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This list is like "Top Questions To Ask Users of TheTopTens" But you can rate a user on a item. I desided to do this cause on every "Ask (Insert User)" Post, I seen people asking "What would you rate me? " So I deside to make a list, cause why not?

I somehow had to type the Devil's Number to publish this list, why did I have to do that?

Feel free to add any user so anyone can rate them.

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The Top Ten
1 Alexandr

The original stat king. Since I wasn't on in his hay day, I can't give him over an 8.

7/10 I guess, I like his quote lists

To make this list make sense, 10/10

2 admin

Rating a user is easy but rating multiple users isn't easy, cause there isn't only one admin but more than one admin, and different admin work differently.

3 Britgirl

10 easy. Britgirl is the funniest user ever and just an overall nice person to talk to.

Hey buddy, you forgot the one in front of the zero!

She's beautiful, like a young Doris Day

10/10. She's really nice and friendly. She a great friend and pretty funny too.

4 2storm

I'll give myself a 9 I guess.

5 05yusuf09

Hilarious user. Very chill. 8

How to improve:Become active again!

6 AlphaQ

Ayyy I'm growing into a plant that eats potato. Hey this big jump into the Top 420...20 means I'm getting remixed a lot. Thanks guys for making my TTT life lit.

9/10 would be a 10 if he would admit to pole dancing lol k I'll cut it out now. But yeah he's a cool guy.

7 PositronWildhawk

8.5/10. He seems like a nice guy and he also likes EDM so that's cool but he hates Rap music which is my second favourite music genre (EDM is my favourite) but everyone has they're opinions.-LitSavage (The visitor who acts like a user)

7/10 He might be overrated but he knows how to make a good list.

I'd rate him 10/10. He is the one of the smartest users here.

8.9/10. He is a little bit overrated but he's awesome and makes awesome lists.

8 Htoutlaws2012

A 10/10 for all the accomplishments he has made on TheTopTens. He has the highest member score, made the most remixes, made the most comments, and has good tastes in music, games, cartoons, and anime (but Naruto shouldn't be number 1 on his Top 10 Worst Anime remix! ). Anyways, he is easily the best user on this website along with CastlevaniaFanboy128.

8/10. He does have inconceivably high stats, but abused quantity just to get there, and the reason why he has so many remixes is because he didn't care about quality and doesn't put any descriptions in the remixes.

One of the best in terms of quantitative contributions. That is not to be taken negatively since the image uploads are very useful.

Man, I just envy this guy. He's the God of TheTopTens for sure. He has potential to be my best friend and is boss. Strong 11/10 on this guy.

9 Ananya

I'm so sorry Ananya that we keep facing in tournaments. 8.

10/10 one of the best user out there

10 445956

He was a really good user for a short period. 8.

Baa! 445956/10

The Contenders
11 DCfnaf

11/10. DCfnaf is very nice and a good critical critic of music!

Googol/10. DCFnaf is hardworking and nice.

12 ModernSpongeBobSucks

8/10 He knows good tenners and bad ones. Only thing that takes away from me is his constant SAO protecting. Like I get that we all have different opinions and he probably doesn't mind most opinions but he definitely over-defends SAO in my opinion. Still though he's a great user.

Hey man! It's me again! Sorry for thinking that you were a Weeaboo it was just a misunderstanding I apologize for that You are a good guy and a great user but there are just things I don't agree with you but oh well. Everyone is not gonna agree on everything I give you an 8/10 you rock man!

I see this guy everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I saw him on the worst games ever, I saw himon the best presidents ever, heck, he even follows me. I hardly watch anime(but when I do, it's Code Lyoko), and I can see that this guy is a huge anime fan. I can tell he has vast mind too lol

An 8/10 Man! I agree with most of your Opinions and I apologize for thinling that you were a weeaboo it was just a misunderstanding sometimes it happens but there are just things that I don't agree with you. But you rock! Even better than I am.

13 AnimeDrawer

Absolutely At 10/10

Definitely A 10/10

14 BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

Why would you want to rate God? It makes no sense whatsoever.

My dude, 10/10. Bruhs he's too funny that your cheekbones start to hurt.

10/10. Every night I pray to him.

10/10 He's a hilarious troll.

15 Alpha101

10/10, one of my favorite users

16 Metal_Treasure

10/10 for Metal_Treasure, especially his profile picture.

10/10 for the love of god

17 Aguythatpeopleignores
18 BKAllmighty
19 Turkeyasylum
20 bobbythebrony

8/10. I know he may be harsh with criticism, but I'm fine with it. My old self probably would've said -10 billion trillion infinities.

21 2cool4u
22 TwilightKitsune

Though I wish she could make more high-quality content, she is pretty nice and friendly to every user on TheTopTens that she meets here. In addition, she's improved on not being able to state her opinions even if they may be negative. Needs more high-quality content, but she does have the potential for it. I'll give her a 7/10 for now.

A really nice user who is friendly and doesn't mind my presence. She is nice to talk to as well. 9/10

Not good at rating much, but a 9.5 -10 is how I would rate her. Such a kind-hearted, funny person.

9/10 Can go a little too far when it comes to Rainbow Dash and Harambe, but overall a good user.

23 Aragorn98
24 BoredJeff02

Eh I'd rate myself a 7.5/10. I am open to opinions, and like Green Day a bit too much, but it's not as bad as my old account's TDG obsession. And I do admit sometimes with my lists I'm either too serious or a bit satirical. Also yeah while I do like some Metal, I'm not a fan of all metal. But however I'm a decent rock music top tenner. I do agree with Zxm though, and that's about it.

I do not know jeff

25 LightningStrike
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