Top 10 Best Total Drama Campers of All Time

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1 Duncan

He was my favorite character ever since I first saw him. He has that cool Mohawk with a spiked dog collar and is a bad criminal. Being a criminal gives you a huge advantage in the game and well Duncan has been at least in the final five for the first 3 seasons. Then they made Duncan nicer in the 5th season which was a huge mistake. The Duncan from seasons 1,2, and 3 is what I want to see the smart criminal bully not the nice soft pretending to be bad guy. He is a strong player with his attitude, smarts, and strength he's a really good player. Duncan is the only criminal on the show so make him a criminal not a soft guy.

2 Heather Heather was a camper and the main antagonist of Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. She later returned as a cast member in Total Drama Action on the Screaming Gaffers, and was one of the finalists in Total Drama World Tour representing Team Amazon.

She is a cunning deceitful and manipulative player allowing her to be a strong opponent that could easily weave your emotions or control your mind into commanding you to do anything she desires! She has amazing comebacks and always ranks high in every series! Her win in TDWT was just incredible I am left bewildered at her cunning mind constantly controlling and changing the entire game! This win was in my opinion one of the greatest wins in TD history! She was significantly brilliant and I loved every scene she was in; not to mention that she was stunningly beautiful! Overall Heather was a great surprise from this well made show! -Star Lord Out

3 Gwen

An excellent character! Gwen is proficiently perfect as a character and reassembled multiple strengths and weakness that balance her out making her a perfect character! She was a lonely goth who was a bit strange at first but became an absolute iconic bit of all of TD! Her flaws such as being somewhat arrogant and a bit cautious perfectly balance out with her friendly attidude and kind personality; her hobbies were balanced and I really liked the immense pressure of choosing between Codey or Trent! To be honest this kept me hooked for most of the series! -Star Lord Out

4 Courtney

She is the most best character that has ever existed! Most people don't like her because she is a classy A-type, but I think that just adds to her awesomeness. She and Duncan made the most cutest couple ever! But after Gwen's alleged "stealing" of Duncan... She kinda of lost her confidence... but still... I love her!

Courtney was the best character in Total Drama Island! Originally, she wasn't even part of the cast, they added her character last minute, and that was honestly the smartest move they ever made!

Courtney is way prettier than that homewrecker Gwen. In Season 7 the sharks are suppose to eat Gwen and everyone cheers. Then Duncan proposes to Courtney.

5 Bridgette

Bridgette is THE BEST she is really kind to everybody and she's hilarious plus she's also not afraid to do big things she even dove off the cliff in the first challenge without hesitation! Bridgette is so sweet and she deserves to be number one! She has been making me laugh through out the show and in TDA she didn't deserve to be eliminated first! And in TDWT Stupid Al tricked her sorry Bridgette you deserve better!

The most awesome character ever! She is super-nice and tries to give everyone a chance to be her friend, even Heather. Now that's saying something. She shouldn't of gotten voted off. Geoff smelled like skunk one day, but no one voted him off! She is super sporty and smart. She knows how to handle a sticky [or a disgusting food] situation.

6 Owen

Incredibly amazing! This big guy is proficiently kind and generous! He is extremely useful during eating challenges, and his innocence when accidentally throwing a pie at someone is comedy gold! He is naive and did not notice that Alejandro was manipulating him, which made me really care for him! His obsession with food and toxic gas is interesting. He is a well-fleshed-out character who has amazing strengths and some weaknesses that make him a balanced character! Also, his win in TDI was just stunningly incredible! Overall, he is a great character. - Star Lord Out

7 Lindsay

Lindsey is the most amazing character ever. But what really annoys me is that she is the only blonde on the island and everyone thinks that people with blonde hair are dumb! I am blonde and I scored over a B- in every single subject. So the fact that they make Lindsey dumb probably because she is blonde, is so annoying!

Even though Lindsay may be dumber than a rock, she is just awesome! I love her she is one of the best characters in the Total Drama series, wait how is Lindsay number 13! Let's just push her a little to at least number 5... Yay!

8 Cody

He is awesome. He could of won Total Drama WORLD TOUR if Sierra didn't get the birthday cake for Cody until they were IN the plane. Also, I do like that he is mentioned a lot in Total Drama All-Stars. Also, it's funny that he was final 3 in season 3 and is the third most favorite total drama players. 3,3,3 laugh out loud! He should of won Total Drama WORLD

Cody is, personally, the most normal and relatable guy on the show. Oh yeah, and he TOTALLY should have been able to go out with Gwen. I mean, after season 1, this should be undebatable. But now that Gwen broke up with Duncan (hate that guy), honestly, ANYTHING could happen. GO CODY!

9 DJ

Dj is so awesome and should have lasted longer in action and world tour. I also wish that the chef alliance never happened and that he was in all stars. I love how strong he is but meanwhile he has a huge heart. He is very underrated. 1st place overall.

DJ is in the first three seasons doing alright but I want to see more of him. Always a great entertainer

DJ looks really tough and strong, but he is actually a big soft, kind, cottenball. That's what I love about him.

10 Izzy

Izzy is AWESOME! She can fight big dudes like chef, flip around, and of course SCARE CAMERON! (I don't really like Cam, his personality is a bit too plain and in TDAS, his character is basically just there to get rid of Mal. ) But most of all, she never fails to put a grin on my face with her craziness/awesomeness.

I just love Izzy! She's so crazy and adventurous and she lived with beavers and she's just so great! She always stays positive, and is happy with anything! This is why she's my favorite.

Izzy's so crazy, you gotta love her! There's no need for further comment!

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11 Harold

Harold should be high on this list. All the people who posted that he has mad skills are right. I can relate to intelligent people like him, especially since I got picked on for being a nerd in school.

I'm glad that Harold got back at Duncan for terrorizing him. I've had enough that delinquent's antics. Besides, I can favor nerds and geeks over jocks and other bullies for good reason.

Harold is underrated! His proficent skills overpower anyone's, allowing him to compete countless challenges! He weaves extremely good jokes and is unfortunately punished numerous times by Duncan which makes me feel deep melancholy for Harold! Overall Harold is bewilderingly good and quite underrated please vote form him! - Star Lord Out

12 LeShawna

I love leShawna's attitude, it's absolutely perfect. It's a great addition and honestly I think she is a great match with harold even though they are polar opposites.

I just love how LeShawna acts! She doesn't let anyone push her around, and she stands up to Heather! She's my third favorite character, I love her!

If I can pick 2 people out of the whole cast of tdi DJ and Leshawna are my favorite.

13 Noah

The person who type "Even though Noah's no longer my favorite character of Total Drama Island, I wish that you people who think that he's funny, or hilarious, would give up thinking that." You don't get this.

I'm sorry you had to deal with this nonsense, but you should know everyone is different. How supportive you are. Everyone is different and just shut up about your life. Why are you include this?

Noah weapon is sarcasm. Eventually, he is not afraid of people and he get over it in instant.

Is your favorite character is Duncan? Well, you should see if he hurt an innocent person feelings and he had no regret what so ever. People are different, deal with it. Shouldn't include this topic then.

14 Geoff

Geoff is the world's coolest guy! He's easy going, laid back, a fun to be around! He can turn any frown upside down. He can turn an atmosphere from gloom and doom to PARTY TIME! Geoff is the kind of guy that you wouldn't mind spending time with. Just his super awesome outfit spells laid back and cool! Geoff is one of the best characters on the show! I LOVE him!

Well, I must say that Geoff is by far my most favorite character on the show. He is really funny, a nice guy, and kinda hot... For a cartoon character. Laugh out loud!

15 Tyler

Hoping he will get a bit higher. Although the majority of his storylines involve Lindsay, he is, in my opinion, the comical relief up to his elimination in TDWT. In TDI, he could have made it farther. It was pretty much Courtney's fault of his first elimination. By not doing her fear, not only did she cost her team the challenge, but she also got a character with a lot of potential out. Tyler needs to come back for a season without Lindsay.

Tyler is a great character, fun to watch, I love the fact that he's this cocky jock that ends up sucking at sports, yet he doesn't notice. He's a sweetheart to Lindsay, even when she forgets his name.

16 Alejandro

He won the alternate ending ins season 3, but ended up into a robot. :/ It was a bit queer, but hey, who doesn't like him?

Alejandro could not win by himself he has to use people. Don't like him at all

He's evil but that makes him amazing!

17 Samey Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pim√Ępotew Kinosewak.

Samey is love. Amy is hate.

I would honestly take Sammy's side for everything she and Amy fight about.

*Sammy. She's probably one of my fave characters on the show, I just wish she got more screen time

Sami is nice and better than ami she should be jasmine's best friend

18 Dawn

Ok for the record Dawn should be way higher then # 24 this girl can literally read Auras sure it's creepy but can you do that No! She is literally Luna Lovegood! She at least should be in the top 10!

As lightning said "creepy girl " I agree reading peoples souls-CREEPY!

I was hoping to see more of her.
She could have been a great character if she had more screen time.

19 Justin

I literally want Justin to be the father of my children. He is so ripped and so sexy and I want to see him without his pants on. If Chris Mclean could make Justin take off his pants in an episode I would be so happy. I love him

Justin is great eye candy for the show. He's funny, I love his attitude and charms and how girls always fall for him.

Justin was HOT. I would like to see more of him, he deserves more screen time.

20 Trent

He's honestly so underrated. I seriously don't understand why he's never come back. Sure, he went through that crazy phase, but there's so much more personality with him than meets the eye. Sidenote: he and Gwen should get back together. That'd what made season one so great for me.

Trent was the best thing to ever happen to that show. I hope they bring him back, he's my favorite character.

Trent is the sexiest best looking cutest guy on the island. Yummy.

21 Beth

I voted for this baddie because she stand up to heather so period

22 Jasmine
23 Ezekiel

Please don't vote him off first in the next season he competes in

Seek should get higher in the game and the sexist comments that's his fathers fault

24 Brody

Brody is awesome, and so sexy! Maybe since Bridgette and Courtney are good friends, she could hook Courtney up with Brody, while Bridgette has Geoff!

25 Sierra

She's obviously one of the funniest characters, with her strange obsessions that no other characters have. Being a psycho can definitely help your chances since people avoid you!

I am grateful that they added a character that most Total Drama fans could relate to. Let's face it. Us Total Drama fans are all Sierras inside! :P

Awesome. I love her obsession with Td. Just like me!

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