Top Ten Types of People Offended by South Park

South park maybe a good show but there is no excuse on how many people they have offended. And here they are.

The Top Ten

1 Jews

And they do it more then once. They even did a scene where they were putting jesus on the cross and... You know. - Chaotixhero

But In South Park It's Funny While The Creators Do Respect The Religion At The Same Time.

But isn't the point of south park, to offend absolutely everyone? - RogerWatersfan1999

Good thing I don't watch it. I may be 13, but I will never watch it. Not because it offends my religion, that is just being butthurt, it is just too offensive for my taste. - 445956

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2 Black People

Wow thanks for telling us that. I feel like there's always someone who says something like "oh I'm the thing that's on this list and I agree"

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3 Fat people

Down to the core they did. Not even kidding. - Chaotixhero

Quit making fun of Cartman! He can't help it!

4 Women with breast Cancer

They did it in one episode and... Well I guess they kinda fix it. Eh, I don't know anymore. - Chaotixhero


I hope you understand that. - ToptenPizza

I'd still find it funny

5 Biker Gangs

And that is one of the few episodes I watched, I still agree that Bikers are annoying - simpsondude

In one episode, yes they kinda did. - Chaotixhero

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6 Autistic People

I'm autistic and I'm a fan of South Park. I'm not one to be easily offended, but I also have a well-hidden knack for awful humor (both kinds of awful, from puns to anything else). - Turkeyasylum

My ex-friend doesn't give a crap about them... They're ok, but my friend thinks otherwise. He says that if you go near one, you catch Autism and become stupid, and he avoids them because he doesn't want to "die of stupidity". What a tool he was. - Goatworlds

South park is amazing even though I am autistic and offended by it

I've got Asperger's and still love South Park.

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7 Ginger People

Everyone knows that gingers have souls. Gingers should not be offended by that. It was a joke.

They said thst ginger people don't have souls. I wonder how many people are offeneded? - Chaotixhero

8 Handicapped people

They really do even though Family Guy did it even worster and more offensive. - Chaotixhero

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9 New Jersey people
10 Muslims

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11 Homeless People
12 Canadians

Canadians are the butt of every joke on South Park.

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13 Parents
14 Gay people

Here They Potray Them Okay
Not In An Awful Way Like Family Guy

15 Politically Correct People

You mean a cartoon that's just dirt.

16 Celebrities
17 Germans
18 Christians
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