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21 Warrior's Super Edition: Yellowfangs Secret.

This book was the BEST! It made me cry and also made me smile and it was just so realistic compared to all the others I've read (though most of them were)

Loved this book! It was great, though Yellowfang never showed any sign of feeling pain from others in any other book.

A super edition on my favorite female character that goes into depth on her relation to Brokenstar and why she was exiled from ShadowClan. You should definitely read this if you are in the part of The Prophecies Begin arc where she reveals her past.

I was reading and when brokenstar sent yellowfang out I litterly slammed my book on the ground and lost my page

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22 The Blazing Star V 1 Comment
23 Dark River

This was one of my favourites when I read it, it was second warrior book I ever read. I loved the introduction to the tunnels near the lake and the history of Fallen Leaves and Rock! Also exploring more of The Power Of Three's life!

This book was amazing! So suspenseful when the tunnels flooded!

Actually I didn't like this that much just the fact there was no drama and it was boring
Glad it wasn't yet another journey to stupid mountains again!

24 Tall Stars Revenge

I loved this book! Every chapter I loved, I felt like I couldn't put the book down! I love the rivalry between the Tunnelers and the Moor Runners and how we meet Jake. It was sad when he forgave Sparrow though

I liked this book but it just dragged on in the middle bit. I personally liked Crookedstar's promise better but this was my second favourite.

-cries- Tallstar is Tallstar, NOT Tall Star! Ugh I hate it when people write that. Still. an amazing book.

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25 Outcast

What the heck is this book?

26 Starlight

The is the best book because there is romance action adventure rebellion and it is my first Erin Hunter book I ever read.

One of the most emotional Warriors books made, along with Yellowfang's Secret. - Blubbydubber1

I love this book. I read the whole thing yesterday. It's really good! - kittywarrior107

27 Rising Storm

Yellowfang was grumpy at the start but once I saw he nice side she was amazing and I wish she never died I was crying because of her death I hate when loveable cats died :..(. But there a a bunch of loveable cats still live.

Rising Storm was my favorite until Darkest Hour came by! IT should be higher

Amazing. The deaths in the book are heartbreaking and its just amazing! No beating this book!

Comment I if you have read all the books. I

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28 The Sight

One thing to say about this books. Fun day. The cats totally have a fair type thing with all clans. Contests, food. I can just imagine TigerStar seeing this and having some angry reaction to the clans getting along like this. Lol

This was actually the first I read from Warriors, I like be the development and the different ranks between characters and being able to start warriors with a kits point of view with a power was so interesting!

I knew jay kit would be blind but it totally surprised me when he was born with it

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29 Bramblestar's Storm

This book is very good, and I like that it captures the legacy laid before it by recognizing the past story arcs that came before it. I like how Bramblestar creates a new warrior code rule in honor of Firestar, and the ending manga makes me cry. It is so sad to see the hurt of Squirrelflight, and so joyous once she and Bramblestar learns they will be biological parents. I didn't always approve of them as a couple, but after this I support them full heartedly.

Very good, very sad

WHY! It should be at least the third best! But it is my favorite.

I still ship JessyxBramblestar to be honest - Stormskies

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30 Path of Stars

This book is amazing! Love the drama, and it is great when Gray Wing gets kits again.

Great end to in my opinion the best series of warriors.

This book is amazing!

This one is the best becuase it's the last book in the Beginning of the Clans. I just think it brings out a lot, and there are very tragic parts! (Sniff Sniff). Gray Wing was one of my favorite charctors, and THE BEST LEADER EVER! He never actually came to be one of the leaders or else there would be a GrayClan, but Gray Wing ever since was known to be Gray WIng the Wise. He is tought to every cat mostly, especially in Windclan. Those agule cats were the greatests ancestors of Gray Wing the Wise.

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31 Hollyleaf's Story

I liked how it showed Fallen Leaves life and I guess Holly Leaf, stupid cat, but anyways it was very interesting living in the shadows of the clan life!

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32 The Fourth Apprentice

I loved the tension of this book, especially at the beginning, when Lionblaze and Jayfeather were testing Dovepaw to see if she was part of the three. When he said that she didn't want to, I thought, tough, you'll do it to save ThunderClan, and the forest!

Dovewing is really bad but I love ivypool

Good thought I hate dove wing
She treated ivy pool so bad

33 The First Battle

Dawn of the Clans is the best series of warriors in my opinion and narrowly beets Forest of Secrets and Path of Stars (and a few others) for the best book. So emotional and the relationship between Grey Wing and Turtle Tail was well developed even further.

Love this book! Lots of drama and Thunder is awesome! But I don't see why no one wanted him back!

One of the hardest battles I had to read, should be in the top 10 for sure.

Why is this not one of the top ten I loved it.

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34 The Sun Trail

It's so amazing! I love all of the tribe/ancient names and the journey itself. Some of the relationships felt a little weak to me, but others felt so genuine. The journey itself easily makes this my #1, and every other part of the book only adds to that.

I love this book so much! It is a beginning of an era for Warrior Cats. I love the romance and a lot of characters die in it making it super interesting

I love this book! It's so tense and unpredictable, and a lot of loveable characters die! - Shiverfeather

I don't get why this is 35 on the list... IT IS THE BEST BOOK IN THE SET.3.
It has so much drama with Shaded Moss and Bright Stream dying on the journey, Jagged Peak running away, The cats splitting up and the drama that happened when Storm lost her life with her two other kits but one survived and Thunder instantly became a Favourite.

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35 Warrior's Super Edition: SkyClan's Destiny V 1 Comment
36 The Rise of Scourge

Not just the best warrior cat book the best book ever! ( I love tiny

This isn't a book, it's manga (even though it doesn't have anything with real manga anything close).-.

37 Dovewing's Silence V 2 Comments
38 Yellowfang's Secret

Ha! It says,"badger-stinky" in this book!

This books already done


when Brokenstar kicked yellowfang out, I slammed my book on the ground and lost my book page. and also, LOOK YELLOWFANG IMA TREEE

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39 Shattered Sky

I just read this book and it was very, very good. I just couldn't stop reading. You should definitely read this series and this book. IT WAS so GOOD! - BillyBobJoe

Never heard of this book, is it a part of the Dawn of the Clans series? I don't remember any of the titles of that series.

I can't wait until this comes out

WHY DID ONESTAR HAVE TOO DIE? I CREID LIKE THE WHOLE DAY BEACAUSE OF IT! I"M FEMALE,AND I WANT TO MATE WITH HIM! sorry guys but I just love one star. but over all this book is great!

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40 Cats of the Clans

I loved this book to read more about the cats.My advice is that read the books first there are some spoilers! ❤

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