Top 10 Reasons Why SYLFan1234 is a Terrible User

Keep in mind that I'm NOT trying to gain sympathy by using this list. I'm just listing my cons. I've made a lot of mistakes so why not make a list about them? Hopefully future users will read this and not make the same mistakes as I did.
The Top Ten
1 I Spammed Most Users' Q&A Posts with Too Many Questions

This is gonna haunt me until the day I die. For those who don't know, back when I was a visitor I spammed several users' Q&As with too many questions (the users being Turkeyasylum, NuMetalManiak, PositronWildhawk, Puga, IronSabbathPriest, PetSounds, and Mumbizz01).

Now I can explain, this was my very first time commenting on a Q&A post. I really didn't know that you weren't even supposed to ask an absurd amount of questions as possible. Boy did I learn the hard way and I think Turkey might've left because of me. I hope that if he ever comes back he reads this and knows that I really am sorry for ruining his Q&A the most.

2 I Made Four Unnecessary Posts About Marilyn Manson Being Misunderstood

Another infamous thing I did as a visitor was making four high quality Marilyn Manson posts in which Puga criticized me for, and for good reason cause I made FOUR unnecessary posts about a singer!

Let me explain. I was going through a phase of liking Manson in high school. I was getting really sick of everyone thinking he's satanic so I decided to make four posts claiming that he's not. What was I thinking? This truly has to be one of the most embarrassing things I've ever done. Just like me spamming Q&As, it's gonna haunt me forever.

And just to let everyone know, I don't like Manson anymore. Like I said before, it was all just a phase I was going through as a teen.

3 I Made Bad Lists as a Visitor

Back when visitors could make lists, I made some very bad ones. A few of them were cringeworthy comparison lists. The most infamous one being Reasons Why Marilyn Manson Is Better Than Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj. It's so infamous that it's still number 4 on the list of dumbest comparisons.

What was I thinking making that list? Why did I compare a rock singer to a pop star and a rapper? My mind clearly wasn't in the right place when I made that list. It really wasn't.

4 I Had Bad Grammar

One of the first lists I made as a visitor was Top 10 Reasons Why We Shouldn't Kill Sharks. Now it had some pretty good reasons, but what makes me regret its existence is the awful grammar in the description. Back then I wasn't the best when it came to grammar. Now my grammar has improved more (it's still not that good but it's not as bad as most people's grammar).

5 I Used to Feed Trolls

Now I just try to avoid them.

I still don't encourage future users to troll. Trolls are just filthy creatures that should be banned from this site.

6 I Used to Bandwagon a Lot

I used to hate Pink Floyd's The Wall (an album I actually liked) after SwagFlicks wrote a negative review of it, but then I realized "why should I care? It's my right to like the album."

I actually do like The Wall. Sure there's a lot of things wrong with it but it's a guilty pleasure. I can't help what I like. I'm actually glad he made that review of it so that future artists can learn not to make the same mistakes Pink Floyd did with the album.

7 He Didn't Put Enough Effort Into One of His Lists

That list being Top 10 Things That Spring to Mind Whenever Anyone Mentions Marilyn Manson. I only added four items to the list. And luckily Alpha101 was there to criticize me for it otherwise I wouldn't have learned any better. Thank goodness that users now have to make sure their lists are full of 10 items so that it will get approved by admin.

8 I Used to Not Respect Opinions

This is more of an experience in real life rather than on this site. I used to be one of those cringeworthy kids who'd never respect anyone's opinions. Now I realize that it's really, really immature to disrespect a person's opinion and hopefully more people understand that.

9 I Was Extremely Cringey

Back when I was a visitor I made a lot of really awful lists and wrote a lot of really awful comments. I can't remember any of them but they were all bad enough for me to write this list item.

There were way worse users than you, SYLFan1234. Don't worry.

10 My Username Isn't that Good

I know this isn't a huge deal but I can't help it when I say my username is mediocre at best. Putting 1234 in my username is so uncreative and lazy. I really should've thought of something better.

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