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121 Hazeltail

You died of greencough and no one wrote about you since, why are you higher than Honeyfern. That's low.

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122 Tigerclaw

I liked hated Tigerclaw/star at first because he was all snobby, like when he would tell on Firepaw/heart for helping other clans. But when I got to know the good side of him and how loyal he was, (except when he betrayed Thunderclan and tried to kill Bluestar), I started liking him. I was sad when Scourge killed him, (even though I like Scourge myself.) Tigerclaw/star is awesome!

I love you tiger star you shouldn't get all the hate because think about it this way warriors would be boring with out him

He was definitely EVIL! But if he had had a different mentor he could have turned out differently.

Tigerstar is already on here!

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123 Brambleberry

Brambleberry is the amazing medicine cat from Crookedstar's Promise if anyone is wondering - Spottedstar

Yes, Brambleberry is a great medicine cat! She cares and looks after her patients well!

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124 Needlepaw

She's too disloyal to the clan.. and I think she breaks the warrior code and the rules too much, and doesn't really care about it

I love this character

She made a good sacrafice - Icypelt

Very funny

125 Unicornheart

Somebody, tell me who Unicornheart is, please.

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126 Violetpaw

She's ok, but she kinda misunderstood the reason why twigpaw had to go back to thunderclan.

I like Twigpaw better (Erins, please make her name Twigbranch)

127 Redstar

NOT HIM! He turned down my favorite clan.

Skyclan for the win!

Who cares if he turned his back on Cloudstar I would have done the same if it ment that my clan would be safe.

128 Graypool

HELLO? Why isn't anyone voting for the most purrfect cat in the forest! It was so sweet of her to look after Mistykit and Stonekit since they weren't even hers! And she told Fireheart the truth!

Don't worry, I love graypool just like you :-)

Graypool was a wise cat and told fireheart the truth when he wanted to know

She should be way, way ahead! Best!

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129 Riverstar

The first leader of my favorite clan, River Clan.
You were a great leader. R.I. P Riverstar

She was the first leader of river clan and was one of the first five leaders who created the clans. At least make her higher than shadowstar

Very calm and wise and unlike some cats was quick to make peace.

He's funny and calm:3

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130 Moonflower Moonflower

I think she is really nice and caring and I am on blue stars prophecy

I love Moonflower it was so sad when she died- Bluestar and Snowfur were sad also. Stupid Hawkheart

Moonflower should have never have died the way she did stupid hawkheart

Go moonflower! I like all posts in moonflowers favor!

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131 Brokenstar

The most evil cat in my opinion. He killed his father and innocent kits. This leader was one of the most memorable villains.

Brokenstar wasn't taught right. He didn't knew his own mother. He lost his littermates. And still, he tried to make Shadowclan great. If he chose the right way to do it, none of you would've hated him. He just took the wrong turn, -and POOF! You all hate him. Can't a cat make mistakes without being hated?

I think Brokenstar is just plain evil.

He is awesome

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132 Flametail

He is so awesome but was so sad that he had to die. I cried for around 10 mins after I red that he died. And why water WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE IN WATER. May stacks watch your path Flametail.

Like jayfeather, but never got better.

Flametail was a good medicine-cat and Thunderclan warriors DID NOT kill Flametail! Jayfeather actually TRIED to save Flametail!

Okay. we have starstarstar, purple mist, hope feather, and goldstar all in front of flame tail. One thing those three cats have in common is that they DON'T EXIST. how the actual hell do they get up in the top 100 when they have never been mentioned in any book. believe me, I've read every. single. one. including the novellas and super editions. this is bs

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133 Foxleap

Foxleap was my fake warrior cat name and I did not even know he existed.

Foxleap is THE best warrior. He's funny, outgoing, clever, and overall awesome.
Besides, there's only one REAL question in the Warriors series: WHAT DOES THE FOXLEAP SAY?

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134 Brindleface

She was the best queen I knew. I can not believe Tigerstar did... you know what

Brindle face is the best warrior EVER

Brindleface is kind! I just... I can't... Tigerstar just... Tigerstar is so cruel...

She needs better name. Sorry brindleface. 🙁 But she was a good queen.

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135 StarStarStar

What the heck? Who even is Starstarstar? Somebody, if you know who Starstarstar is, please explain him/her.

What kind of idiot put him on here? I've read every book and no one has ever heard of him

What the heck? Who even IS Starstarstar?

Ik who Starstarstar is. He is a ghost tom with no eyes, is called a maniac, an idiot, and he is a FAKE! I might have scared the heck outta him now

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136 Sagewhisker

Sagewhisker is a SHE-CAT! - sad she died. She encouraged Yellowfang to be a medicine-cat!

I've never seen him but I think he'll be stronger

A loyal medicine-cat!

Medicine-cat of Shadowclan. In "yellowfangs promise" if you're wondering.

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137 Sol

His life as a kit with his mother, wasn't a nice life at all. So he joined Skyclan, and then he was suddenly a sly and evil character. He was exiled and then went to the other clans... and you all know what he did then...

He isn't a very nice cat. I wouldn't want to meet him.

Sol actually did die guys. I made it up.

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140 Bluefur V 1 Comment
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