Top Ten Reasons Why Metal_treasure is a Great User

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1 He is informative

@zxm - thanks. I feel that after a while you will also be able to say if a song/band is metal or not. I've read some of your comments on punk and metal differences and you're right. You said there was time you thought Led Zeppelin were metal but later you realised they were not - yes, experience and knowledge matter. And ability to discern. The more you listen to metal, the more quickly you realise when a song isn't metal.

I'm yet to encounter a person like him online, with so much passion concerning a particular subject. The username is fully justified. He is a treasure - a treasure of knowledge.

2 He gives good points

Sometimes I find myself getting in contrast to his points. But I have to credit and say he is very analytical and sharp in what he takes interest in. I find to be among the best based on specific areas and knowledge interest.

3 He is nice

Thank you very much for taking the time to make this list! I really appreciate that. This is a surprise because we aren't close friends or something but you did it for me - I mean, usually people who are friends make such lists about each other. Thank you once again.

He messaged to me and he was really nice.

4 He introduced us to bands we've never heard of

Thanks. When I joined this site in the end of 2014, all lists about Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, thrash metal, death metal, etc, had been already made. This disappointed me but then I thought: well, I know many other good bands so why not making lists about less known bands. Now I realise that making lists about underground bands was even more useful.

If it wasn't for him I would've never have found out about Blind Guardian, and that's a pretty awesome band.

He is the reason I know what Blind Guardian is.

5 He makes awesome remixes

I have to admit that most of my remixes don't represent my personal opinion or favorites. I usually make my remixes in view of the ranking on the list (strategically, so to say) - if my favorites are already in the top 10, I may not include them in my remix at all. I would include very underrated items - ex., item that is at #50 but I think should be at #15, may appear at #5 on my remix. And at #15 on the list.

6 He always gives meaning to his lists
7 He always is accurate
8 He makes awesome comments
9 He respects opinions

I wish more people were like this.

10 He is smart
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11 He has high standards for TheTopTens

His lists are always good quality lists, and he helps other users by pointing out any issues or giving his approval. If he says that one of my lists is good, then I know for certain that it's good; that's how much I trust his judgment.

12 His lists are very diverse
13 He always puts pictures of items we upload to show readers what those things look like

Once again, you're the best Metal_Treasure.

14 He's a perfectionist
15 He has a good sense of humour

I thought that the "Top 10 Beverages That Describe Metal Subgenres" was very funny.

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