Top Ten Types of Bullies


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1 School Bullies

There's this girl that rides my bus, and lives down the street from me.. She bullies me at school and on the bus. I heard her tell my sister that she wanted to slap me in the face.. Now, I have acne, and she told me that I am ugly because I have bumps all over my face.. Since then, I've been doing everything I can to get rid of my acne because what she said makes me feel like everyone thinks I'm ugly because of it.. Once, at recess, I gave her my popsicle, and she took it and said, "Did you put rocks in this or did you stick it in the dirt? " I was like, "Seriously? I'm not like you. I would never try to hurt people like you do" She told my friend that I am a crybaby, and when we were getting on the bus, I asked her why she told her that I am a crybaby. She said, "Because you are." I told her that she would be crying too if her grandmother was dead. Once I asked her, "Why do you try to hurt people? I know it doesn't make you feel better about yourself." She hesitated for a moment, ...more

Wow. I am really sorry. That's one mean bully. I have been bullied at school, but never that much. - MaxPap

There are lots of bullies in my school but I never afraid of them! - Sugarcubecorner

Common Stereotype

2 Internet Bullies

Umm it's cyber bullying not internet bullying. I've never heard of internet bullying, by the way I'm not hating I'm just saying.

Yes I have an enemy on internet but he sorta stopped teasing me and calling me a retard

Like fer perdomo but he stop bullying

3 Street Bullies

Or as I like to call them, Ghetto Bullies. - JakePlaid

4 Punks
5 Refusers

I don't know if a refuse person is a type of bullying.

6 Trolls

Those nasty trolls think that bulling other is going to make them a better person, but it makes them a LESS better person themselves. They don't have anything better to do than troll others every 24/7, and need to get a life. I don't care if any trolls had either disliked and/or hate anyone, but they need to keep their hated, jealousy, etc to themselves. If trolls have got nothing nice to say, then they should keep their moths closed. I feel very sorry that a lot of victims had committed suicide. Bullying is discusting, unacceptable and NEVER the answer because NO ONE has realized what that person has been going through. Everyone deserves better.

7 TheTopTens Bullies

There is one of them that added tons of "Puga Abuse" ideas on a list. That need to stop! - PrettyLittleLiars_BiggestFan

I love these kind of bullies. But seriously, this is literally the same as number 2

Yes, Sausagelover99

Is there any? - MrCoolC

8 Neighbor Bullies
9 Name Stealers
10 Brainwashed Bullies

Brainwashed bullies are also known for being manipulating.

The Contenders

11 Ex-Friends

These are the worst. School bully + that is the worst. I had one a friend who was very nice to me at elementary school, and when I started middle school for some reason he was telling everyone bad things about me. So instead of starting in a new school with nobody knowing things about me I would end up being the one who has no friends. Again. It really sucks. - MaxPap

These have got to be the worst they were your old friend so they know lots of secrets about you and they usually end up telling everyone when they start to bully you. so I don't care if people call me a loner anymore it's better then having some fake friends that will eventually end up ruining my life

12 Racists

If bullies are going to racist towards other people, then they should keep their racism to themselves.

13 Popular Girls
14 Family Members

As a kid my relatives would threaten to spank me if I was being bad :(

15 Siblings

My sister would threaten to beat me up and even kill me

16 Wusses
17 Wannabes

Bullies who are a wannabes are one of the most human beings with pure jealously that has ever existed.

18 Anime Hating Bullies
19 Hypocritical Bullies

They're always like "Wah, look at me. I'm a victim of bullying. Please feel sorry for me and my pathetic facade" when they're also bullying others. Disgusting. People like that make me sick - MLPFan

20 Kids

When my cousins were little they constantly terrorized me

21 Parents
22 Cousins

Mine constantly taunted me when they were younger

23 Public Employees

An employee who worked for the Boston subway was being very rude to me and made me cry

24 School District Staff

My bus driver bullied me in high school once. I’ve also had plenty of mean teachers.

25 Dentists

My childhood dentist constantly tortured me. He’s a sadist!

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