You Just Can't Decide

PositronWildhawk This list is one of my favourites. I've really appreciated votes and comments towards myself and my friends on this awesome website over this time, and was pleasantly surprised to see Britgirl and I rise from #81 and #82 to #5 and #6 respectively. And it is a great way for members to compliment and praise each other for their contributions to TheTopTens.

But I just can't remix this list. I have seen the likes of many an amazing member, such as Britgirl, MatrixGuy, Kiteretsunu, Ajkloth, MoldySock, PetSounds, Jake09, happyhappyjoyjoy; the list goes on, but I just can't rank them. Or pick out ten. Members come and go, they make astonishing contributions and may become very popular, if they do something that stands out. And each one has a unique personality, which is what decides their contributions. Over time, there may be new members, who may do something unlike anything previously done, but the mark left by retired members will remain. I cannot judge now, or ever, who will be the best members by rank.

So this list is one you cannot re-order. Even if you have a number of favourite members, you just can't decide. So if anyone decides to remix this list, I would say, think hard and choose wisely.


I agree I saw this list and had no idea who to vote for and I don't think I'll ever vote on this list because I just can't decide. Nicely put PositronWildhawk. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Yeah. Really nicely put P.W. I totally agree with you! - Kiteretsunu

Top tens really doesn't have a best. Everyone has unique ideas and they all go together to make an awesome website. - visitor

nice post - kormo

Everyone on the Top Tens are great in their own way - ZZDOORAL

I believe ZZDOORAL is right and should not post rude comments about each other even if Horrible_Username brags to everyone about how good he is and how bad the other users are - FrankP

You're right - JaysTop10List

I like your thinking on this. - NerdyPweeps

I don't wish to see numbers here, according to me, all the users here are number one.. no one can rank them, they are perfect in their own ways. - glambert

Every user is distinguished, and they can either make a positive impact or a negative impact on this site. About 99.4% of users do a good impact, and it's hard to even rank those users. I am a great user, but even I admit other users are just as great as me, even better. This list really is a difficult, perplexing list. - Turkeyasylum

This is one of the, if not the, most difficult list to remix. But it also one of my favourite lists. It doesn't necessarily say that one person is better than another as a person as this would be wrong, but it instead is looking to fine who is the best MEMBER here and who has made the best impact, and for that I think this is one of the best list. - EvilAngel

Nice post PW. You really got the point there. - UltimateHybridX

This list is one of the hardest to remix. There are lots of awesome users. Most of these users are working hard and coming this far on this site. Excellent post, Positronwildhawk - EpicJake

Every user matters - bobbythebrony

Mate, you have one of the coolest names, like your post. - 05yusuf09

I remixed that list once but I changed it every few days so I decided to delete it. - RiverClanRocks

Well said I was going to remix this list but not anymore - jmepa1234

Honourable mentions? - gemcloben

Again, can't possibly rank them. - PositronWildhawk

This is one of the lists I will never remix because it just doesn't feel right to pick out 10 users and rank them. There are just so many good users on this site. Amazing post. - visitor

It's my opinion:/ - Nateawesomeness

I'll never remix this list. Also, I don't understand this list because it seems like a popularity contest. - DCfnaf

I lied to myself. I remixed it. - DCfnaf

This is so true. My favorite users change a lot since good users are retiring, others become bad, and bad users reform. It is so hard to decide. - visitor

This is so true! - DaisyandRosalina

Well said, Positron. I agree with everything you said. I don't think it's possible to choose out of the many users on this site, and especially with new users and old users retiring. - Absolite

Yes, I agree. Well said. - visitor

It really is hard to vote here. - Cyri