Top Ten TopTenners to Feel Sorry For

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1 DisneyAnime1234

I feel bad that Ash's sister died in a car accident. She's the only deceased user so far.

Yeah she died in a car accident. You should feel sorry for her.

Obvious #1, she died in a horrible way at just my age.

2 MontyPython

She brought so much happiness to this site. I feel so bad that she followed me for such a long time and that I didn't even notice her until recently.

Her sister died in a car accident, why wouldn't we feel bad for her?

3 birdechosplash

She's not that bad, she's actually okay now.

She's going through more than you think.

Kinda sad that she deleted her account.

4 KianaLexi
5 RiverClanRocks

I felt sorry for her retiring. ModernSpongebobSucks said in a comment that she was banned from the website

6 admin

Feel sorry for a oversensitive bastard that can't handle criticism? No.

Well, he's trying to make the site better, but people keep protesting. (I can see why though.) But just look at this from his point of view.

7 Disney1994

I feel so sorry for him. Sure sucks to eat quinoa and lobster for breakfast then blame your awful mindset on autism on your 102 inch computer.

Yeah no can't feel sorry for a ADULT that can't handle other people have different opinions and being a complete emo.

I honestly wish he could reform so he wouldn't be a hated user. But he does deserve some hate though.

8 bobbythebrony

And I thought my life was terrible.

9 Powerfulgirl10

Is this because my dad died? Oh thank you to whoever added me to the list.

She seriously needs to be in the top 5.

10 RockStarr
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11 PrincessKiana
12 TeenTitansGoSucks

I feel most sincerely sorry for her loss of her twin sister.

13 Sasukes_Princess
14 BlueTopazIceVanilla

At least her lists were not the one thousandth re-hashing of "best metal guitarist/riff", containing all of the exact same people/bands/songs.

Not at all. She was hypersensitive and had bad lists.

15 MetalObsessed
16 TwilightKitsune
17 DarkenedBrutality

Actually, not really. Maybe in his first days in trying to reform for the last time, I may have felt sorry for him due to his backstory. But now that I'm back from my hiatus and know that he failed to redeem himself once again for the last time, I believe absolutely no one should feel sorry for this douchebag.

My life is worse than 95% of the people on this list and everyone's glad I'm this way. What a terrible community.

I only feel bad for him for being suicidal. Absolutely nothing else. I hope this prick gets a life.

18 Gamecubesarecool193

You have to feel sorry for him. That's because he is a 14 year old redneck sitting downstairs in his mums basement on a 85 inch Windows ME computer and feeling his tiny penis. So sad and cruel.

Really? This ain't funny, trolls.

19 SelfDestruct

Why should we?! You dissed off Positronwildhawk's music taste and one of the most obnoxious harebrained troll that ever existed on this site I don't think so pal!

20 WonkeyDude98

He's kinda overhated I'll admit.

21 MorbidCannibalSlayer
22 isaaonrtdmtr

There's no need to feel pity for me. I'm not one to enjoy being felt sorry for.

23 Merilille
24 BigBrotherSucks

But he was a crybaby who couldn't take a joke.

25 SwagFlicks
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