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101 Redfern
102 Poppyfrost

I like her shes sweet good mother and amazing naming skills unlike someone I know that named a beautiful apprentice lost fave (cough cough blue star) - Icypelt

Poppyfrost is awesome

She is so kind and caring. She is my second favorate charector bbehind squirrelflight. :3

Why is she so low in the list? she was devastated when she thought berrynose didn't love her! she is such a sweet charecter. Go Poppyfrost!

103 Briarlight

Briarlight is my absolute favorite cat in the series because he thinks of others before herself, saving Longtail and overall just being helpful in the medicine cat den so she could help in some way

What? #106? Seriously?!? Briarlight is like the best cat ever (and she secretly likes Jayfeather)! She didn't whine and complain all day when she was paralyzed. She should at least be #80.

In the books did they say Briarlight liked Jayfeather? Never! Medicine cats can't have kits and just because a girl saves a boy's life or the other way around it doesn't mean love! Rant over. - RiverClanRocks

Come on! Briarlight number 74?!?! She should be higher. She's such a good, sweet cat. She never complains about being paralyzed and she still wants to help her clan. She refused to eat prey in the beginning because she wasn't helping to catch it.

Yeah, she's definitely inspiring. As in seriously, how would you cope if you were like that?

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104 Berrynose

I loved him from the moment he was born. Also, he was Brambleclaw's apprentice! LOVE HIM!

Bramble star was his mentor come on give him more credit

I don't know I just love his name k

I think He'll be the nex leader think about it. Bluestar was Sunstar's apprentice Firestar was Bluestars apprentice and Bramblestar was Firestar;s apprentice and Berrynose is Bramblestar's apprentice

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105 Shadow

Creator of my favorite Clan, Shadow Clan.

She certainly knew how to lead her clan AND the best way to go about it.

Her name before she became the leader of ShadowClan was Tall Shadow. She was brother to Moon Shadow.

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106 One Eye

Uh, this One Eye is the bad rogue one in Dawn of the Clans. The very similar One-eye has a dash in between the words...or is this just all a mistake? That One Eye does not deserve to be on here, but the One-eye does. - Lizardstep

I loved her, I don't care that she was deaf and blind. She was an amazing warrior in Bluestar's Prophecy, known as Whiteeye. (I think). She was so sweet and loving! An amazing mother to Mousefur and Runningwind!

She is the mother of Mousefur and Runningwind!

I love Bluestar besides two reasons.
1. She chased Thistleclaw into the Dark Forest when he was originally in StarClan.
2. She renamed Whiteye One-eye, Sparrowpelt Halftail, and Brightpaw Lostface

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107 Streamtail

he was in piwer of three

This was was lion paws warrior name

108 Deadfoot

Deadfoot is a great can he didn't deserve to get his name changed):

Amazing cat! I felt bad for him when he was a kit and his paw was cut and infected. I'm glad he became deputy.

Didn't Deadfoot have one paw that he just had to drag with him?

I love Deadfoot

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109 Hawkwing

Hawkwing is just great. Sure, he isn't one of the classics, but I just found him so relatable and genuine. He is easily one of the best cats in the whole series.

I just loved him.

110 Snowkit Snowkit

Were not geeks we just really like the series if anything you're the geek geek of rudeness that is.

I fell really sorry for Snowkit. Carried off by a falcon. Snowkit deserved to live longer. I don't think she even lasted one chapter. A deaf kit carried off by a falcon. That's so sad

I feel so sad for Snowkit! Carried off by an eagle! It's so sad. She shouldn't have died.

Snowkit by far was the saddest death. I almost cryed it was so sad. I wish she could have lived longer. Snowkit could have became a great warrior.

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111 Mintkit

Who's Mintkit? Well whoever she is- she didn't deserve to die as a kit!

Thanks for voting for Mintkit, lets see how high a kit can go - Anonymouscat

Mintkit was the brother of Yellowfang from a later litter. He and his sister, Marigoldkit, were killed by foxes but the whole Clan believed Yellowfang was the murderer (back when she was a member of ShadowClan) and that's the reason why she was banished.

Mint kit was in yellow fangs secrect- Silvermist

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112 Micah

Why is Clawface ahead of him? He deserves to be in the top ten!

It was so sad when he died, and he loved Moth Flight so much...

Was Micah in Moth Flights Vision?

He's so underrated.

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113 Sharpclaw

You're the best sharp law you rock

You serve your clan with great loyalty. GO SHARPCLAW!

A good deputy to Leafstar

Sharpclaw died a noble and heroic death in the claws of Darktail. Sharpclaw will never be forgotten and will be remembered as a brave warrior and will fight til he was reduced to a scrap of fur. He is different from cats such as Tigerstar or Brokenstar. Because his ambition isn't dark enough and never was because he is proud of being a part of SkyClan. It saddens me that he had to die when he would have lead a good life and he was a warrior of honor and a true virtual of honor. Now Hawkwing has to grieve for the death of his father who was Sharpclaw, but SkyClan will have its vengeance for those who have been lost.

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114 Sunstar

Sunstar Was Amazing! Stop judging him off of his bad stats!

What?! How can you say Sunstar is evil?! He chose Bluefur to be deputy!

He was a horrible leader I'll admit that; but when Stormtail turned his back on Bluekit and Snowkit he was there for her like the father she didn't have anymore.
He was such a cool deputy; he let her out of camp as a kit! With a adult of course...

*My no button go NO"

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115 Goosefeather

He is the best. He predicted Tigerstar's treachery when he was only a kit. Nobody would listen to poor old Goosefeather. Cinderpelt is related to him, which is why she is also awesome.

He's crazy. That's why I love him.

Goosefeather is awesome but why did he go cray cray. (crazy)

...don't like him...

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116 Heathertail

Heathertail was a great cat I think she deserved better than breezepelt to be her mate

She betrayed everyone and mated with Breezepelt!

Heathertail and Breezepelt are perfect for each other.

117 Turtle Tail

Turtle tail is such a nice cat! She was was on the journey of the sun trail. She helped bring the cats to their new home! SHE DESERVES TO BE A LOT HIGHER!

Oh why did you have to die Turtle Tail? You were my favourite warrior cat-and still are too!

Wait what?! Turtle Tail died!? I'm so sorry! I liked her!

П should have lived longer. I give turtle tail a yaaayyy

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118 Wolfrock V 2 Comments
119 Nightstar

Nightstar lived a short life as leader but Dearing that time he tried his best to help his clan. He went full - out to try make everything better, even though he was suffering and never received his lives.

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120 Fireheart

Is Fireheart, Rusty; Firepaw; Firestar?!? is he on the top of this list

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