Top Ten Types of Lists on TheTopTens that Shouldn't Be Your First List

Sometimes, people pay attention to a first list when judging a user. If you wanna make a good first impression, try not to make a list that fits in one of these categories.

The Top Ten

1 Worst Things About Yourself

No idea why someone would enter this website beating themselves down. Even worse, no one has seen anything else you have done yet. So you might want to consider this if you don't know this already - SpectralOwl

2 A List About an Underrated Topic

I don't think my first list revolves around an underrated topic. (It's the one about video games ruined by their fan bases, and that got some decent activity). But if you do a list about something no one knows or cares about, then users might miss your other lists and you won't get much activity on them. - SpectralOwl

Mine was Top 10 Best Halsey Lyrics. No one except me and my sister went on it. My second list Best Things About 2017 Music was more popular, and a lot of people went on it.

3 Top Ten Characters Who Should Date (Insert TopTenner Username)

Not only should this not be your first list, but this is the worst type of list ever. It's creepy, messed up, and leaves us questioning why admin approves these. - SpectralOwl

4 Troll List

Remember, the first list is like a first impression. - SpectralOwl

5 Comparison Lists

There are just so many things wrong with these - SpectralOwl

6 "Top Ten Ways to Kill (Name)" List
7 Top Ten Numbers Lists

No one pays attention to these. - SpectralOwl

8 Users Who Need to Watch (TV Show Name)

These don't make any sense anyway - SpectralOwl

9 Interesting Facts About Yourself

This is Similar to the Worst things about yourself Entry, but at least you are not beating yourself down - SpectralOwl

10 Lists that are Too Specific
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