Most Overrated Total Drama Characters

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1 Duncan

Duncan is so overrated. He's a cheating scumbag and doesn't deserve Courtney. This guy doesn't have any morals. I used to love him and Courtney because they balance each other so well, until he messed up and started going for Gwen. I personally don't like Gwen, I will admit, she didn't go after Duncan but didn't have guilt that she LET him kiss her! Gwen and Duncan don't even have a cute ship name

Do I even need to explain how he is overrated he honstly stopped being good after season 2 and the creators favor him to and that's saying something

I hate how everyone blames Gwen for stealing Courtney's boyfriend when she acutally tried to avoid a relationship at first, Duncan is the one who started, he just entered into the confessional and kissed her but nobody cares. Also, Duncney is trash.

Duncan used to be the best character during season 1 and 2, but he changed during season 3 and he became worse in season 5

2 Cody

This guy is treated like a god for making it far in World Tour. He did nothing to make it that far! He just floated there, because Sierra protected him. And then, when Sierra was eliminated, Cody flopped, and couldn't do anything, leading to his eliminated.

The only reason why he is remotely interesting and made the top 3 in World Tour is because of Sierra, without her he is just a perverted punching bag.

Cody is one of my favorite characters, but he does not deserve all the love that he gets.

Agreed. His fanbase which I call "Sierras", droll over him for nothing.

3 Zoey

I find her annoying and defiantly overrated

Overrated and bland character

4 Noah

A good total drama character needs:

- a good personality
- some sign of strategy
- some trace of development

Noah is really popular despite lacking all those traits in both Island and World Tour, his whole personality consists in being a sarcastic know-it-all and nothing else, he didn't develop anything in 15 episodes he was featured on and he was the worst member of each team he was part of, even in World Tour each teammate carried the team Chris is really really hot in at least one episode except him. He doesn't deserve to be one of the most popular characters.

No originality of any kind, just a sarcastic guy in a series where a lot of other characters have this trait. He is only funny because other characters around him make him behave on a specific way, he is not naturally hilarious like Owen or Izzy. Ridonculous Race was the only season where he acutally did something but his relationship with Emma was basically Sky x Dave: good ending edition.

I can only imagine people who hate the show liking him

Some people watch Total drama Ridonculos Race only for him!

5 Gwen

She is so overrated, almost about as overrated as Duncan in my opinion

Same here, she is just mean

Meh, I like Gwen. But she is very overrated

Tbh I love gwen but yea she is overrated

6 Courtney

I don't understand how she has so many fans. She drives me insane!

I love her a lot but she got pretty annoying after tdi

She was tolerable in season 1...


7 Mike

Zoey is just better, sure she was bland in All-stars but Mike was so unrealistic with the whole Mike thing.

He should be much higher. I think I am the only person who doesn't like him

Why did you mess up courtneys life?


8 Owen

Attention seeker, he gets most of the spotlight on every season he appears in, I love him but still.

He just feels the show with toilet humor and tons of stupid jokes.

9 Heather

“Two-faced backstabbing lying little ***************”

10 Alejandro
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11 Dawn

Dawn is this low? Bruh she is definitely number 1, she gets way too much love, and Scott is hated because of this, for a bunch of Dawn and B fans, they are not that good for the love of god, B and Dawn were both super productive, sure, and Dawn shows compassion for people and animals, but that’s their only substance, B is super bland to watch and is super boring, same with Dawn, she is not that good. please stop with the love.

She is mostly popular for the whole "weird kinda emo cutie girl" she didn't do much. Yes she is interesting but there are better written characters.

most overrated and she deserves the love she should have won if scott didn't pretend to blame her

People think she is underrated. that is the only reason they like her and they made her overrated

12 Scott
13 Beardo

Seriously what did this guy do?! at least
EVERY other member on the team except him did something

14 Samey Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak.

I'm sorry, but Beth did her rise-up-from-the-oppressor storyline before and better. Samey did nothing but complain about how she was in her sister's shadow and would have done nothing if Jasmine didn't intervene. Also, sorry, but causing your sister to nearly suffocate does not make you the good twin, no matter how much she abused you.

15 Ella

Heck yeah she is!

16 Shawn

Sky cheated on her boyfriend she was supposed to dump before Pahkitew and "manipulated" Dave because he refused to help her after Chris did a mess but Shawn, who refused to listen and lied to his girlfriend and made fun of her dream gets a pass? That's just as wrong as Sky's situation.

All he does is obsess over the Zombie Apocalypse and drool over Jasmine

17 Ezekiel

Don't understand how you can consider him overrated because he lost so many fans in world tour

Actually, the list was supposed to be called most underrated total drama characters. but I misspelled the name and I wrote ''overrated'' instead.

How is he overrated exactly?

18 Izzy
19 Leshawna

leshanwna is overrated but she deserve the loves

She's not overrated.


20 Sugar
21 Cameron
22 Jacques

Jacques is underrated, not overrated

23 Katie and Sadie

How are they overrated? In fact, they are the most underrated characters on the show. They hopefully will return soon.

24 Amy

She's underrated! Only because you hate her doesn't mean that she's overrated!

Eh, She's far from overrated.

25 Topher
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