Top Ten Total Drama Romances That Should Have Happened

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1 Brick and Dawn

Excuse you! Don't mess up my dream ship of Dawn and Scott!

No no no! Brick and Jo is WAY better than this trash!

I love this idea of them two together.

Brick and Dawn would be so cute; Brick as a cadet and Dawn as a nurse, but so would Dawn and B

2 Anne Maria and Justin

They are similar and both think that they are the best looking people ever. They are both pretty funny and would be a good couple

Both people think they are pretty.

They're both obsessed

3 Sammy and Beardo
4 Jo and Brick

I have a feeling they would be a good couple. I even had a dream about it. Imagine if Brick competed in Total Drama All-Stars and he only came back for Jo. He told Jo his true feelings and Jo said she felt the same way! So they kissed. Everyone got grossed out. So they stop kissing. But they remain a couple! Weird but nice.

They would be a funny couple to watch. Brick looks like he's related to Duncan?

Yes! This is better than the stupid pair of stupid Dawn and Brick together.

Imagine Jo's heart beating for Brick awkward...

5 Cody and Sierra

I like how it's a love-hate relationship. Sierra was mentally INSANE, but deep down Cody cared about her. It was cute when their heads danced in sync in WT in the song "I'm Gonna Make It". It seemed like Cody actually liked her in that song! This couple is really cute, but I could see Cody with Dawn

Sierra is hopelessly devoted and in love with Cody, I hope he ends up returning the feelings.

6 Topher and Jen

The Chris wannabe and the fashionista! I could see him carrying her shopping bags around for her!

They are both full of themselves and they would look cute together!

7 DJ and Bridgette

Screw Geoff! DJ and Bridgette would be awesome! They're both vegetarians, love animals, and are super sweet! I can just imagine the two together... At least they wouldn't be making out every 3 seconds.. I can also imagine Bridgette teasing DJ sometimes and DJ being all gentlemanly because it's what Mama taught him

No! This looks stupid and dumb! Plus I ship her and Noah!

8 Amy and Dave
9 Mal and Commando Zoey

Well shippers, this is technically canon if you think about it. Allthough if these two met then oh boy they would be more evil then aleheather.

Two personalities of Mike and Zoey.

Yes! I ship Mal and Zoey anyway!

10 Jacques and Josee

Yes! Why aren't they a couple like they are a match! My favorite cannon ship besides Noah and Cody!

I ship these to so much! The only problem is Josee's temper. But either way they are cute.

They look super cute together and they are both evil so why not.

This would be painful, but understanding, and funny.

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11 Tom and Jen

Why aren't they already a thing they are super similar and they both love fashion and they care for each other.

It was so needed! Don't you guys agree. They love and support each other.

Yes! Fashion lovers need to be a thing! I'm going to make this happen!

Omg why isn't this a thing?! They both are adorable fashion lovers!

12 Trent and Courtney

They would be cute, but I feel like if they started to date It would only be a pity couple, I feel bad for you, you feel bad for me, let's date. So not a good idea, I love them both though.Just don't think they would start to date out of true love.

For the one who said that Trent and Courtney should hook and make Duncan and Gwen jealous, you read my mind and I don't even know you.

With Gwen and Duncan together they know how each other feel.

Courtney and Trent should be higher than seven.

13 Sky and Dave

Too bad sky said she had a boyfriend

Or was it Dave's fault for not listening to Sky's explanation?

The world may never know.
Skave forever

14 Mickey and Kitty

This is all the way down at #14? I really liked this ship! Even if it was for a brief moment, I just can't get over how Kitty defended Mickey when Taylor was getting all over his face, I liked how they allied together too even if it was shortlived. But still if Noah has Emma, why can't Mickey have Kitty too?

15 Chris and Blaineley

They are both hosts.

16 Harold and Staci

They both think they are awesome.

17 Dawn and Scott

It should have happend, now it's kinda impossible. But they still cute as a couple.

I pray this couple happens.

18 Noah and Katie

This couple needs more love! Sure, they seem a bit unlikely together, but they were such great friends! When no one would accept Gwen because of what she did to Courtney, he stepped in and helped her out and when Cameron came to the villain's team and everyone was excluding him, she stepped in to make him feel at home. I also loved that friendly peck on the cheek in the finale :3

These two are polar opposites! I know, I know, people say couples are good when they are opposites, but that only worked for Duncan and Courtney (it's not like I like the couple, but it was original). Noah is a silent reader while Katie is a crazy and lively girl. I'm not a Noah fangirl or anything, but until Noah has any real reaction with a girl/boy, he's shipless. Though I do like Nowen a lot :3

Seriously do I even have to tell you why this is perfect?

The two best characters on the show!

19 DJ and Jasmine

Both are animal lovers but DJ might kill them all.

20 Josee and Geoff

Ugh! Geoff needs her Bridgette is a jerk for crushing on Noah and Al. People ship that two much! So Geoff and Josee need to make out!

That's how she could hide him in the closet for the bad.

I ship this more than Geoff and Gwen!

Enemy in love with a hero I like it.

21 Leshawna and Lightning

This would be a very appealing couple, they would look good together.

I want a Leshawna/Harold/Lightning love triangle.

22 Chef and Eva

They are very tough.

23 Noah and Cody

Yes! Why do people ship Noah and Bridgette like ew! Noah and Cody kissed well Noah kissed Cody's ear so counts!

I personally do not ship these two but I see why as though people would believe that this would be a good relationship. People do not just ship these two because of that accidental kiss but also on how their personalities would work together, how their interactions could be interpreted as flirtatious in world tour, and how they may not like or have seen their canon relationships. I have seen so many people verbally attack those who do ship it. Also, if you are going to hate on this ship please communicate yourself with an "I" message to be respectful and show your opinion. It will also make you seem less of a jerk and more mature. It is just childish and silly to hate on a ship just because one self doesn't personally see them as being in a relationship. I would like to add that using all uppercase and emojis make me take you less seriously. I apologize if you felt as though I was disregarding your opinion but I just wanted to point out why someone may find that Noah and ...more

24 Gwen and Cody
25 MacArthur and Brody

Brody finally gets a girl.

Weird but I like it.

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