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Why is she not 2nd? She had an extremely tough life, and I always found myself laughing at her behavior, more than, UGH, Jayfeather. While Jayfeather seemed grumpy, mean, and rude, to the point of just being annoying, I found myself always enjoying Yellowfang. She was a wonderful and kind cat at heart, often showing that, but still had the fierceness of Tigerstar and snide remarks of Mousefur. That's what I loved about her. Not to mention she had to be one of the best Med Cats ever; I sobbed at her death.

Literally the best cat in the series! Jayfeather is my second, but he's different than her in many ways. Anyway, my favorite part in the whole series of Power of Three was in the first book where Jayfeather was arguing to her in StarClan about his destiny. I found it completely hilarious that my two favorite sassy cats were arguing about something. Even when he found out about her son being Brokenstar, he said in his mind "She went through so much". And which she did. Yellowfang's Secret and Bluestar's Prophecy are my all time favorite super editions. They're both so amazing, and sad. They faced similar things; having a mate that they shouldn't of had. Despite her being a medicine cat and Bluefur/star being a warrior with a mate in a different clan, they lived up to the promise that they would be better than that, and they did. Yellowfang saved ThunderClan countless of times and Bluestar helped her Clan too many times to count. I wish they both didn't have to die so soon! If only ...more

One of the best medicine cats. I mean, she has a power ( she isn't even in the three ) so she has to be a medicine cat but she loves Raggedstar so much that she meets him in secret and has his kits! But two of them die and one becomes evil. I think she is awesome and forever will be!

WOOHOO! GO YELLOWFANG! THIRD PLACE! :D (the only one of my fave cats that is actually in the top 5). I love Yellowfang so much. When she got exiled from Shadowclan, she didn't give up on helping other cats. Instead of using her warrior training skills to fend for herself in the wild, she joined Thunderclan to continue to help sick and injured cats. She is my favorite medicine cat and one of the bravest cats I know. Imagine walking into a camp filled with hostile enemies, and try to be able to persuade them to become your friend, or at least accept you. Yellowfang was able to surpass even making her former enemies accept her. She was able to make her former enemies TRUST her. Yellowfang is the best cat, and I hope that she can someday soon, be up even higher on the leader board. She should be #1 and I know that Firestar has been #1 for a long time and I'm not saying that I hate him, I'm just saying that he isn't the cat that should be the favorite and Yellowfang should be the favorite. ...more

She had such a hard life! But she is my fave warrior, even though I hate her a little because she gave birth to Brokenstar, killing a lot of kits AND breaking warrior code. But if I wrote all the books with her life in them, I'd have Fireheart mate Cinderpelt and Yellowfang live until Power Of Three then drown. Yes I know I'm cruel. I KNOW!

When I first read the series I thought she was okay, but I didn't really understand why everybody freaked out about her. I thought she was okayish, but I was like "people, it's not a huge deal". But then I read yellowfang's secret, and I got inside her head, and just understood what she's been going through. I read a few yellowfang scenes again and I realized there was more to her character than I thought. Now she's my eighth favorite character. Am I the only one who thought this?

I love Yellowfang she was smarter than any cat ever to walk the forest she knew the ways of a medicine cat, warrior, mother, and mate. She might have been grumpy but she was more helpful and loyal than any other cat. I felt so sad when she had to kill her son twice. I know it was for the best

Yellowfang is a very fair cat. Although she is snappy, short-tempered, and sometimes rude, she is quite sweet and a good mother. So many secrets surround her. She was a great medicine cat, and she actually doesn't care about only herself, unlike stuck-up Firestar!

I love Yellowfang to death, but in StarClan she annoyed me. Her Special Edition, Yellowfang's Secret, was an amazing read and I'd recommend it to any fan of the Warriors series who'd finished the first series, Into the Wild. She made me crack up with all her remarks and snaps, and her soft side really shown through in some scenes. Her relationships with Cinderpelt and Firestar were touching... Especially her last words, and how she always found Cinderpaw funny but scolded her still. Yellowfang is an awesome character, and will always be beloved by the fandom.

I disagree! This should be Whitestorm. I think Yellowfang is great and I love her, but she should be 4 in my opinion. Whitestorm is a loyal, fierce and clever deputy!

Yellowfangs life was hard, but she survived bravely through it. She had to kill her own son- TWICE! And she was loyal to her birth clan and to her adopted clan.
Fallingleaf of ShadowClan (proudly expecting Tigerheart's kits)

Yellowfang is so misunderstood and she unwillingly broke the medicine cat code. She took the burden upon herself, knowing that she had brought great evil to the world. Then she took BrokenTAIL for her responsibility and sent him away. Plus she has the kind of inspirational but grumpy personality, is angry all the time, but also so kind and loyal. She at least deserves 2nd.

I cried so much during Yellowfang's secret, and when she died. Yellowfang is such a well made character, there are no words. She is relatable, defensive, and has a great personality. I wish she was number one although yeah you can't get ahead of firestar. I love how she makes fun of firepaw when they meet.

Yellowfang's life is full of secrets. She had a mate and kits even though she was a medicine cat. I still loved her though. She was amazing and kind of like a mother to Firestar.

She is awesome! The moment she appeared in Into The Wild, I took a liking to her! Especially considering that she killed her own son just for the good of the clan, twice! I just love her, and her sharp-tounged personality! If I went through everything she went through, I probably wouldn't be that friendly either... Anyway... If you are awesome then you would vote for Yellowfang!

Get her higher! Firestar was nice in the first series but ended up being annoying in the rest. Yellowfang however is timeless. Though she made poor choices (cough cough. Accepted ashfur- no dumbfur - into star clan. But still she's epic. Epic! Better than dumb jayfeather who is just mean and uncaring to most of the cats.

Yay Yellowfang is third WHO HOO! I love her so much... I mean, even though she is grumpy she was a great mentor to Cinderpelt. She is very pretty, and has the biggest heart.

At first I didn't like Yellowfang at all, but she soon became a favorite with her brutal honesty, sharp tongue and wise words. She was a very smart cat and perfect to train Cinderpelt. I was beyond sad when she died :(

Yellow fang had a tough life; secrets, past, and her love for ragged star. I'm happy that she can consider Firestar as a son and someone to love. She is a kind, somewhat cranky, and selfless cat. - SeeU

Yellowfang is my favorite cat in the whole warriors series! Her life story was so dramatic and sad and full of secrets! I mean, a cat that can feel other's pain? A cat whose son was one of the evilest cats in warriors? Yellowfang was a great cat, and she will always be my #1 cat! R.I.P. Yellowfang!

Who doesn't love this sassy, sharp-tongued she-cat? Yellowfang is one of my favorite characters of the whole series! Yellowfang gave birth to Brokenstar, and then killed him - from the real world and from memory. She is shown to be loyal to ThunderClan, even if it is not her birth clan. She deserves more attention than she does right now, people!

Yellowfang! Yellowfang! Yellowfang! She's totally awesome! Go you Yellowfang, I was so upset when she died. She was awesome right from the start - Leaftail

She is the grumpy old medicine cat that we love and she also was so nice to firestar but that's one of the only things I like about firestar anyway she was a awesome cat it's to bad she's dead

Yellowfang DOES NOT deserve 3rd place on this list. She deserves FIRST. I love her, a wise and brave cat who went through so much all for her clan. Killing her son to stop the 'tide of blood and fire' was very brave and her actions pretty much saved every single cat. GO YELLOWFANG GO YELLOWFANG GO YELLOWFANG GO YELLOWFANG GO YELLOWFANG

Yellowfang was worth more time in the books. She was a great cat that sadly made a mistake. Besides her grumpy temper, she is loyal, brave and truthful. She was just trying to be excepted.