Top 10 Best Total Drama Couples

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1 Courtney and Duncan

Their chemistry is just so good! I miss the feeling of watching them kiss for the first time when I was a teen. I go back to Total Drama Island over and over again for these two together. I heard the creators love this couple and would have had them be together till the end until an executive decision or something happened. Here's still hoping the creators fix Duncan and Courtney's relationship back together, and I know they could do it with how wonderful their relationship was in Total Drama Island.

It's been years, and I still love these two together! The mean punk boy who shows his nice soft side to his princess and the little miss perfect who follows the rules but is not so prim and proper when with Duncan. I just love these two genuinely having fun together. Please, Tom and Jennifer, just have these two back together as a couple!

2 Gwen and Trent

This couple was the light of my life, honestly. I loved this to death. Unfortunately, this couple didn't work out in the end because of Action and World Tour. But in Island, Gwen and Trent were one of the greatest aspects of the season. This couple honestly was super wholesome and progressed very nicely. I loved how Gwen was only comfortable with Trent, and it was just super cute, especially the song in the talent show.

Even with Trent leaving Gwen buried, I still loved it to death. The elimination was super sad too, and Gwen tried her best, persevered through his elimination, and, along with her friends, tried to win. She managed to make the final 2 but didn't win. Owen was well deserved, but I feel like Gwen needed it better. She was the best developed ever in Island.

3 Alejandro and Heather

I personally love this couple. Heather and Alejandro have good chemistry, and I'm a huge fan of the whole "love-hate" relationship dynamic. Heather constantly claims she's not into Alejandro, but she shows a few signs of liking the Latin charmer. I also liked it when she kicked Alejandro in the World Tour finale. That was funny. They both have a lot in common. They're both manipulative, evil, orchestrated numerous eliminations, had their ethnicities confirmed, and they're just perfect for each other.

As much as All-Stars was disappointing, everyone can agree that the season's only redeeming quality was Heather and Alejandro FINALLY dating. I give this couple a 13/10.

4 Mike and Zoey

They are so cute! They are sweet and barely argue. They care so much for one another! To all the haters out there who think they're too "boring" or "overrated", you've given another good reason why they're perfect for each other! They are both really sweet, good-looking, and smart characters. Duncan and Courtney used to be my favorite, but honestly, I think these guys are now. I love watching their scenes together.

Mike is so funny, and I love his personalities. Mal was good, but I hated how he took over Mike for over half of All Stars instead of being come-and-go. We wanted to see more of Mike and his other personalities! However, they had a happy ending for a perfect couple. Wish I could see more! They rock!

5 Lindsay and Tyler

Honestly, Tyler deserved better, but they're cute together! Mad respect to Tyler for never getting too mad at her for forgetting his name.

I love them together, just a bummer that FreshTV told us they broke up offscreen though. Hope they bring them back together.

Lindsay was always forgetting Tyler's name, so when she finally remembered, I was so happy. I think they're one of those couples that could last.

6 Bridgette and Geoff

Geoff and Bridgette are the best. They have been together since some of the first seasons. I loved how in Total Drama Island, Geoff and Bridgette liked each other but never told anyone until Bridgette was eliminated. In Season Two, Total Drama Action, although they were eliminated first in a double elimination round, we could see that they loved each other. They then went on to co-host the Aftermath show, which did cause some arguments, but they managed to get through it.

In the next season, Total Drama World Tour, only Bridgette went into the season, but someone had to ruin it (Alejandro). He stirred up trouble and left Bridgette in a tough spot. This was all hard for Geoff, but they all got through it, even with the help of Blainley. They are the best couple!

7 Izzy and Owen

Their relationship was amazing. They were two oddballs that found love in each other. They were the only ones who truly understood each other. He loved her despite all her craziness, and she loved him despite his gross antics and large physique. The writers brought me to tears when they broke up.

She was lifted off by the military, and he reached out to her as she left him. Owen's song, "Oh My, Izzy," expressed his sorrow so beautifully because he lost the girl of his dreams. They should make Season 8 into "Total Drama Ultimate All Stars," where Owen and Izzy return and rekindle their relationship.

Then, in the series finale, Owen wins the one million dollars after being convinced to give up the prize money from the first season. After winning, he should celebrate by proposing to Izzy.

8 Duncan and Gwen

Duncan and Gwen are the best Total Drama couple, and I hope they get back together, provided Duncan can man up and apologize to Courtney. He should just honestly tell her he didn't have feelings for her anymore. Yes, Duncan and Gwen got together by cheating, and yes, they made a mistake. That is what makes them real, though. In real life, couples make mistakes, and people are not perfect. Duncan and Gwen both show that something good can come from something bad. They demonstrate that people make mistakes but can change and become better.

I understand Courtney fans being upset at Duncan for cheating on her, and I also get why Gwen fans say Duncan didn't have feelings for Courtney anymore. I prefer Duncan and Gwen as a couple. However, I also wish Duncan would apologize to Courtney, so they can at least be civil, if not friends.

9 Noah and Emma

This ship is just so adorable. Noah has been my favorite Total Drama character ever since the first season. I just love his sarcasm and how it seems like he doesn't care all the time, kind of like me. When he met Emma, I loved him even more. I even skipped some episode scenes just to watch him pining for Emma. I absolutely love this ship and also feel like these two deserve a love life together. I also think that Noah would make a way better boyfriend to Emma than her previous boyfriend. Even though we've never really heard much about Emma's last boyfriend, I just know that he'll be way better than him.

10 Shawn and Jasmine

This couple should be higher! They are a true couple that accept each other for who they are. Sure, Jasmine still feels that Shawn's whole zombie thing is weird, but that doesn't stop her from loving him. And Jasmine is a Goliath, but Shawn never really seems intimidated by her. I love how they were the main couple in Pahkitew Island. They also have their ups and downs, but they always end up resolving it.

Shawn and Jasmine are definitely in my top 3 favorite Total Drama couples! Who wrote this? They are definitely wrong! Shawn and Jasmine are perfect together, and they have so many cute moments together. This better get raised higher!

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11 Sierra and Cody

They're both obsessive in love, and have a whole lot of love to give. If Cody loves Sierra back, they'll be a power couple the likes of which have only been seen by Bridgette and Geoff! I give them two years, maximum, of dating before Cody pulls the ring. After Cody warms up to Sierra, it becomes the cutest couple on the show. Perhaps Sierra's knowledge of the game and Cody's plain smarts could bring them back as a power couple but also the most powerful manipulators in the game?

I'll admit, at the start, I didn't like this ship but now I feel like it's amazing. Sierra is the only one that cares about Cody. Gwen only cared because he hooked her up with Trent, who she dumped because of his obsession, thinking it was about her. Cody started to like her around the end of the series when Sierra reminded everyone it was his birthday. He tried to win after she had gotten herself hospitalized just so Cody wouldn't get eliminated. Amazing!

12 Dakota and Sam

Yes! I love this couple! Though not as showcased as much as Mike and Zoey were in seasons four and five, I'm personally a huge fan of this couple. While I will admit that I wasn't a very big fan of Sam and Dakota when I first watched Revenge of the Island, after re-watching the season in question, I've grown to enjoy this couple. Mostly because it sends a beautiful message that nobody is too out of your league and if you love someone, you should just go for it. Who knew you could learn so much from a cartoon?

13 Harold and Leshawna

The thing I love about these two is they are the most unlikely couple ever. God, even Beth and Justin are more likely. They are very strange. A scrawny white nerd and a tough and lively black chick? Sign me up! Not to mention that Leshawna loves Harold and always tries to defend him from Duncan. I also find it funny that Leshawna is usually the one to do the saving.

Okay, 14? This couple has an epic fanbase. I was laughing off my seat when Leshawna got knocked out by a boxing kangaroo and then Harold came in and he got knocked out too.

14 Dave and Sky

Sky was going to dump Keith to be with Dave. Their couple is amazing, and they could be happy together. It was a misunderstanding, the whole Keith thing. I wish Sky and Dave could put their past behind them and get together.

I love Dave and Sky. I know a lot of people don't like Dave very much, but for some reason he appeals to me. I was sad when they didn't end up together.

They are so perfect for each other, even if in the end it did not work out so well. They make the best couple.

15 Scott and Courtney

I adore this couple to bits and pieces, and I'd personally prefer these two being together over her and Duncan any day of the week. However, despite this, I wasn't too happy with some of the decisions that the writers made.

Firstly, they made Scott a complete idiot and Courtney's own personal "doormat," which I was not okay with at all. Because Scott wasn't a pushover at all in season four, and to make things even more conflicting, it was pretty clear as day in his debut season that he thoroughly enjoyed bossing people around. Heck, it even said he wanted to be a CEO on his official character profile, and yet here in All-Stars, he states that he enjoys taking orders from people. I'm sorry, but you're either one, or the other! You can't be both! See how things kind of contradict themselves here? I rest my case.

Don't get me wrong, though. There were some actual things that I liked about Scott in AS, like his sense of humor, for one thing, although very hit and miss at times. I felt that his social awkwardness around Courtney was adorable and even seemed to have its own unique charm to it.

Another thing that really bugged me about it was how rushed it was. I mean, really? Why couldn't they have just had Scott and Courtney begin interacting with each other while they were still on opposing teams? They've done that sort of thing with other couples in the past, like Aleheather, for example. The pace probably would've been a lot better that way, and their relationship could've been fleshed out a heck of a lot more, too.

These two could've been the next Aleheather if it wasn't for bad writing and wasted potential. They could've been a real power couple, to boot.

But, no. That's not what we got.

So, negative feelings aside, these two are pretty much perfect for each other, in my eyes, anyway. Scott and Courtney have just about the right amount of similarities and differences to really hit it off with each other, not to mention how... more

16 Carrie and Devin

Carrie and Devin are a great couple! Even though Devin was with Shelly (until they broke up) Devin started to feel he loved Carrie. It was kind of too late.

This couple is first for me.

Carrie and Devin have always been friends since their childhood. Carrie always loved Devin, and after many years, they are finally engaged.

This pair gives you emotions that no other can give.

This is the best TD couple. I said Courtney and Duncan were the best couple in Gen 1, not the franchise. I hope they bring them back in another season.

17 Crimson and Ennui

This is the most successful goth couple I've probably seen! They have such similar personalities and are so alike they agree on mostly everything, and I love their relationship!

Personally, the whole goth thing, along with accepting each other un-gothed (sort of), just really made me realize their love is super real, and their elimination was so sad.

I'm a person who loves Gothic Lolita or anime people, and this couple had me with their clothes. They are so funny, to be honest, and their love, I can tell, is actually real and will always stay.

18 Cody and Gwen

I love this couple. In fact, I would be a total drama fan forever because of them. Why is this so low?

Even though I ship Codierra, I'm shocked that this is so low! I thought it would be higher.

Too bad this didn't happen in World Tour.

19 Noah and Cody

I think I ship it because they look cute together. Their colors complement nicely, and people practice color shipping (Lyra x Bonbon) to practice picking pairs that have genetic diversity. Also, I strongly dislike Cody being with Sierra and believe that Noah is gay. Plus, although they are both "geeks," their overall personalities are unique, so they don't clash but aren't mirror images of each other, either. Oh, and the fanfictions are really good, too!

I love this ship so much, and it's unfortunate that it receives so much negativity. I know most of the actual Noco moments happen while they're asleep, but I feel they could work pretty well in the show. Also, I'm a sucker for the fanfics.

20 Ella and Dave

Ella is definitely quirky by comparison, and I see her as the type of person who could get Dave to break his routine and learn to appreciate the strange beauty of the world around him. I don't think he could do that with Sky because, like him, she's too normal. I really think Dave needs Ella.

I absolutely love this couple! Dave and Sky together? That's messed up. Dave has a better girl who is interested in him to love back. Dave, it's messed up to be with Sky! You've got to love Ella back!

Well, I just think that they would be so nice together along with both of their personalities. They were also pretty good characters in Pahkitew.

21 Izzy and Noah

They are perfect for each other! We haven't seen too much of them since TDWT. I hope that future seasons bring them back, with character development for Noah, who's a fan favorite despite being an underdog. Who wouldn't love this couple? They're perfect for each other, especially with Izzy dumping Owen! (Sorry, Owen X Izzy fans) But it's the quiet, sarcastic bookworm with the loud, crazy girl. That would be something. Nizzy forever!

These are my two favorite characters, and they would balance each other out if they ever got together! I wish they would become a couple or at least have more air-time.

22 Beth and Brady

Beth seems like a genuinely sweet girl and good friend. It's just too bad that there were people like Heather and Justin using her for their own personal gain to get further in the competition. I'm really glad that she found a nice guy who actually loves her for who she is.

Brady showed up for like ten seconds. Kind of an underrated couple but very good.

Of course. They are perfect for each other.

23 Brick and Jo

Here's a little story: when I was first watching TDROTI, I was shipping Zoke, but with Jock, I was practically begging them to get together. I always thought it was really cute how they would be competing, then Brick gets into some sort of danger, and then Jo saves him. I really wish these two got together in the show, but I would be pretty sad if they ever broke up.

Brick and Jo are so cute together. They seem like the perfect pair and I wish they explored their relationship more in the show.

I think Brick and Jo are adorable. I love the little rivalry they have. And their ship name is Jock? Is that not a sign?

24 Tom and Jen

They are awesome fashion bloggers! My favorite pair in Ridonculous Race! Who else wants them back in the next season?

They are so cute together! I love them so much. They need to return.

Why did they get eliminated so early?

25 Mal and Commando Zoey

This ship should be for real. I also think Commando Zoey should have been around for longer, and Mal should have been a personality in Revenge of the Island too.

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