I love Squirrelflight! I absolutely hated Brambleclaw when he pushed her away! She lied to him so that he could be happy, so he can raise kits of his own! She also wanted to help her sister out! What's the problem with that? When the Clans moved to the lake, Ashfur treated her Way better than Brambleclaw. I always thought that Ashfur and Squirrelflight would have been a cute couple, I mean, he cared about her so much! But what he tried to do in the end, (I don't want to spoil anything) was so unforgivable! I cannot believe he tried to kill her adopted kits! Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw loved each other. Until Brambleclaw pushed her out! Again!

Squirrelflight is a little spark of flame in all of the Warrior Clans, she was slightly annoying at first but her loyalty and stubborn, determined nature kept me loving this fiesty ginger she-cat named Squirrelpaw. As she grew, I loved her more, her development was noticeable. Her fiesty nature stayed, burning like her fathers fiery pelt, but the annoying side of her soon faded. Always the risk taker, Squirrelflight's daring personality was quelled by her clever, sharp mind and ability to understand when a risk was just too big for her to take. Firestar's daughter's loyalty grew, toward ThunderClan and her sister, toward her Clanmates and everyone she loved. This feeling was so strong toward her sister she managed to take in Leafpool's kits and, without telling any cat, raise them as her own. That takes a whole lot of bravery. Squirrelflight deserved a happier life, but it was her decision and her sharp mind that led her to choose the rockier, but right, path in life, even though the ...more

Squirrelflight was annoying in the first few books about her, but as I read more and more of the series, she became a relatable cat. I have been punished before for doing the thing that I feel is the best option. I also think that it's pretty cool for her to be related to Redtail, one of Bluestar's favorite deputies. Also, she is so loyal and brave. Whenever I am asked who I admire, I say Squirrelflight. If you agree, please vote for Squirrelflight and make her higher than rank 10.

Squirrelflight is amazing. She sacrificed part of her LOVE LIFE for her sister! Squirrelflight took care of three kits that aren't even hers, that's some sad but amazing stuff! She LOVES Brambleclaw so much that she felt terrible that Brambleclaw would have to care for kits that weren't his. Guys she is the most realistic smart girl!

I like her except for when she went against Brambleclaw. I mean, she made WAY too big a deal about it. THEY'RE KIN! But thank god she gets over it. She becomes BOSS after that. I mean, raising Leafpool's kits for her when it was against the warrior code? I think she deserves a higher spot on the list.

YASSS! Squirrelflight is my favorite thunderclan she-cat! Her stubborn, sassy, energetic, and loyal personality is basically a reflection of me! She put her loyalty to Leafpool above all else. It was a brave attempt to pretend to be the mother of the kits that belong to a medicene cat and a warrior from another clan, which is breaking both codes. I felt sorry for her when Brambleclaw left her and Ashfur's jealousy technically forced her to reveal the secret :'(. But she did it so Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather wouldn't be killed in the paws of a Lovesick cat. Sure she was annoying and rude when she was an apprentice, but she greatly matured as a warrior. I love her development.

I love her so much! She is the daughter of the most amazing leader ever, she is sassy like her mother, and she is always determined. She was a fierce fighter and a great hunter. Brambleclaw is lucky to have such an amazing mate.

I loved Squirrelpaw (Flight) the first time she appeared. She's impulsive, stubborn and hard headed but incredibly brave and dedicated.

How dare the people who put her last! She is the most loyal kind and spunky cat ever! She is pretty and stylish! Just saying she should be first not that pathetic kitty pet firestar

Squirrelflight is my #1 favorite character, too. She's in LOVE with Brambleclaw. She is so strong and brave and beautiful. Go, Squirrelflight!?!?!

She was really fun and silly as an apprentice. Too bad SquirrelFLIGHT annoyed me with her love problems when Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost were super close when they were half-brothers. - Sunadayh

Squirrelflight you rock thank you for picking Brambleclaw also thank you for hanging with Ashfur because I never saw his loving side. I were a great mom

Squirrelflight was amazing and she will make a great leader. It amazes me how Leafpool and her could sense each other's emotions.

So cheeky and funny! She's just like me!

My god! I can't stand it when people say that there's nothing wrong with squirrel flight pretending about her kits
Especially to bramble claw
Imagine - you and your husband/wife have kids who are grown up and left then you they tell you "you know our kids, well there not ours, I lied to you, yay",

SquirrelFlight is so cool! I really don't see why everyone hates her for making ashfur so mad! She chose who she wanted and AshFur should of accepted that!

COME ON! While I hate her name she was like the bravest most daredevil cat on the journey! She went on the journey didn't see bracken fur there hmm?

I hate Squirrelflight! She is my least favorite Warrior ever! She is so stubborn, and self centered... and she lied to Hollyleaf... I hate her so much, so so much!

Squirrelflight is DEFINITELY a great character! So stubborn and strong-willed and TOTALLY in love with Bramblestar!

Watch the YouTube video squirrelflight the curious

Me love Squirrelflight. Me kill Ashfur. He threatened Squirrelflight. He try to kill Leafpool's kits.

Squirrelflight is amazing she was a butt as an apprentice but really matured into a great cat.

If you hate Squirrelflight or Brambleclaw or both, THEN GET OUTTA HERE! I LOVE THEM

Squirrelflight is the best character in the books! She should be first on the list!

Squirrelflight is more bittersweet than Hollyleaf-they know that feeling - Girlzilla