Top Ten Types of People Who Get Offended Over Everything

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21 Haters

That's their job, really.

This is too general - EliHbk

PFft...ignore them. Some haters give proper explanation for why they hate something but some just say it and just give nothing.

Some hate is actually good because you can learn. But if you hate something give a reason for it. - AlphaQ

22 Politically Correct People

Who posted this, Donald Trump? What an inmature and awful thing to say?

They're so stupid and annoying.😒 There are way too many of them these days. - Catlover2004

23 Conservatives

All of you who down-voted me for pointing out the truth about conservatives are narrow-minded gits. If you can't stand my support for conservatives, leave the hell alone. I'm proud to be conservative and always will be. So if you don't like it, too bad.

We don't get offended over anything really, unless it is like "you suck because of your hair color" or something like that that liberals and socialists often do. Thanks, liberals and socialists.

How are they above liberals? - Therandom

Oh come on! Not all conservatives are bad! I'm conservative but not to the extreme.

24 90s Kids

All of you who whine about 90s kids just shut up! So what if they exist in this world? They have the right to opinion. In other words, they can express what they think about the 1990s all they want.

Being open-minded maybe important. But forcing anyone to open-minded is wrong. So let them be 90s kids all they want and get on with your lives.

They never shut up about the decade they grew up in. Not all 90s stuffs were perfect. Yet they get offended at modern stuffs. Look, I may be old-fashioned in a way, but I must accept the modern day. - truespongebobfan

I love it when kids who were born in 1996 say they're a 90's kid but they spent most of it in diapers, watching Sesame Street, and shoving dirt in their faces - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Generations change. - Arcxia

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25 Thought Police

Also known as Liberals.

Big Brother is Watching On You.

26 Peta Extremists

Quit whining about them! They'll always no matter what.

27 Americans

Only most Americans. - LordDovahkiin

28 Post-Movie SpongeBob Haters

I hate post-movie SpongeBob, but I don't think that's a reason to try to drive someone to suicide! I never really cared for SpongeBob, and try my hardest to avoid it at all costs.

I'm one, and I hate Zeus Cervas. At least seasons 4 and 5 feel like pre movie. Everything after until "Yeti Krabs" is horrible. Look, I'm kind of offended that this is here, but some of them can be pretty stupid and they could even hate seasons 4 and 5, which are very worth your time. - Goatworlds

Especially Squidward fans.

There are a handful of good post-movie episodes. But the rest are terrible. - LordDovahkiin

29 Californians

I'd be offended too if people were always hating just because I live in one of the states people actually want to live in.

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30 New Simpsons Haters

These guys are so annoying. Period. Simpsons never went bad and is still funny as ever. - Goatworlds

I'm SO glad this is here! The seasons 1-4 were not that great (except for Radio Bart, my childhood episode), 5-9 were good, 10-21 were AMAZING, and the new ones are ok but I hate when 40-year-olds brag about how precious the old ones were.

I'm proud to be one of the Simpson haters as that show is stupid as hell. All of you anti-anti-Simpson folks are just a bunch of whiny little babies who can't seem to respect the opinions of those dislikers. Newsflash: Everyone's entitled to their opinions. Whether you lie it or not, there will always be Simpson haters in this world whether you like it or not. If you can't stand them, tough.

Either take those anti-Simpson people's opinions like adults or don't have opinions at all.

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31 Cheerleaders

If you've seen any of the lists on this website that say that cheerleading isn't a sport, you will understand how defensive they will get.

I hate cheerleaders with a passion. All they ever do is walk around, acting like they're all that, being mean to normal, decent people. They have horrible taste in music and dress slutty. They have nothing better to do than talk in their annoying, high pitched, squeaky voices. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, taking THE most generic photos I've ever seen.

32 Big Brother Fans

I thought sports fans were nuts, but at least they don't petition to get players they don't like expelled, nor do they threaten families of players and contact their employers. I realize this isn't all Big Brother fans but many exhibit this kind of attitude, as if they want to do all those things.

Also, they hate when the game is "rigged" for people they hate but beg for production intervention that it benefits their favorite players. BB fans are the worst because their offense is "selective outage."

33 Undertale Fans

They're annoying

U just jelly because FNAF has 4 games

The game isn't bad, but the fandom!

I just want to roleplay cats, or chill with my friends on Animal Jam.
But every two seconds somebody mention Undertale and all of my buddies with me except one just talk about Undertale with them.
And you can't roleplay now. Every roleplay nowadays is Undertale.

34 Undertale Haters
35 Anti-Americans
36 Cat Lovers

I love cats, but get offended easily if someone rants about cats

Not everyone is a cat lover, nor everything should revolve around them,
just because someone doesn't love cats, doesn't mean they will eventually murder them.

37 Sonic Fans
38 Steven Universe Fans
39 Emos
40 Twenty One Pilots Fans
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