Top 10 Most Underrated Ghost Type Pokemon

We have our lovable and overrated ghosts like Gengar, but we also have some ghost types that barely get any love unfortunately.

The Top Ten

1 Gourgeist Gourgeist

Gourgeist is underrated because it's not the best. To me, it's a really cool pokemon. Great design eh? - Ohno

2 Golurk Golurk
3 Jellicent

This is my favorite Pokemon because it's high defense can take lots of damage and not feint. It's move scald is devastating to fire types. My Shiny Jellicent learns Scald, Recover, Shadow ball, and Giga drain. It's item is leftovers for my Jellicent. The best ability for a Jellicent is Cursed Body that may disable an opposing pokemon's moves mostly electric moves. It can get it's HP up quick even after being hit by a supper effective move.

4 Yamask Yamask
5 Pumpkaboo
6 Frillish Frillish
7 Golett Golett
8 Lampent
9 Dusknoir Dusknoir
10 Cofagrigus

I forgot about him

The Contenders

11 Mismagius Mismagius

It's not underrated since many ghost type trainers really love it. But you can't say it's overrated compared to Gengar. It's currently my favorite pokemon though. Hope it doesn't get overused or ends up like Gengar or Greninja, since it's kind of gonna ruin it for us Mismagius lovers. And it doesn't need a mega, glad it still didn't get one! - Ohno

12 Drifblim Drifblim
13 Banette Banette
14 Shuppet Shuppet
15 Phantump
16 Chandelure
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