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1 Duncan

He was my favorite character ever since I first saw him. He has that cool Mohawk with a spiked dog collar and is a bad criminal. Being a criminal gives you a huge advantage in the game and well Duncan has been at least in the final five for the first 3 seasons. Then they made Duncan nicer in the 5th season which was a huge mistake. The Duncan from seasons 1,2, and 3 is what I want to see the smart criminal bully not the nice soft pretending to be bad guy. He is a strong player with his attitude, smarts, and strength he's a really good player. Duncan is the only criminal on the show so make him a criminal not a soft guy.

Duncan Is the best character by FAR. I had a crush on him in fourth grade. I love the bad boy act, and I totally ship him and courtney. They complete each other. I hate Gwen and duncan, they are not a good couple.

All of you Duncan fans can kiss my ass for all I care. How dare you love him for doing' bad stuff. Would you love him if he did those things to you?

I know that Duncan means well on the inside. But I still hate due to my dealin' with jerks like him.

People who think that criminals and bullies make things interesting are narrow-minded liars who seem to enjoy being sadistic to innocent people. If they support those jerkasses somuch, they should die with them.

Duncan is so funny anytime he says something that funny you have to laugh he said I don't know what Courtney told Leshawna but all the sudden she thinks that I'm a nice guy or something and wants to be my friend! I don't have friends got that! Ok I've been wrong before! Like he is so hilarious you will never stop laughing at Duncan

2 Gwen

Gwen is an awesome character. I love the goth, apathetic attitude. It's a great addition to the show. But I ship her and trent, not her and duncan. Duncan is better with courtney.

Gwen is the strongest player, with proof. She has won the most challenged for her team. a lot mire than Duncan. She is smart Sneaky and is qualified to be the 3rd best player of all time. First is alejandro, then heather.

She's a traitor. She left Trent, betrayed Courtney and ruined her relationship with Duncan, then she left Duncan to be Courtney's friend. She is untrustworthy.

Gwen and Heather are my favorites. Gwen, because shes shy and likes to draw like me, and Heather, because she's strategic and makes the show interesting

3 Heather

Heather, the mean girl. Every reality TV show needs one. Towards the end I think she reforms, and I find that a good ending. She is a great character addition.

She makes the show interesting, not to mention she's the first and only girl to win the Total Drama shows. Definitely the best.

Heather is a devil but is one of the best characters because of her back stabbing personality

I don't like her attitude but sometimes she's funny and she makes the show really interesting

4 Owen

How can you not like this guy? He is allways so friendly, nice, and the best eater ever! I don't know why people prefer duncan, owen is just the one who will make your day and make you smile! Id love to be his friend!

This guy wouldve done great opn real life survivor. With his loveableness and charisma skills, even though he wasn't great at challenges cept for the last one, he owned the season and will live on as the nicest and most charismatic camper ever

Owen is the fat guy but very nice. If I could choose A Total drama winner that I could hang out with I would pick Owen

Owen is a bit. he kissed Duncan, Geoff and DJ and he said he liked sleeping with boys better than girls. but he is the goofiest, fattest and best character ever

5 Bridgette

Bridgette is the best total drama island character! She’s caring, kind, active, attractive and down to earth! And her and Geoff are such a cute couple! Bridgettes defiantly my favorite character on TDI

Bridgette is THE BEST she is really kind to everybody and she's hilarious plus she's also not afraid to do big things she even dove off the cliff in the first challenge without hesitation! Bridgette is so sweet and she deserves to be number one! She has been making me laugh through out the show and in TDA she didn't deserve to be eliminated first! And in TDWT Stupid Al tricked her sorry Bridgette you deserve better!

I'd love to hang out with this girl. She is nice and cares about people. I remember when I used to hate Bridgette but now I don't know what I was thinking.

Best person in the show! She has only been voted off because of unfairness. TDI- Alliance TDA- Team TDWT- Alejandro. Bridgette is the best contestant in total drama and I love her!

6 Harold

Harold should be high on this list. All the people who posted that he has mad skills are right. I can relate to intelligent people like him, especially since I got picked on for being a nerd in school.

I'm glad that Harold got back at Duncan for terrorizing him. I've had enough that delinquent's antics. Besides, I can favor nerds and geeks over jocks and other bullies for good reason.

Duncan should really stop picking on Harold. This guy has more mad skills than him.

Harold is the god of memes

Harold is a gangster he is so epic, I love harold and without him I wouldn't be alive right now. Haarold is not only woke biut a very talented beatboxer, lol ali g costume. harold is also really sexy :))))))

7 Cody

He is awesome. He could of won Total Drama WORLD TOUR if Sierra didn't get the birthday cake for Cody until they were IN the plane. Also, I do like that he is mentioned a lot in Total Drama All-Stars. Also, it's funny that he was final 3 in season 3 and is the third most favorite total drama players. 3,3,3 laugh out loud! He should of won Total Drama WORLD

Cody is, personally, the most normal and relatable guy on the show. Oh yeah, and he TOTALLY should have been able to go out with Gwen. I mean, after season 1, this should be undebatable. But now that Gwen broke up with Duncan (hate that guy), honestly, ANYTHING could happen. GO CODY!

Cody is my favorite character on this show. I think he is so cute. But, I don't get why he has feelings for Gwen, not that I don't like her. I think Cody is ONE of the CUTTEST guys one this show. You might think that Cody is a tiny bit weird, but I think he's SUPER awesome!

My name is cody but that's not the only reason I like Cody. He should of won tdwt. Cody was the best out of all the other contestants. If there is other seasons which I know there will be I hope cody wins

8 Courtney

Courtney, despite her controlling attitude, is a great character and a total go-getter. I ship her and duncan, they are the best couple ever.

She is the most best character that has ever existed! Most people don't like her because she is a classy A-type, but I think that just adds to her awesomeness. She and Duncan made the most cutest couple ever! But after Gwen's alleged "stealing" of Duncan... She kinda of lost her confidence... but still... I love her!

Courtney was the best character in Total Drama Island! Originally, she wasn't even part of the cast, they added her character last minute, and that was honestly the smartest move they ever made!

She is and always will be my fave! They kinda ruined her after the first three season after Gwen "stealing" Duncan from her, yeah after that Courtney kinda fell apart

9 Lindsay

Lindsey is the most amazing character ever. But what really annoys me is that she is the only blonde on the island and everyone thinks that people with blonde hair are dumb! I am blonde and I scored over a B- in every single subject. So the fact that they make Lindsey dumb probably because she is blonde, is so annoying!

I might get a lot of dislikes but I hate Lindsay, Shes just a stupid girl thinking shes smart and easily gets manipulated. She is just an annoying freak that only cares about fashion and probably never went to school because she was too busy on the runway. She even voted herself off! And she is not funny. Tell me one time she was funny? I am not surprised that she was eliminated 1st in TDAS.

Has anybody noticed the fact that Lindsay always comes out near the top (except season 5), nut never makes it to top 5? Oh, and the fact she always gets eliminated by default? In season 1 she was elimnated because she was deemed "last place" by Chris. In season 2 she accidentally voted for herself, season 3 she lost in a FASHION CONTEST! COME ON PRODUCERS, FASHION IS LINDSAY'S THANG! In season 5, she got elimnated all because of Courtney, to be honest, it's not fair for us fans of her to see that she get's so close to the top then gets elimnated!

Lindsay is bubbly and funny and adds a great vibe to the show, whenever she's eliminated it's the worst and she deserves to win a season. I personally think she could've won TDA if the writers didn't for some reason favor Beth, but whatever.

10 DJ

One of my favorite characters in the show. His kind hearted personality is what keep him in the game, he's a well loved character with in the group not too many enemies, and he's reliable when it comes to even the toughest challenges.P. S in TDI, TDA, TDWT D. J was never kick off by any other campers voting him off.

DJ is in the first three seasons doing alright but I want to see more of him. Always a great entertainer

I really liked dj in tdi he was kind of shy but he was a cool strong guy and he made it pretty far

DJ looks really tough and strong, but he is actually a big soft, kind, cottenball. That's what I love about him.

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11 LeShawna

I love leShawna's attitude, it's absolutely perfect. It's a great addition and honestly I think she is a great match with harold even though they are polar opposites.

Very cool and funny and smack talked her way into the final 5

Funny and stands up for her friends and for who she is

If I can pick 2 people out of the whole cast of tdi DJ and Leshawna are my favorite.

12 Izzy

Izzy is AWESOME! She can fight big dudes like chef, flip around, and of course SCARE CAMERON! (I don't really like Cam, his personality is a bit too plain and in TDAS, his character is basically just there to get rid of Mal. ) But most of all, she never fails to put a grin on my face with her craziness/awesomeness.

Izzy is the best! She fought Chef, dressed up as a bear to scare everyone, made out with Owen, (ew! ) has an IQ of 188, and is pretty hot for a cartoon character!

She is super crazy and awesome when she goes against chef

Izzy is the most craziest person on the show. I LOVE IT!

13 Noah

The person who type "Even though Noah's no longer my favorite character of Total Drama Island, I wish that you people who think that he's funny, or hilarious, would give up thinking that." You don't get this.

I'm sorry you had to deal with this nonsense, but you should know everyone is different. How supportive you are. Everyone is different and just shut up about your life. Why are you include this?

Noah weapon is sarcasm. Eventually, he is not afraid of people and he get over it in instant.

Is your favorite character is Duncan? Well, you should see if he hurt an innocent person feelings and he had no regret what so ever. People are different, deal with it. Shouldn't include this topic then.

"Even though Noah's no longer my favorite character of Total Drama Island, I wish that you people who think that he's funny, or hilarious, would give up thinking that. Since when is he humorous? His sarcasm makes him serious like me. And I can somewhat relate to him because my personality's similar to his, especially since I had a hard time dealing with people who are different from me when I was younger, although I dislike his sarcasm."

Noah... you may not have known him at first, but you soon will, because he's going places. Noah has honestly ascended beyond the mortal plane. Sure he may have never won, but that decision is on purpose. every time Noah loses, he comes back to grace us with his presence. Noah has the wit to outsmart even a god. Noah could even beat Goku.

Noah uis a god, not only is he charming and hadsome but he is also ripped as hell, I wish I was half the man noah was in total drama island. Now that noah is dead we must reminisce on his wonderful life, also chris should get shrunk down and stepped on.

14 Tyler

Hoping he will get a bit higher. Although the majority of his storylines involve Lindsay, he is, in my opinion, the comical relief up to his elimination in TDWT. In TDI, he could have made it farther. It was pretty much Courtney's fault of his first elimination. By not doing her fear, not only did she cost her team the challenge, but she also got a character with a lot of potential out. Tyler needs to come back for a season without Lindsay.

Tyler is funny but I don't think he belong in the top 4

I love Tyler! He is hilarious and just made the show in thethird season

Tyler should have been in Owen's place

15 Geoff

Geoff is the world's coolest guy! He's easy going, laid back, a fun to be around! He can turn any frown upside down. He can turn an atmosphere from gloom and doom to PARTY TIME! Geoff is the kind of guy that you wouldn't mind spending time with. Just his super awesome outfit spells laid back and cool! Geoff is one of the best characters on the show! I LOVE him!

Well, I must say that Geoff is by far my most favorite character on the show. He is really funny, a nice guy, and kinda hot... For a cartoon character. Laugh out loud!

I like geoff because he loves partys

16 Zoey

I wish zoey won total drama revenge of the island. I think she was to coolest cutest character on total drama

Zoey is awesome she is one of the only TDI girls to be nice and actually be smart and tough.

It says Total Drama Island not Total Drama Revenge of the Island.

She and mike are my absalout favoret, the moment I saw her I tought, "she's my favorite" same with mike

17 Trent

He's honestly so underrated. I seriously don't understand why he's never come back. Sure, he went through that crazy phase, but there's so much more personality with him than meets the eye. Sidenote: he and Gwen should get back together. That'd what made season one so great for me.

Trent was the best thing to ever happen to that show. I hope they bring him back, he's my favorite character.

Trent was really sweet in TDI but in TDA I wasn't a big fan of his role. He wasn't even trying to win.

Trent is the sexiest best looking cutest guy on the island. Yummy.

18 Alejandro

He won the alternate ending ins season 3, but ended up into a robot. :/ It was a bit queer, but hey, who doesn't like him?

Alejandro could not win by himself he has to use people. Don't like him at all

He's evil but that makes him amazing!

He adds a lot to the show

19 Sierra

She's obviously one of the funniest characters, with her strange obsessions that no other characters have. Being a psycho can definitely help your chances since people avoid you!

I am grateful that they added a character that most Total Drama fans could relate to. Let's face it. Us Total Drama fans are all Sierras inside! :P

Awesome. I love her obsession with Td. Just like me!

I am definitely a Sierra type.

20 Justin

I literally want Justin to be the father of my children. He is so ripped and so sexy and I want to see him without his pants on. If Chris Mclean could make Justin take off his pants in an episode I would be so happy. I love him

Justin is great eye candy for the show. He's funny, I love his attitude and charms and how girls always fall for him.

Justin was HOT. I would like to see more of him, he deserves more screen time.

What a hot stud, I love justin and I wish I could oil his hot warm body

21 Samey Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak.

Sami is nice and better than ami she should be jasmine's best friend

22 Beth
23 Dawn

Ok for the record Dawn should be way higher then # 24 this girl can literally read Auras sure it’s creepy but can you do that No! She is literally Luna Lovegood! She at least should be in the top 10!

I was hoping to see more of her.
She could have been a great character if she had more screen time.

Daw is very interesting, I was sad to see her go so early in TDR and that we haven't seen her since but maybe we will...

As lightning said "creepy girl " I agree reading peoples souls-CREEPY!

24 Ezekiel

Please don't vote him off first in the next season he competes in


If he's was in every season and he still got tvoted of first

I wonder what happened to him in season 6

Bring him back as a NORMAL person

25 Jasmine

One of the best characters.

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