Top Ten Types of People Who Get Offended Over Everything

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1 Feminists

I swear to God, those Feminist annoy me to no end. They are under the crazy delusion that they are getting oppressed by men, when really, they are calling men sexist, violent, and evil. But of course, women are perfect little angels made in Heaven. And the double-standards are so stupid. For example, when a man hits a women, it is horrible and a crime against Humanity, but when a women hits a man, then it's perfectly okay for some damn reason. What they should be doing is creating equality between BOTH men AND women, not making women the superior sex.

Yup, easily offended. Even after the Doom 4 reveal at the Bethesda Conference there's some tweets from Feminist Frequency that took offense to the violence presented in the game. Like they seriously have control over that. - NuMetalManiak

Feminists in America have nothing better to do than annoy men, be offended by everything, and fight for their "rights" when men have less than them like being less likely to get custody, being more likely to be put to death and put in jail for abuse and rape and generally any crime, and having toto sign the military draft. They should stop complaining about living in America where they have no "female rights", and take a look at countries like India and areas like the Middle East where women can't even vote! - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

Only the extreme feminists.

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2 Homosexuals

Many of them act like feminazis, and think that the world should stop for them. Just because we don't agree with your lifestyle doesn't mean we want you to cease existing.

They get butthurt whenever someone disagrees with them and it's like hey dude. Man Up or Woman Up not everyone agrees with the same thing. - SapphireGrim

They can get so butthurt that no one commented on here. Not cause of the homosexuals themselves but the Tumblr radicals who defend them in autistic ways. Tumblr loves shippings - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Nothing wrong with lgbt but once someone said straight people were “BORING! ” And that lgbt people were “cute” - Lunala

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3 Atheists

Tell me about it. It's like they get their panties in a waste over religion. Hell, a number of them paint theists with one brush by claiming that they're bad while they (the atheists) are good. Plus, they're hypocrites in that they claim that people who are theists are closed-minded antagonists when they come as being those types of people. So pathetic.

Now I don't hate every atheist there is. But I don't want them being small-minded to theists. After all, there's room for all people in this world and that rainbows don't have just one color.

As much as I hate to admit it, I am an atheist and I do get offended easily. I'm trying to fix that though. - Songsta41

Well I know A few that I wan't expecting to overreact to something that is based on a man's view of Opinion, look people think differently I understand they don't believe in god but some of us have our different persona of type, I'm NOT really against that type I'm more so sorry for them Insert reply 3.. 2... 1... - htoutlaws2012

I'm an atheist, and I admit some of us truly are. - IcetailofWishClan

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4 Religious People

This shouldn't be on this list! Sure, there are religious people who antagonistic. But not all of them are.

I'm religious and this should be much higher on the list. I am so sick of Sarah Palin and others talking about the "War on Christmas". I go to an extremely conservative church and people there get offended if you say "Happy Holidays".instead of "Merry Christmas"! I'm sorry, but in a free country you can't just assume that everyone has the same religion as you. It is perfectly legal to be Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, or atheist in America and Merry Christmas means nothing to them! Christmas so dominates Hannukah and Kwanza to the point where it's like those holidays don't even exist. Rest easy, offended Christians: If there's a war on Christmas, Christmas is kicking butt!

I am a Christian but I don't get offended when people say they don't believe in it. - Dawscr

Believe in what you want

But don’t accuse Spongebob of being “satanic” just for having no jesus in it - Lunala

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5 Transsexuals

Another type of idiots - Ananya

What! That is an awful thing to say! You are being rude and mean!

Or a vagina into a penis *-*

I don't see why people want to change their gender I don't get it. -_- - Arcxia

6 Overprotective Parents

Crazy soccer mums who run people over with their stroller full of bratty kids, while yelling "ALL TEENAGERS ARE RUDE" - Lunala

These are my parents! - Goatworlds

Just look up common sense media and you'll see.

The patronise me and think I'm 2. - FrozenHatingPokefan

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7 People on

Also known as the most hypersensitive users on the site who take things too personally. I don't belong to this group of people, since I actually laugh at those kinds of users getting offended.

People on this site REALLY like to whine - Chicken4Sale

All of you who can't stand everyone who whines on just get away from here and let everyone express their opinions. It's a free country and this is the Internet. I mean, what right to do you have in taking away their rights to post whatever they want? This isn't your website.

By antagonizing all whiners on this site, you're doing the very thing to them you blamed them for doing.

Your offending urself - GriffinDoge

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8 Tree Huggers

Why the hell do you care that there are tree huggers? If being those types of folks makes them happy, let them be.

I agree as long as you're not talking about anyone with a general college level biology education that agrees that care about the planet we live on should be basic common sense and not a political issue.

Tree Huggers are better than people who are cruel to animals and plants. - Lunala

Tree huggers are fine but overly-protective animal lovers are annoying. I love animals but you shouldn't be like "OML STAHP please don't VERY VERY GENTLY HUG YUR DOG because HUGZ AR the BED"

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9 Liberals

The most intolerant group out there? Not even close. We are not the ones saying all Muslims need to be banned. We are not the ones refusing to take in Syrian refugees. We are not the ones offended when you say"Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas". Contrary to what some may tell you, we don't demand that everything be "politically correct", nor do we use that phrase to excuse derogatory words or actions. We are not the ones saying walls should be built to keep Mexicans out. You say that we are intolerant. But you never say what we are intolerant of. The word liberal means "open minded" and "free from bigotry". Look it up in that liberal Noah Webster's dictionary. Then look up conservative. By their very definition, liberals are far less offended than conservatives.

Not all liberals are intolerant. So stop broad brushing them.

I'm a liberal and I am not offended by all conservatives, but I am offended by those who lie.

They said snow the stuff that falls from the sky is rascist - ikerevievs

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10 Social Justice Warriors

Especially the ones on Twitter and Tumblr

Basically everyone on tumblr

Needs to be #1

Most sjws are liberals - ikerevievs

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11 Bronies

You like a little girl's show; of course we're gonna make fun of you.

Come on guys, there are more interesting things to do, rather than lousy cartoon ponies!

Trivia: The whole trend of immature men liking a crappy horse show started when some dude pretended to like it. He actually convinced people to like it, and now tons of GROWN MEN watch and ENJOY this god awful and overrated show! - Goatworlds

They really don't. - TwilightKitsune

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12 Blacks

Blacks think it's racist to refer to them as blacks

You know that's racist, right? That is basically the definition of racism

This is racist.

If we call you ''blacks'', then why did you call us ''whites''? whites have no rights or what - emma_04

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13 Obese People

Really? That is so abnoxious! Why you hating bro!

They think anything involving llsing weight is fat shaming

14 Furries

Your personal tastes and hobbies don't make you a bad person, but I still have the right to voice my opinion on things that I find stupid, like furry art. I mean, be more creative, why does everything have to be either a cat or a dog or something retarded like a dragon-fox hybrid, all with retarded neon fur...lets see something cool like jellyfish or roach furries, or if invertebrates aren't "animal enough" for you how about a hippopotamus or a hamster or something.

Most are in for the fetish porn. A disgusting fandom full of bestiality and creeps.

I'm A Furry And I'm Not A Creep, I'm Actually A Very Friendly One Who Is Appropriate

But Perverted Ones Should Have Never Have Joined

Furries are God awful. Terrible beings that shouldn't exist. - LordDovahkiin

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15 Democrats

I'm a Democrat and there are some things that offend me. But I honestly try to see both sides. It does annoy me when someone has a certain mindset that they are stuck to even when facts are presented that tell them they are wrong. Thick skin is one thing but I will not let someone go on saying something I know to be false. If that is being easily offended, then I am guilty as charged but I'm not going to change.

What facts could Democrats possibly have against anyone else? - LordDovahkiin

I'm a democrat! Not many things offend me but I see so much wrong in this world! This is one thing that is offensive to me!

16 Vegans / Vegetarians

I can understand why people decide to become vegetarian, but why vegan? What's wrong with eating eggs and drinking milk? Wait, what's that? You eat unborn chicks and drink something that was forced out of a cow? Well, what do you think the animal kingdom itself does in the wild? You see those cute little Tasmanian devils over there? They literally sleep in the carcass of their prey if they can't fit it in their stomachs. You see those foxes over there? They kill chickens, and if they just laid an egg, too bad, that chicken's baby will be born without a mother. Sorry about the possibly triggering rant, but I had to let it out for a sec, thank you for taking the time to read this, even if it was only a few lines. Have a good day, and remember, I'm not against vegans (same goes for vegetarians), I just don't understand why they stand up for nature so much. Why not focus on the amount of space we take from them? I think that if our economy will keep going like this for another 30 years, ...more - Livirus

"Hey, I am so and so and I'm vegetarian" Yeah look, we don't care.

Some Retard Named Misha Said Die All Meat Eaters. Time to spank him. - AlphaQ

Reminds me of CharlesCBernardo's AC video for Harvest Festival!

17 YouTube Commenters

Go to any video by Bart Baker

Once I saw a comment saying "DIE IN A HOLE IN North Korea! " - Goatworlds

YT comments are full of some vile people. - Lunala

Person: " You're a dumb little kid."

18 Jehovah's Witnesses

Oh, God. If I say too much, I'm gonna get all ranty, and I don't want to disrespect anyone, so I'll keep it brief. If this is your religion, that's fine. Just don't take it too far by limiting all of your life choices and don't try to force it on others. - Elric-san

19 Nerds

Gets annoyed with their self dedication being affected

20 People With a Victim Complex

Spoken like a true victim.

Whoever put this in this list is insensitive.

They bitch and moan about everything

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