Top Ten TopTenners Who Respect People's Opinions the Most

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1 Britgirl

Britgirl will accept anyone, even if you've done questionable things, she'll forgive you and still treat you like human.

She seems nice and could easily pass for being half her age for the bubbly-ness. She seems like the incarnation of the song "Let It Be."

I can't even imagine her getting into an argument.

2 PositronWildhawk

Update: With the help of many votes, I think this list has developed quite nicely.

With all due respect, this list is just... Not right! And that's a fact! Sort of.

3 SevenLizards
4 BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

I'm the best user to have ever walked the planet.

Not this narcissistic crap again.

5 Funnyuser

Yup, I try my best to respect opinions.

6 Puga

The question on whether information is valid or not (to Jake, even if he's retired now) is moot since he's now only interested in two things: rustling and YouTubers. He doesn't respect anything that can be seen by him as an attack on one of these things and is quick to defend and get slaves to defend for him.

He only doesn't respect opinions when they aren't backed up with valid information. Otherwise, he does respect opinions.

Actually he doesn't respect opinions.

7 EpicJake
8 christangrant
9 TotalDramaSucks
10 Andre56

Haha who ever put this guy on this list really needs to think for a bit.

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11 ModernSpongeBobSucks

Honestly, I was pretty narrow-minded and hypersensitive back in my early days as a user, but nowadays, I strive to be tolerant and respectful of other people's opinions.

He hates you if you hate anime. Enough said.

12 Totaldramamustdie
13 Egnomac
14 TurkeyAsylum
15 anonygirl
16 cosmo
17 BigBrotherSucks
18 RockFashionista
19 PatrickStar

He does, definitely. He's a nice user who would always try his best.

20 Userguy44

The boi the boi, I've never seen him bash anyone's opinion and he is cool so therefore he must be protected at all costs.

Great user. Speaking of which, I haven't seen him in a while? He hasn't been online.

Yes, I'm very respectful

21 Deception
22 Minecraftcrazy530
23 htoutlaws2012

Very down-to-earth. I also imagine he wouldn't be where he is as far as popularity goes if he didn't respect opinions.

Easily one of the nicest guys on here.

24 FlareLightX

Surprised he wasn't added yet to be honest. He's very mature and doesn't bash other users for their opinions. Did he ever? He is a good example and role model for this I think

Nice guy to message and I have a hard time imagining FlareLightX as an "in your face" kind of guy.

He's a great friend to have.

25 MeaganSaysHi
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