan except him. I mean it was really unfair in Into the Wild. First off: Rusty. He comes just walking in and beats an apprentice that has been training longer than him, who has had only dreamed and caught one mouse! Second: Rusty was a kittypet when he was first introduced into the Clans. And guess what happens? A warrior! A ThunderClan warrior! Got a nick in his ear because of a kittypet! Once a kittypet, always a kittypet. Longtail was a follower of Tigerstar, along with Darkstripe but both chose not to go with him. But Darkstripe brought Tawnykit and Bramblekit to him. He was loyal enough to stay in ThunderClan.

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28 Tigerstar Tigerstar Tigerstar is the biggest villain in the Warrior Cats, also the cat that Firestar wants to kill . He has two mates, Goldenflower and Sasha, and four kits, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, and Hawkfrost . After he dies, he goes to the Dark Forest where he is killed again except this time by Firestar more.

He may have been evil, but it wasn't really his fault if you think about it. If Snowfur didn't die, then Thistleclaw wouldn't of been evil. If he wasn't evil, then he would of trained Tigerpaw better. Tigerstar would of then probably have been more wise. I don't care if this gets like 50 dislikes, opinion! To me, Tigerstar is a interesting character. Go on, dislike it. I won't care. Tigerstar is the best character.

I hate what Tigerstar did because he killed so many cats but if he wasn't there the story would be boring. If you think about it if Tigerstar wasn't alive there would not be the Dark Forest and the plot of training cats so there would be know point in the 4 series. I the end I hate Tigerstar because he is so evil but he is a very classic and good villain and makes the story very interesting.

Sometimes we also feel like Tigerstar because of our new baby sister Amanda. Like mom got us 10 minutes late to school because of Amanda fussing, and it was the pioneer workshop that day. We try to sometimes try to find plans to get more attention all together. So you can't really blame Tigerstar for that,

You're kidding me, right? WHY IN THE WHOLE WORLD IS THIS CAT LIKE 25 RANKS IN FRONT OF HIS AWESOME GRANDSON? It's still his fault. He could've chose to follow Bluefur/star in stead of Thistleclaw. And I have a feeling that if Snowfur stayed alive, they would soon break up and Thistle's going to go evil anyway.
Tigerheart's so much better. I mean, come on. He's having a Super Edition of his own!
Quote: "Just because I share his name doesn't mean I have to be like him." - Lizardstep

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29 Tallstar

Tallstar is awesome! Why in the world is he not in the top ten!?!?!? He's life was so sad! He was rejected by BOTH of his parents. His mother was obsessed with a dead kit and his father refused to acknowledge him just because he wanted to be a moor runner! And even though his father had been so mean to him, he still went to avenge his father's death. That's true loyalty and love. It would have been great if he had a mate. He would be really loyal to his mate, I'm sure. Tallstar's definitely WindClan's best leader! I LOVE YOU TALLSTAR!

Tallstar is such a great character. He was one of the longest lived leader in the series, and was smart in changing his deputy. Also, Tallstar's Revenge is my favourite Super Edition.

Seriously?! Only 27th? Tallstar is such an awesome leader! GO TALLSTAR! Take your place up near Firestar at the top!

TALLSTAR is the best!

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30 Crowfeather

He was a strong willed cat, he was very cold at times, but it was sweet when he showed his soft side.

Watch the YouTube video crowfeather has no mail

I think you're pretty cool. The only reason your down is YOU NEED TO PICK A SHE-CAT you already had kits with two of them so make a decision!

Yeah no

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31 Half Moon

Half moon loved Jayfeather so much she left her mother forever to go to the mountains with him.

She just is an amazing cat she put so much faith in jay wing when he left her that shows so much loyalty. I have to say she should be a little higher

Why is she so low she doesn't deserve that how come jay feather is in second because of there love where did that go? Half moon didn't deserve what happened to her she needs a second chance!

Such a nice cat she never hurt anyone

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32 Mistystar

She is just like her mother as she became leader and she will be just as beloved and important.

Mistystar is an awesome leader! One of my favourite cats! Why is she all the way down here? She should be at least in the top 10! If not the top 5! I like the way she is kind and caring towards her clan. I feel so sorry for her too-all her family is dead apart from her kits.

She was still loyal to her leader after she killed her brother that is one loyal cat. She was a great mother

W a I t
I ship Ravenpaw and Misty don't even ask - Swiftflame

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33 Stormfur

I just love Stormfur he is so loyal to Brook in the mountains. He just is a great cat the clans need him

He had to go through so much including feather tails death, not meeting his mother and what tigerstar put him through make him higher

I really like Stormfur, but I keep getting his name confused with Stonefur's. They are to much alike!

Mostly just love him because he's greystripes kit. Still MOST LOYAL CAT EVER!

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34 Mudclaw

Mudclaw isn't a bad cat, he was incredibly betrayed and unhappy.

No Mudclaw was the one who wanted to take over Leadership and hated Onestar, The medicine cat is Mudfur he was a great cat though, but I think you have it mixed up.

Mudclaw is my favorite cat. He was a great warrior and deputy. BUT THANKS TO TALLSTAR HE WAS REGECTIED! I get he was a aggressive cat to other clans and cats, he and Firestar never were close and when Tallstar died, and Onewhisker and Firestar told him what tallstar said, he didn't believe them! Onewhisker could've been plotting to take over leadership and he didn't want to believe a cat from a different clan! He shouldn't have plotted against Onestar, but Onestar is a jerk and not a good leader. Personally I think Thunderclan cats are all jerks.

Sad story

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35 Brightheart

Even with a missing eye, she's still the most beautiful cat by heart. Ask Cloudtail.

Brightheart- courage beyond compare.
Reasons- fought a pack of dogs just to prove she was worthy of a warrior name
-lost and eye and still survived
-watched her best friend be killed by the same dogs that took half her face/eye
-put up with the reactions to all the news cats in the clan concerning her face
-loved Cloudtail (go Cloudtail! ) above all
-she fought till the very end, we still don't know when that is, that's a good sign right?
My life's quote- I speak and act with a calm, bright-heart!

Brightheart is still beautiful even with only one eye.

Brightheart is a courageous she-cat, and I feel so bad for her that she lost an eye! However, she's still strong and protects her clan every way. Remember, You are beautiful just the way you are. - lilydoestopten

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36 Dovewing Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.

Dovewing was barely an apprentice when she knew she was part of the prophecy. Poor Ivypool and Dovewing, too much was expected of both of them. Lionblaze was too hard on dove wing, and Ivypool risked her life all the time! Dovewing is so nice to Ivypool, and I think they should have been best friends (its all Ivypool's fault that they couldn't). Ivypool should be part of the prophecy because she wanted to be special. Dovewing and Ivypool should be given a break they both try so hard to save the Clans. (although, personally I like Dovewing a lot better no offense Ivypool fans. ) DOVEWING AND IVYPOOL4EVER!

How dare you say those things about Dovewing?! She stopped her relationship with Tigerheart, FYI, and she is so nice to Ivypool when she is terrible to her! I don't blame Ivypool for acting sad but going to Tigerstar is just stupid! And Dovewing found out she was part of the prophecy when she was only 7 moons. Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze found out when they were almost warriors! She went on the hard journey to save the Tribe and she barely complained about it. Dovewing should be like 11 she is awesome! Also she saved the Clan by warning them about the falling tree.

She is an amazing cat, and an important part in the prophecy! I can't stand her sister Ivypool! She was a huge jerk to her in the first book of the Omen of the Stars just because she was jealous! Then she trained in the Dark Forest just to be better then her sister! She wasn't really spying for the good of her clan either! She had no choice to go in the Dark Forest, it wasn't't optional to continue training in there or not! I still have a lot more to ramble on about her... But I will end it here...

Das a cool cate

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37 Cloudtail

Cloutail is awesome! He's funny and a really good character. Also he's such a nice character too.

I couldn't believe I had to put him on this list! He's such an important and awesome!

Come on! So what he does not beleve in starclan he is still a loyal warrior

Cloudtail is so kind and funny, he should be higher. He is my top 1! Cloudtail, you rock!

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38 Thunderstar

Thunder rocks! But his girlfriend ending up pregnant with his siblings? That's got to be PRETTY awkward at Thanksgiving.

The first leader of ThunderClan. Son of Skystar, first leader of SkyClan.

Thunder was a great leader! Loyal to his clan above everything else. His father rejected him and Star flower betrayed him. (I feel sorry for him, being rejected and all must have been so hard for him) He was also the first leader of Thunderclan!

His life was really hard, and kinda on Gray Wing too. He is Clear Sky and Storm's son, having siblings that died while he was saved by Gray Wing. But I'm glad he got a chance to have kits when his father took Star Flower as a mate. Violet Dawn, I think was an attractive she-cat. She was wanted as Slash's mate! After Clear Sky wanted him back, he accepted and went to his camp. I think Clear Sky already exiled Frost for his limp leg. Thunder soon joined back. First leader of ThunderClan.

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39 Thrushpelt

I love Thrushpelt he should be number one because he was a great warrior but wasnt arrogant he loved bluestar so much even when she didn't love him back and was so loyal go thrushpelt

Ashfur could use a little advice time with him

He's so nice, much better than stupid ashfur, how is he lower than ashfur?

He was kind to Bluestar, and did everything he could to help her, and yet she wasn't mates with him. Why in the name of StarClan is ASHFUR higher then Thrushpelt! Ashfur is such a jerk! Which by the way, we should all just say as*fur from now on!

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40 Sorreltail

She would die for her clan, since she got her warrior name late she is fiercely loyal to her clan! She's just purrfect!

She is an awesome warrior and she has been through so much so that's why I put her into the top ten.

She was one of the few background characters with a real personality. Go Sorreltail!

She has survived injuries and deathberries and I LOVE tortoise-shell she-cats!

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