Top Ten Users that Were Suspended in 2017 that Didn't Deserve It

Note: Admin, you said it was acceptable.

As you all know, there have been many user suspensions in the past three months alone, many that were undeserved.
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1 cosmo

She's been suspended for quite a long time now. I know her suspension period most likely got extended due to her trying to make backup accounts during her suspension, but other than that, I can't really think of anything she did that would be considered in violation of the Terms of Use. My only lead is that she criticized Danteem/Metts. Unless she somehow went too far and said something that can be considered abusive, she didn't deserve to be suspended. Plus, why wasn't Danteem/Metts suspended as well since he's just as guilty of violating some aspects of the Terms of Use?

It seems that the admin picks users out of a list from a game of eenie, meenie, miny, mo before suspending that user.

She's completely innocent and didn't deserve anything. I wish she can come back soon.

2 Puga

The real #1. First time, suspended for PMs, which admin isn't allowed to check without consent.

He deserved it.

3 NikBrusk
4 ModernSpongeBobSucks

He does hate a lot of people but it's all for good reasons so yea, undeserved.

5 EpicJake

I was suspended for my profile picture only because it was swear words on it. Apparently mottos with swear words are offensive according to the Admins. Admin could've simply removed my profile pic instead of giving me a suspension over it. -EpicJake

Hooray his back

6 HollowArrow

Suspended only because he has the same IP address as speed. I want to see someone try to defend this.

7 VideoGamefan5

What did he even do?

8 Therandom

You got suspended for a horrible reason, Therandom.

9 SteelCity99

Update: I was suspended for calling ConnorBanjoper a hypocrite on one of his lists and for submitting an irrelevant item on the "Reasons why Blaze haters should go to prison" list. That's appareantly all it took for admin to go after me. My suspension will end August 17.

It's past August 17 of this year. Dude, has your suspension been extended? I hope you come back soon, bro.

Unlike other people who were suspended this year, I was not even told when I will come back. Hopefully I'll be back soon and admin should be fired. - SteelCity99

10 LarrytheFairy
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11 Du

For such a meagre reason?!..Wait it wasn't even a reason!
Glad he's back

He got suspended too? Well he's innocent.

But Du is a cool funny user.

12 BoredJeff02

I'm no longer suspended which is a big relief.

13 Gamecubesarecool193
14 jack2244

He wasn't suspended, he retired.

15 anonygirl

I got suspended in late January and did not get unsuspended until late March.

16 Kevinsidis
17 SteelCity2244
18 AlphaQ

Apparently he got suspended for trolling and attempting to propose to other users although it was pretty funny.

I think he might deserve it because he makes a lot of jokes about sleeping with admin's wife. But I think he stopped.

The thing is I didn't even know why I was suspended. All I know is that I was just suspended out of the blue.

I was suspended from late September to early December…or somewhere around there…for joking around because that's what Mr Dank does.

He got suspended again for trolling. All he did was say that Shrek is anime.

19 speed
20 Maria-Alexandra
21 AggressiveBlaze
22 PeeledBanana
23 Legoguy
24 kcianciulli
25 ToadF1
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