Top Ten Reasons Why Therandom Should Not Be Admin of TheTopTens

I have noticed that many users are supporting #TheRandomforAdmin2016, and I actually disagree with this, not because I dislike him as a user, but because that he would not make a good admin on the site. I would've said the same thing about good users like PositronWildhawk and Britgirl.

Also, I am not personally attacking Therandom, or making another troll list, but stating my opinion. I am not saying Therandom is a bad user, because he isn't, but because he shouldn't be Admin on this site. I have some reasons why, and hopefully, you will support this new hashtag I made of #Don'tVoteTheRandomForAdmin2016.
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1 The fact that he is going against the policy, and wanting to scrap it is violating the terms of use

When you signed up for this site, you have agreed to the terms of use. You are supposed to act in a manner consistent with the terms of use, and all of its applicable rules and regulations. If you do not agree to the terms of use, then you cannot use this site. So if you're going to complain about the Terms of Use, then you should not be on this site.

Wow, how ironic. He's the admin but he can't change the policy? Get your facts right before you say it about TR.

Look man, keep the policy, just change it.

2 It is not the Admin's fault why the site is terrible

You may think that the policy is too strict, but all Admin is trying to do is help make this site better. The real problem is that the users are not READING The Terms of Use before going on the site. If you use this site, then you agree to the terms of use, which means that you have read them.

If admin made the terms of use and this site, why does he approve lists that are against the terms of use?

3 TheRandom's speech about voting for him, is offensive and disrespectful to the Admin

Admin is the one that made this site, so he deserves full credit for that, and deserves to be the Admin, and not Therandom. Not only that, but Therandom has said some bad things about the admin, such as him being biased. Admin isn't biased, but is not going to allow users such as BarneyTheDinosaurRocks to violate the terms of use, which is why he isn't allowed to make lists.

Is he trying to overthrow admin or something?

4 He would allow Trolling, Personal Attacks, and Flame Wars

According to his speech, Therandom has said that he would give user's rights back. Rights are supposed to be a privilege given to users by the admin when they join the site. However, when they violate the terms of use, they lose those rights. If Therandom is going to give rights back to users such as BarneyTheDinosaurRocks, then that means he will allow Trolling, Personal Attacks, and Flame Wars. Just why do you think there was a lot more trolling on the Wikia, than on the site? Because the Policy on the site helped get rid of that.

5 Users can make the site better on their own

We do not need a new Admin to make the site good. The reason why this site is terrible, is because users are violating the terms of use, and only care about controversies and problems, and stuff like that. However, if users started contributing to the site more, and follow the Terms of Use, then maybe the site would actually be a better place, and some users who left because of that may come out of retirement.

6 Therandom wouldn't stand a chance against Admin

You clearly have no clue what you are talking about.

I don't know why users even try getting a new admin. So far, only 32 people have voted for Therandom, which is about 0.02% of the entire site. I'm pretty sure all the other users either don't care about this, haven't been on in a long time, or would rather have the Admin be Admin.

7 Therandom wasn't the one who made the site, so he has no right to be Admin

If Admin doesn't want Therandom to be Admin, then Therandom will not be admin, even if every single user of the site voted for him. I'm sorry, but as long as Admin doesn't want him to, then Therandom is not going to be admin.

I don't know why him out of everyone on the site should be the one worthy of being Admin.

8 The current Admin does listen to us, but he will not listen to 0.01% of the entire site

If Admin didn't listen to people, then I wouldn't be on this site with the account I now currently have.

9 The wiki got shut down because he didn't do his job as an admin

From wiki to therandom:


I've noticed rampant abuse and harassment on this community, including several instances of homophobic and racist slurs. As an admin on the wiki, it is one of your jobs to make sure that this kind of thing does not happen.

There's a lot of content here, so I don't want to shut the whole thing down but you and the other admins need to take a more active role in keeping this place free from this kind of thing. I have blocked some problem accounts, but this community needs to take a hard look at tiself and clean up problem users or threads. Anything that abuses or harasses an indiviudal is not OK. If you need an example of the kind of thing we can't allow, the comments here provide a good model for what needs to be removed and punished if you want to keep this community open.

Please work with the other admins to address these issues."

10 There is no need for a site forum

When Therandom made the wikia, it came with a forum, so users can use the forum instead.

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11 Therandom probably couldn't handle thousands of messages a day

If Therandom became admin, he would have to work on the site as much as possible. Chances are, school would get in the way, so that would only increase the time of how long it would take for a list to get approved greatly, meaning that instead of taking 3 minutes to a couple hours for a list to get approved, it would take a month.

12 Therandom can't deal with potty humor

I vaguely remember he got mad at some user on TheTopTens wiki for using potty humor. He would reject all potty humor related lists just because he doesn't like it.

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