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1 Courtney and Duncan

Their chemistry is just so good! I miss the feeling of watching them kiss for the first time when I was a teen. I go back to total drama island over and over again for these two together. I heard the creators love this couple and would have them be together till the end until executive decision or something happened. Here's still hoping the creators still fix Duncan and Courtney's relationship back together and I know they could do it with how wonderful their relationship was in total drama island. It's been years and I still love these two together! The mean punk boy who shows his nice soft side to his princess and the little miss perfect who follows the rules but is not so prim and proper when with Duncan. I just love these two genuinely having fun together with each other. Please Tom and Jennifer just have these two back together as couples!

The perfect blend of Good Girl x Bad Boy but also they bring out the best in each other. Their relationship in TDI was done well and could have been more before the characters got ruined in the next seasons. I really like how Courtney thinks Duncan's carved skull was creepy but she still loves it and how she became loose and happy with him while Duncan can show his gentle side to her and she won't use it against him nor would she laugh at him for it. These were all in TDI where the couple were the best version among all seasons. Unfortunately, for some reason beyond me, they had to ruin Courtney and Duncan's relationship and characters. I really don't understand why they had to ruin something when the fans loved them together the most on TDI. I hope the creators do this couple justice and have them mature and get back together in the best way. The fans were all there even in the fanmade Total Drama Reunion which got a massive support and we are still hoping for Duncan and Courtney. ...more

They are perfect for each other! They're relationship was pretty good at the start but after that, it started to go a bit weird. I understand why Dumcan cheated on Courtney, but I don't bet why he made out witch Gwen, she's a horrible person! Scaring Courtney into making the killer bass lose, invite herself to Geoff's party just before she eliminated him, then says she is amazing! NO! Courtney and Duncan are perfect for one another.
Except for when she forced Duncan to eat a diaper then tried to make out with Justin.

Duncan and Courtney are great for each other I mean Gwen would had stole him he was great with Courtney. Gwen ( the boyfriend stealer) could have just stayed with Trent and not steal Courtney's boyfriend because Gwen and Trent where good. in TDAS Gwen forgot all about DUNCAN in TDWT I don't know Courtney wanted to be with Alejandro it annoyed Heather but she just wanted to make Duncan jealous ( which Duncan faked out on) Gwen believed it. Courtney was thinking that DUNCAN cheated on her I mean why steal the boyfriend when you got your self one like that makes know sense. Gwen IS a boyfriend stealer and she should never come to total drama ever Duncan and Courtney Duncney for ever Gwuncan not for ever

2 Gwen and Trent

This couple was the light of my life honestly, I loved this to death. Unfortunately this couple didn’t work out in the end because of Action and World Tour. But in Island Gwen and Trent were one of the greatest aspects in the season. This couple honestly was super wholesome and progressed super nicely, I loved how Gwen was only comfortable with Trent, and it was just super cute, especially the song in the talent show. Even with Trent leaving Gwen buried, I still loved it to death, the elimination was super sad too, and Gwen tried her best, persevered through his elimination and along with her friends to try to win, she managed to make the final 2, but didn’t win. Owen was well deserved, but I feel like Gwen needed it better, she was the best developed ever in Island.

Sweet and lovely couple! Natural, gradual, relationship with ups and downs but unconditional love in the end! So sad when Trent left Total Drama Island. These 2 are made for each other!

Unlike many other T.V. couples, their relationship slowly grows into something more. They show that you have to wait for someone sometimes, and that if you are willing to wait, and that if you accept them for who they are, then it can become something great. They had their ups and downs, just like any REAL couple should. They show that if you want something, you don't always "just reach out and take it", because it isn't always yours to take. Let it come to you, while still reaching for it. Wait for it to be ready to be taken. Don't hold on too hard, but hold on tight. I also loved how there was no real rivalry between Cody and Trent like there would be in other shows/movies/books/other things I haven't thought of. Cody accepts that Gwen isn't interested, and seems to be friendly with Trent. Point is, everything about this relationship breaks every cartoon-couple stereotype (ex. 2 hotties/popular people, 2-D characters, fight over "the girl", couple forced together), and I like that.

Qwen was totally my favorite character as soon as the first episode aired and I was really sad when I figured out the whole forever alone, doomed relationship thing. Wait you guys have figured it out too right? Well anyway I totally don't except it Qwen and Trent and perfect together! Literally if they don't get back together I'll die! Like what if they come back in a later season and Qwen confesses the real reason she broke up with Duncan is that she still loves Trent! And Trent confesses he never stopped loving her!

3 Mike and Zoey

Awwww. Y do people hate them so much. They r super cute together and will always be there for each other no matter what happens in life

Love this couple. Honestly, it's my favorite one. I'm not sure if I like any other couples.

Courtney x Duncan: Meh. It was okay, but not when she wanted to change so many things about him. Although that was funny to watch, I prefer Scott.

Leshawna x Harold: I love Leshawna, but don't really like Harold much. So put this under meh category.

Bridgette x Geoff: Actually, this would be my third favorite couple. This is, along with Zoey x Mike, one of my favorites. Mainly because it's clean and refreshing to watch.

Scott x Courtney: Meh. I never really liked Dave.

Dave x Sky: Meh.

Izzy x Owen: I slightly like it better than 'meh'.

Duncan x Gwen: Used to be my favorite, but it's probably at 4th now. And that's obviously not that impressive. Only the first 3 are.

Trent x Gwen: I don't know about this one. The most original of all, this one was the first mentioned. I really should just put it as 5th.

Cameron x Gwen: My second ...more

One of my favorite couples.

Something I would like to point out to the haters. People call this couple bland and lacks depth, but has anyone else noticed that all current TD couples lack depth in their relationships? We have no idea what keeps any of them (Lyler, Samkota, Zoke, Aleheather.) together off of the show. We don't know what meaningful things they have in common to keep them in a relationship. (I.E. Mutual, personal interests, how do they take the bad with the good as a team, etc.)

this is not the only one that is my favorite this is the best one I mean did you hear what Zoey said about oddballs about how she loved them. that's so sweet! I wish that my crush Kris would understand like Zoey and me not being shy and hiding secrets like mike liking zoey

4 Alejandro and Heather

I personally love this couple. Heather and Alejandro have good chemistry and I'm a huge fan of the whole, "love-hate" relationship dynamic. Heather constantly claims that she's not into Alejandro but she shows a few signs of liking the Latian charmer. I also liked it when she kicked Alejandro in the balls in the World Tour finale. That was funny. That and they both have a lot in common. They're both manipulative, evil, orchestrated numerous eliminations to get others eliminated, both had their enthicities confirmed and they're just perfect for each other. As much as All-Stars sucked, everyone can agree that the season's only redeeming quality was Heather and Alejandro FINALLY dating. I give this couple a 13/10.

they are absolutely perfect for each other. The 2 biggest manipulators on the show, DATING, oh boy! They are nice when they want to be nice. Like Heather after Courtney and Duncan split up, and Alejandro when...I actually don't know, when they were dating in season 5! And when he manipulated Courtney Leshawna, and bridgette (I think)

Who doesn't love this pairing? Well, some people, but this pairing needs to be higher! All-Stars rocks for getting them officially dating. They are absolutely perfect for each other and I could imagine that they'd actually be able to cancel out some of the traits they hate about each other when trying to work with each other - like Alejandro might actually stop flirting with pretty much anything female (I've seen him flirting with animals to survive on Boney Island! ) and Heather might start learning to open up a bit more and show that she has a heart underneath her ice queen exterior.

they were easily the best couple in TD history! I loved how they are both so scheming and basically evil, but they had this soft spot for each other the entire game. He kept finding ways to distract her and she kept finding ways to get back at him, It was SO FUNNY! TDWT had my favorite finale too and I love how she POWERED through the challenges and then fake-cried, and then KICKED ALEJANDRO'S ASS! They were such a cute couple and they should have made out WAY before TDAS. Even Blainley saw that one coming. They had so many cute couples moments even way before they were a couple! My favorite part though:
Soccerball kicked by Alejandro: misses heather
Heather: HA! I knew he wouldn't hit his CRUSH!
Soccerball: changes course and nails her in the back

5 Lindsay and Tyler

YASSS! I LOOOOVE Tyler and Lindsay not only as characters but also as a couple. They're both so dimwitted and funny together, it's impossible to not like them. I wish these two got more screentime instead of puke-worthy Gwuncan. Oh, well; we're getting two new seasons for HBO Max and Cartoon Network, so let's hope that these two compete together and we get to see more Lindsler (Tyler/Lindsay) moments.

I like Tyler and I like Lindsay there very good character in the show I wish Lindsay and Tyler were world tour longer, right when your remembers Tyler she gets voted what is this bs I hate it and in season 1 he got booted to quick I would love to see Tyler and Lindsay’s relationship go farther and I wish Tyler was in season 2.

Lindsay was always forgetting Tyler's name, so when she finally remembered, I was so happy. I think they're one of those couples that could last.

These guys are just perfect! Who needs Duncney and Gwent when you've got Lyler? This ship is so great because it's so odd. Lindsay constantly forgets Tyler's (and many others) name and Tyler always tries to be cool about it and no matter what happens, he'll never give up on her. Tyler doesn't like Lindsay for her looks, but for her personality. This couple is so underrated and needs more screentime! ^_^

6 Izzy and Owen

I don't know what else to say except that they are cute for each other, like, WOW! They're relationship (like most of them) took off and I think ended in season 3. That went on for a longer period of time than some others. Izzy is a bit crazy but Owen calms her down which I love! And Izzy brings out Owen's crazy side and makes him less drawn to food which is AMAZING!

I love this couple because Owen is so cute and funny and Izzy well you all know how good Izzy is. Together they form the cutest couple. Up to first yall.

There relationship was amazing. They were to oddballs that found love in each other. They were the only ones who truly understood each other. He loved her despite all her craziness and she loved him despite his gross antics and large physique. The writers brought me to tears when they broke up. She was lifted off by the military and he reached out to her as she left him. Owens song, "Oh My, Izzy," expressed his sorrow so beautifully, because he lost the girl of his dreams. The should make season 8 into, Total Drama Ultimate All Stars, where Owen and Izzy return and rekindle their relationship. Then, in the series finally Owen wins the one million dollars after being convinced to give up the prize money from the first season. After winning he should celebrate by proposing to Izzy.

Please get Izzy and Owen back together! They are the cutest couple on Total Drama. I don't know why the writers keep ruining these perfect couples we all love. Owen needs to propose to Izzy and they end up married on the show. That would be the cutest ever! Then it'd be husband and wife competing. At least give these two a happy ending together. They deserve it!

7 Bridgette and Geoff

Bridgette and Geoff lasted the longest, they never broke up which is amazing. Geoff started off weird and stupid but he slowly became kind and smart, then mean, then nice again. Him and Bridgette are now happily dating and I just love it

Geoff and Bridgette are the best they have been together since some of the 1st seasons. I loved how in total drama island Geoff and Bridgette liked each other but they never telled until Bridgette was eliminated. Season two total drama action although they were eliminated first in a double elimination round we could see that they loved each other . Then go further on to both host the after math show however this did cause some arguements but they managed to get threw it . Next season total drama world tour ✈ only Bridgette went into the season but someone has to ruin it (Alejandro) stured up trouble and left Bridgette stick to a PULL! This all was hard for Geoff and they all got three it even from Blainly. They are best couple! ❤

Other than Alejandro and Heather and Lindsay and Tyler this is the only couple that I think will last. Plus Bridgette is awesome love her. Geoff man he's a party animal!

They were great in TDI but got ruined in TDA. I love how Geoff makes his big comeback in the Ridonculous Race. Geoff and Bridgette should not be a perfect couple to add more drama and bring back fans like Fitz and Simmons from Agents of SHIELD

8 Duncan and Gwen

The way Courtney treats Gwen is cold. Gwen shouldn’t have got with Duncan after he was still dating Courtney, but in my version Courtney rigs the votes, and before Gwen leaves she breaks up with Duncan so Courtney could be with him. Soon Courtney feels guilty, tells Chris and Gwen and Duncan our a couple and Scott and Courtney our a couple. They are both happy and best friends.

This plotline felt like needless drama. Duncan was much better with Courtney, and Gwen was cuter with Trent. Gwen seriously screwed over her friend. They didn't have very good chemistry, and I doubt they'd last very long.

This was good until Duncan tried to make Courtney jealous and play them both at once. Gwen saw Duncan's playing WAY before Courtney did.

Duncan and Gwen would be cute, but he's so much better for Courtney. She loosens up and shows a dark side of her to Duncan and it's so cute! I despise this couple because first off, Duncan and Gwen don't have a cute ship name. Second, he cheated on Courtney! that is just wrong on so many levels, nobody deserves to feel that kind of pain! Courtney has every right to be mad, and to people that don't like her, think of this. Would you be mad if your friend goes behind your back and kisses your boyfriend? no! I don't care about what people say about Courtney and Duncan, they're a cute couple and that's it

9 Sierra and Cody

I'll admit, at the start, I didn't like this ship but now I feel like its amazing. Sierra is the only one that cares about Cody. Gwen only cared because he hooked her up with Trent, WHO SHE DUMPED because of his obsession, thinking it was about her.
Cody started to like her around the end of the series when Sierra reminded everyone it was his birthday. He tried to win after she had gotten herself hospitalized just so Cody wouldn't get eliminated, AMAZING

They're both obsessive in love, and have a whole lot of love to give. If Cody loves Sierra back, they'll be a power couple the likes of which have only been seen by Bridgette and Geoff! I give them 2 years, maximum, of dating before Cody pulls the ring. After Cody warms up to Sierra, it becomes the cutest couple on the show. (Perhaps Sierra's knowledge of the game and Cody's plain smarts could bring them back as a power couple but also the most powerful manipulators in the game? )

Sierra's obsessed with Cody, and I know that somewhere deep down, Cody really does care about her. It's really cute. I wish Cody would like Sierra back though. But maybe after some time, he will.

Best couple ever. I love the kinds of couples where at first someone hates the other character, then slowly the character starts to like the other until they click. That click hasn't happened yet. But I' still waiting for it.

What I'm saying is. Codierra is life! :P

10 Harold and Leshawna

The thing so love about these two is they are the most unlikely couple ever. God, even Beth and Justin is more likely. They are very strange. Scrawny white nerd and tough and lively black chick? Sign me up! Not to mention that Leshawna loves Harold and always tries to defend him from Duncan. I also find it funny that Leshawna is usually the one to do the saving

I love this relationship!
Eventually,stupid world tour
just had to ruin all!
Call me crazy,but I think that
the next harold relationship should
be harold and kitty

Harold and Leshawna are the most unlikely couple ever but that didn't stop them for being together

Okay,14? This couple has an epic fanbase.I was laughing off my seat when Leshawna got knocked out by a boxing kangaroo and them Harold came in and he got knocked out.

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11 Dakota and Sam

YAS! I love this couple! Though not as showcased as much as Mike and Zoey were in seasons four and five, I'm personally a huge fan of this couple. While I will admit that I wasn't a very big fan of Sam/Dakota when I first watched Revenge of the Island, after re-watching the season in question, I've grown to enjoy this couple. Mostly because it sends a beautiful message that nobody is too out of your league and if you love someone, you should just go for it. Wow, who knew you could learn so much from a cartoon?

This couple is so perfect! They are so blindly in love with eachother, and even before Dakota was mutated, it was the most unlikely couple ever. She's a blonde girl who loves attention and he's an unattractive gamer who doesn't do much but.. Well.. Play games! I honestly expected Dakota to make fun of Sam and put him down, but she literally apologized to him because she couldn't think of a compliment to give him. They are such a fantastic couple. Plus, when Dakota becomes a giant mutant monster, he STILL loves her

Come ON! This is one of my favorite couples ever! They're so cute, and I liked Sam's elimination, not that I don't like Sam. It's just that it was one of the first times we saw Dakota liking Sam. It was rushed, but I feel like they should be more popular.

This couple is cute, but I hate that Dakota is mutated now. Mr. Tom McGillis, Dakota is my favorite character and she does not deserve the torture! Please let her be normal again.

12 Dave and Sky

I love Dave and Sky. I know a lot of people don't like Dave very much but for some reason he appeals to me. I was sad when they didn't end up together.

I think Dave can do much better then terrible Sky! I don't really have a reason to hate her it's just that I find her annoying just like Zoey

This was the best couple of tdpi even if it didn't end to well there will be a 7th season and these 2 will be in it. There like mike and zoey

They are so perfect for each other, even if in the end it did not work out so well. They make the best couple.

13 Shawn and Jasmine

I think this relationship should be higher because they really built this relationship through out the whole season mostly better then Dave and Sky.

This couple should be higher! They are a true couple that accept eachother for who they are. Sure Jasmine still feels that Shawn's whole Zombie thing is weird, but that doesn't stop her from loving him. And Jasmine is a Goliathbut Shawn never really seems intimidated by her. I love how they were the main couple in Pahkitew island. They also have their ups and downs but they always end up resolving it

Shawn and Jasmine are definitely in my top 3 of favorite Total Drama couples! who wrote this cause they they definitely wrong! Shawn and Jasmine are perfect together and they have so many cute moments together. this better get raised higher!

I will forever ship this couple! They are too cute! Jasmine and Shawn are perfect for each other, wouldn't mind seeing more of them!

14 Scott and Courtney

This is just my opinion so I'm sorry if you have a different one, but I personally hate Scott as a character. He's just one of those bad guys that they have go far in every season. And with his personality, sure he can be funny sometimes, but he was also the reason most of my actual favorite characters of TDROTI lost, and he was just there to be evil and manipulative. With this already set, it really didn't make sense to put him with Courtney. It seemed as if his character was totally rewritten just to be with Courtney, and I honestly don't even understand what Courtney saw in him.

She even watched him eat dirt. SEVERAL TIMES. Remember when she made an entire list of little things for Duncan to improve?

When I first saw them together I honestly thought it was just a joke, or something to make Duncan jealous, so it didn't make sense to me that they lasted so long.

I ADORE this couple to bits and pieces, and I'd personally prefer these two being together over her and Duncan any day of the week... However, despite this, I wasn't too happy with some of the decisions that the writers' had made:

Firstly, they made Scott a complete idiot and Courtney's own personal "doormat", which I was not Ok with at all... Because Scott wasn't a pushover at all in season four, and to make things even more conflicting, it was pretty clear as day in his debut season that he thoroughly enjoyed bossing people around, (heck, it even said he wanted to be a CEO on his official character profile), and yet here in All-Stars, he states that he enjoys taking orders from people... I'm sorry, but you're either one, or the other! YOU CAN'T BE BOTH! See how things kind of contradict themselves here? I rest my case.

Don't get me wrong, though... There were some actual things that I liked about Scott in AS, like his sense of humor, for one thing, (although, very hit ...more

Ok, so I admit, I was a Courtney and Duncan fan in the beginning. But then, Duncan started being a jerk and started losing his character. Scott's so sweet and actually cares about Courtney.

Why did they have to break up?

I used to be a DUNCANXCOURTNEY fan until Total Drama World Tour, when he became a real jerk to her. Scott actually loves her and they are a better pairing. However, ZoeyXMike is still better

15 Carrie and Devin

This couple is first for me.

Carrie and Devin were always friends since them childhood, Carrie always loved Devin and after a lot of years they are finally engaged.

This pair gives you the emotions that no other can give.

This is the most adorable couple ever! I really wanted them to win TDRR, but the writers weren't done using Devin as a punching bag (if you have not watched TDRR, Devin is the character that the writers love to torture, like Trent in TDI, Harold in TDA, Noah in TDWT, Scott in TDROTI and TDAS, and Max in TDPI) and had the Sisters push him OFF ACLIFF. But still, CarriexDevin (Carvin? Devrie? Cevin? Derrie? ) should have made it all the way to the finale instead of 5th place.

This couple has by far the strongest chemistry outside every couple in the Total Drama series being childhood best friends secretely in love with each other. I also love how realistic Carrie was during the developement of their relactionship, trurly relatable.

They were friends since childhood, Carrie has loved him for so long, and whe Devin's girl Shelley cheats on him, Devin realizes how much he is in love with Carrie. I think it is perfect, I really want to see more of this couple! ❤

16 Noah and Emma

This ship is just so adorable. Noah has been my favorite Total Drama character ever since the first season. I just love his sarcasm and how it always seems like he doesn't care all the time, kinda like me. And when he met Emma, I loved him even more. I even skipped some episode seans, just to look at him simping for Emma. I absolutely love this ship, and I also just feel like these two deserve a love life together. I also think that Noah would make a WAY better boyfriend to Emma than her previous boyfriend. Even though we've never really heard MUCH about Emma's last boyfriend, but I just know that he'll be WAY better than him.

Noah has always been one of my favorite characters, THE favorite if I had to choose, so I was ecstatic when I heard he would get to come back for TDRR. But what surprised me was what happened between him and Emma. I never thought Noah would be good as a part of one of those typical couples, but I was so wrong. Noah and Emma dating actually made me like both of the characters infinitely more. They are perfect for each other and their interactions seem so genuine, and can even make me laugh sometimes.

Should be higher. It’s realistic and they have a lot in common. Also, they had made each other better people. They both became nicer and a bit more carefree after falling in love with each other. Noah found someone he actually genuinely care for, and Emma managed to be less paranoid about the future and other people.

Noah and Emmma is my all time favorite! Noah is my favorite because of his style and personality! But seeing him fall in love catches everyone who thought he was just a critical sarcastic donkey (aka jackass) attention that he could ever fall in love with a big hip girl like Emma! They're so alike in anyway! And seeing them kiss was shocking! I like this ship so much!

17 Crimson and Ennui

I'm a person who loves Gothic lolita or anime people, and this couple here had me with their cloths. They are so funny tbh and their love I can tell is actually real and will always stay

Together for THREE years people, this is the most stable Total Drama couple ever.

My actual, but favorite couple!

they were made to be together

18 Cody and Gwen

I like Cody and Gwen as characters Cody is my favorite character overall and Gwen is my second favorite character that is a girl it should have been Cody x Gwen in world tour not Duncan I hate Gwen x Duncan Duncan is my second favorite character the is a guy but I dust was not in to it I wish this ship was higher and Gwen needs to pay Cody back for island and Cody should be in the new season with Gwen and they should get to together I think people would love total drama that why.

I love this couple in fact I would be a total drama fan forever because of the couple why is this so low?

Love Gwen, but I'm not sure it's possible. Cody has more of a crush than love her.

Cute if it's platonic, Gwen only views Cody as a "really annoying little brother"

19 Izzy and Noah

They are perfect for each other! We haven't seen too much of them since TDWT. I hope that future seasons bring them back, with character development for Noah, who's a fan favorite despite being an underdog. Who wouldn't love this couple? They're perfect for each other, especially with Izzy dumping Owen! (Sorry, Owen X Izzy fans) But it's the quiet, sarcastic bookworm with the loud, crazy girl. That would be something. Nizzy forever!

These are my two favorite characters and they (would) balance each other out if they ever got together! I wish they would become a couple or at least have more air-time.

They are good friends. Izzy and Noah are my favorite couple. If they got together I would probably squeal in delight. Yay nizzy!

Opposites attract. They two are good friends and have lots of sences together. They would make a great couple

20 Ella and Dave

I absolutely love this couple! Dave and Sky together? That's messed up. Dave has a better girl who is interested in him to love back. Dave, it's messed up to be with Sky! You got to love Ella back!

How is this higher than Dave and sky we all know that's a couple we are rooting for

I find this couple much better than Dave and Sky honestly, Sky Just used Dave for winning, while Ella actually loved Dave, and I'm pretty sure if Dave looked at Ella and noticed, he would probably love her back. ❤️

Yes, Dave and Ella just beautiful together!

21 Beth and Brady

Beth seems like a genuinely sweet girl and good friend. It's just too bad that there were people like Heather and Justin using her for their own personal gain- to get further in the competition. I'm really glad that she found a nice guy that actually loves her for who she is.

Brady showed up for like... ten seconds? Kind of an underrated couple but very good.

Of course. They are perfect for each other

Best couple ever lol

22 Tom and Jen

They are awesome fashion bloggers! My favorite pair in Ridonculous Race! Who else wants them back in the next season!?!?!

They are so cute together! I love them so much! They need to return

Why did they get eliminated so early?!

I would love to see them kiss!

23 Brick and Jo

Here's a little story, when I was first watching TDROTI, I was shipping Zoke, but with Jock, I was practically begging them to get together. I always thought it was really cute how they would be competing, then Brick gets into some sort of danger, then Jo saves him. I really wish these two got together in the show, but I would be pretty sad if they ever broke up.

Brick and Jo are so cute together. They seem like the perfect pair and I wish they explored their relationship more in the show.

I think Brick and Jo are adorable. I love the little rivalry they have. And their ship name is Jock?! Is that not a sign?

I love them together! Their rivality is really fun. I hope there is something between both of them like love behind that rivality

24 Mal and Commando Zoey

Both hot and feisty love to read there sex fanfiction

Zoey is pretty

Evil nuisance meet badass who I wish when zoey was turned commando ripped off more clothes zoeys hottest and sexiest and tat ass whoo we but if it wasn’t a teen program she would rip more off

As if I would get together with that ugly bitch...

25 Lightning and Anne Maria

A made up couple. Should be a couple for season 5 or any season

I think they're cute together

I prefer Brick and Anne Maria

A great cople for season 5

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